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POPSTERS Christmas Party 2009

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Posted 05 January 2010 - 01:44 AM

December 28, 2009, 6pm, St. Charbel Executive Village... Date, time and place to remember… second Christmas Party with Sarah & the popsters that I was able to attend. It was a very surreal event even though a little bit of confusion and the inability to eat whenever Sarah is around was experienced. Very much thankful that despite the very hectic schedule, Mommy Divine and Sarah was able to squeeze in a night to interact and be with the popsters.

As usual whenever a Sarah event is about to take place, you have to be early… have to condition yourself that you’re going to see Sarah face to face, be at the same place with her and be aware that you may be able to have a very, very, very close encounter with her (hopefully). Had to finish some work loads first before I can be at the event… I was with Moy (moy28asher) who traveled 12 hours from Bicol just to be able to attend the Christmas Party. Astig! We waited for Ate Lani (melanidmd) to arrive who’ll be coming from Cavite herself… we had our lunch first and waited for Tita Cristy as well who went to ABS-CBN to get some of her Sarah stuffs… Together with Ate Lani, Tita Cristy and Moy we went to Jollibee-Farmers Cubao to fetch some of the popsters who’ll be attending the party and will go with Tita Cristy since they don’t know how to go to the venue. Tita Cristy negotiated with van/fx drivers that will bring the rest of the popsters to the venue and off we went to St. Charbel and it was only past 4pm, that’s how excited we are to be there at the party. We arrived at the venue early for the call time. :D We waited for 6pm to strike, popsters who arrived early at the venue, greeted each other, exchange pleasantries. Met old and new friends, renew old ties and capture happy moments that popsters converge in one place to enjoy each other’s company and Sarah as well.

As 6pm draw nearer you can feel the excitement and hearts beating faster, anticipating a joyous night with Sarah and popsters. When the go signal was given, viola, a mass of popsters troop to St. Charbel Club House and lined at the entrance so that there will be orderly sitting arrangements and everyone who brought with them their exchange gifts was instructed to leave them at the entrance and each was numbered… then as each popster was seated we were tasked to make the numbers for the exchange gift…. Together with Kaye (sarah_is_the_best) we went table hopping and let the popsters who participated in the exchanging of gifts to draw their number/s. As we were doing our assigned task... popsters suddenly converge at the entrance…we were caught unaware that Sarah arrived at the venue!!! Drawing of numbers for the exchange gifts suddenly forgotten... It was around 7pm and all was agog and was trying to have that little space to get a glimpse of Sarah. Suddenly, it felt as if the earth literally stopped moving and almost all start clicking their cameras and straining each and everyone’s neck, hehehe!!! I saw Sarah wearing her sweetest smile, it was all worth it! She was wearing a blue blouse and black pants and her ever reliable sandals, hehehehe!!!! And yes…. She’s wearing her locks straight, long and black, that’s how Sunsilk work wonders on Sarah’s hair… hihihihi!!!! :)

Before the program starts, hosted by Ate Jenny and Kuya Erwin… Sarah gave a short message, thanking everyone for coming to the party and was just smiling all the time, hay!!!! :x Everyone was instructed to take their respective seats so that everyone will have dinner. Mommy Divine lead the prayer and asked God that the food and everyone who came to the gathering will be blessed and be kept safe when it’s time to go home. But before dinner was served, a group of teenage boys danced on stage, Sarah watched intently and was generous in clapping and giving her appreciation. Then it was dinner time!!! As everyone was having their dinner and Sarah’s we (Kaye & I) continue with the drawing of numbers for the exchange gifts, we didn’t have the time to eat and had our dinner. Exchanging gifts were 166 all in all including Sarah’s, having the last number (166), and the number drawn by Sarah was 15, I asked Sarah to draw hers and she was left with no choice anymore since only one was left in the plastic box. One lucky popster was very happy when she draw 166. What she got was a treasured kiss and picture with Sarah. :T

After everyone had their dinner, the Churvas and Dyosas (Maegan, Lovejoy, Franz & Rheck) present a number and boy! Sarah was laughing out loud as evidenced by the vid shared by Ate Lani, she was especially happy when they performed Record Breaker with Rheck acting as Sarah… it was a good prod! And it’s just so joyous seeing Sarah, laughing and enjoying herself… it makes you realize that it’s that simple to make Sarah smile & laugh, that she’s not that complicated. She remains simple and down to earth. Everyone enjoyed watching the prod, laughter and clapping of hands reverberated in the venue. :thumb: Then Danna Pineda performed Ngayon, Bukas at Kailanman. And this girl could really sing! She got good voice! And Sarah joined her on-stage and sing some of the lines with Danna. Wow, dream come true for sure for Danna! Sharing and singing with The Popstar herself! Congrats!

