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    :sarah4ever:I th_GoSG.jpg alt=':th_GoSG:' ] 28.jpg alt=':28sgListenMuni:' ][font=comic sans ms,cursive] gandaaaaaaaaaa [/font] Woohoo.gif
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    ate G wrote:
    This thread used to be the most active thread because new members get to read offcam kwento on encounters of Sarah or anything that has to do with Sarah. I hope you guys continue to share your stories here. anything that has to do about Sarah. After so many years it will make you smile reading back all stories/memories here.

    Agree! smile.png
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    At first, I was not able to pay attention as to how amazing Sarah was as a performer and a person. But when I watched her Record Breaker concert sa Araneta, I was awestruck and immediately became a Popster at heart. Right after the concert, I bought her "Your Christmas Girl" album. I also started to follow her performances on ASAP and watched her You Tube videos. My first close encounter with her was during her album promotion sa Eastwood and may autograph signing right after. I was planning to tell her how much me and my family love and admire her while she was signing my One Heart cd pero when it was my turn, di ako nakapagsalita. Right then and there, I realized how being starstruck really felt. Everything happened so fast. [img] I don't know when my next close encounter with Sarah will be, pero ngayon I am just super glad that I was able to grab some patron tickets for her 24/SG concert.[/img]smile.png
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    :) nice info
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    nicccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeee :D
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    On a recent photoshoot for a new endorsement, I was there.
    Arnold: Sarah, selfie naman tayo.
    Sarah: Okay. Ay, ang panget ng ilaw natin dito, dun tayo. *sa gitna ng mga kailawan*
    Sarah: Alam mo nakikita na kita dati e.
    Arnold: Popster kasi ako.
    Sarah: Oo ngaaaa. So sa ________ ka nagttrabaho? Galing.
    Arnold: Yes, kinilig nga ako nung ikaw na yung endorser.
    Sarah: Hehehe. Talaga? Wow naman.
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