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Curious about a certain gadget/device/technology? Want to know how something works - technology related of course - ? Try to ask adeno!

I'm not by any means an expert in any particular field of technology, but we can make this a starting point to spread knowledge to everyone on this board. If you have something you'd just like to talk about in general regarding technology, simply post it and we'll move it to the proper sub-forum.

Got tech support questions? Maybe you were looking to buy that certain iPod Touch and want to know more about it. Maybe you wanted to build your own computer and would like some tips on how to go about it. Either way, I'll try to respond to your questions/comments/whatever.

Fire away! peacecirclesmaller.gif alt=':peacecirclesmaller:' />

*Note: once I have replied to a certain question/topic, it will be split off into its own topic in the proper subforum


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    What do you think about this? [url=""]iPhone4 Amplifier[/url]...
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    hi, my friend got this cool gadget, and I am thinking of having one for myself.. what do you think about this?300190_131352426961268_124865114276666_159931_7446214_n.jpg?dl=1
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    While I was studying mobile app programming as a fan i decided to develop a Sarah G App for my first project file.
    I want to publish and share this to all, but I think I need Sarah's consent to publish this.
    Is there a chance someone can get this message to her?

    Some of the Features,
    1. Music - itunes integration ( fans can also review and post coments on a song )
    2. Fan Wall - users can post comments and share post.
    3. Lyrics
    4. Blog
    5. Event List
    6. Gallery
    7. more... :-)

    This will be available on IOS and Android devices for free download.

    Here's a video on the actual app

    You can also contact me at for replies
    or at +63933527377

    Thank you.
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