All’s OK with Sarah- Directline by Boy Abunda 8/22/2013

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    All’s OK with Sarah

    Posted on Thursday Aug 22nd at 12:00amDIRECTLINE By Boy Abunda
    She’s been through a lot, but Sarah Geronimo regrets none of her experiences, even if some of them were painful. The box-office triumph of It Takes A Man and A Woman was such a blessing, says Sarah, that she can’t ask for anything more.
    “Sabi ko nga po, sabay-sabay dumadating ang blessings sa buhay po natin ngayon, kaya wala po akong mahihiling pa,” says Sarah at a press conference for ABS-CBN’s The Voice of the Philippines, wherein she is one of the coaches along with Bamboo, and Lea Salonga. The Voice of the Philippines is the latest in a long chain of blessings that have come her way, and Sarah considers herself very fortunate that all these things are happening to her.
    With plans for a fourth installment of the movie series still up in the air, Sarah is momentarily focusing her attention on other things, including The Voice and acting projects. Although not necessarily ruling out the idea of a fourth movie with John Lloyd Cruz, she’s also looking forward to doing other things, and stretching herself further as an actress. Sarah could well be speaking for John Lloyd when she says she hopes they’ll be able to move on from the franchise. Or maybe they could team up to do another movie, but not right away. Says Sarah: “Of course, as individual actors, ayoko ma-stuck kami doon para naman magkaroon kami ng growth din, (at) ma-explore pa namin ‘yung maraming genres ng acting, ‘yung maraming iba’t-ibang magagandang istorya na puwedeng gawing pelikula.”
    Her goal is to become more mature as an actress, and if taking on different types of roles is the way to achieve that, then that’s what she’ll do. Of course, that doesn’t mean suddenly becoming more daring in her portrayals; she intends to stay true to her core as an actress and as a person, but at the same time move up in terms of characters and themes. “Hindi naman sexy girl,” she laughs. “Gusto ko lang magkaroon ng maturity sa acting ko. Definitely hindi naman so sexy, so daring sa pananamit or sa kilos ko bilang isang aktres. Hindi naman kinakailangan maging ganon para magkaroon ng maturity.”
    Her career comes first right now. By taking on The Voice and preparing for an upcoming tour (she also mentions plans for a 10th anniversary concert), Sarah already has her hands full which doesn’t leave much room for a love life. While people think she’s definitely of age and ought to be out there doing what other young women her age are doing, Sarah is willing to wait some more. She knows what being in love is like, but there is absolutely no rush to get into a relationship. While she has moved on from the heartbreak she experienced (and is stronger because of it), she doesn’t feel any urgent need to jump right back in and would rather take her time. “Yung pagiging in love, napakasarap ng feeling na ‘yan,” she acknowledges. “(But) it’s not happening right now, at sana po, when it happens, it’s for real. For real.”
    So comes the inevitable question: Is she ready to fall in love again? On that score, Sarah is non-committal. “Yan ang hindi ko masasabi,” she says. “Kasi meron akong The Voice, meron akong concert tours na gagawin. Tingnan po natin.”
    There’s also her family, who she’d like to be able to spend time with. Shortly before this interview, Sarah returned from a vacation in Paris where one of her sisters is based. Her mother, Mommy Divine, accompanied her on the trip. As soon as she got back, Sarah immediately got busy with The Voice, which she’s very excited about. Sarah is an excellent choice for a mentor and judge on the show because of her consistently excellent performances and the fact that she is one of the finest female singers we have. And let’s not forget the fact that she herself was the product of a singing contest. This will help her empathize with the contestants and, as a mentor, give them what they need.
    The only thing she plans to do, says Sarah, is to be truthful. She owes the contestants that, at the very least. It’s the best way she can help them. “Basta maging truthful lang ako sa ibinibigay sa akin na trabaho bilang mentor at bilang kaibigan na rin. Alam ko magiging okey naman ang lahat.”
    And yes, even for her, “magiging okay ang lahat.” After everything, we hope for only the best for Sarah Geronimo.
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