Then game time was on its way! Ate Mhel and Mich were the one who conducted the games and the popsters was instructed to form three groups… The first game was PINAKA... pinakamahabang buhok, pinakamahabang kuko, etc… wasn’t able to remember what group won the PINAKA game. :wacko: Then PINOY HENYO was played. The 3 groups was instructed to just answer, Yes, No or Puwede and the category was of course related to Sarah, be it song, commercials, movies, etc. The game was hilarious and funny!!! Mommy Divine, Ma’am Chai and Sarah thoroughly enjoyed the game. One example was when it was Rheck’s time to guess what’s given to him, it was Mr. Clean, he said, “tao ba ito?” “commercial?” and he said “hayop ba ‘to?” everyone including Sarah had a good laugh and was happily reacting and even said where that “hayop" came from..? hahahahaha!!!! come to think of it, Cha-cha (Sarah’s dog pet fall in that category, “hayop.” hehehehe!!! )

Then it was exchanging gift time! First off, those who drew numbers one-ten, eleven-twenty and so on were asked to claim their gifts near the entrance… to save time, picture taking was simultaneously held… and table 1, 2, 3 and so forth were called on stage to have their group picture taken with Sarah seated on stage. We tried to make Sarah safe so that she won’t be mobbed by uber excited popsters…. hehehehe!!! Together with Maegan, Lovejoy and Franz, we took our place at Sarah’s right, Cris, Drix, Acel took their place at Sarah’s left. We held hands and tried to gave Sarah the space to be comfortable as possible. As the picture taking progress, we had time and chance to converse with Sarah a little bit whenever there was a lull. It was those little conversations that will forever be etched in our minds. Lovejoy said, “Sarah, gum o!” Sarah said, “Okay lang po, Thank you.” Smiled and gestures to her mouth. :D. I said, “Sarah, okay ka lang?” Sarah said, “I’m fine Ate, Okay lang ako, Salamat po.” And that sweet smile again... omg!!! :wub: We had our group picture taken with Sarah last after everyone had theirs. Then Sarah went back to her table and watch as the Ashlloyds present their prod number... it was met with wild cheer and clapping of hands… Then there were popsters who acted as Kanto Boys with matching pics to boot and performed their dance routine from RB Concert and some was from Kanto Boys prod in ASAP. Then a popster appeared on stage wearing Sarah’s face and had a mock duet with a popster wearing JL’s face and did a duet… Everyone enjoyed the prod! It was a hit! :T

She went back to her seat and Dindin from Bacolod sang Brokenhearted Girl. Then Baby Niq had a song number and sang an original song and gave in to the request of those present to sang the Popster Themesong. Sarah went up on stage and said thank you and she said quotable quotes. She asked what BALDIK means and someone answered Baliw at Adik! She smiled. She was asked to give a Christmas Message, “Ano’ng message ko? ‘di ako magaling dyan…”“Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat, binigyan nyo po ako ng pagkakataon na makasama ang bawat isa sa inyo, Popsters!!! “Sarah Geronimo… :music:” “Hi Sarah! Sino ba ‘yon?” “Natutuwa naman ako, Baby Nique, aabgangan kita sa Philippine Music Industry Galing, hehehe!! Thank you Baby Nique ang ganda ng boses...” “ Syempre si Dindin din at si Danna Pineda, Dindin Dela Cruz, Dela Cruz…., Dela Cruz…hehehehe!, “E Ano naman ngayon?” “Thank you sa pagbahagi ng talent nyo ngayong gabi, sila Rheck, sobra akong nag enjoy, yong unang nagperform, yong taga-London… taga-London (british accent)…hehehehe!!!” “Churvas, tapos ang ashlloyds, “Sige ipagpatuloy nyo lang ang pagiging baldik…”, “Patay kayo! Sige mangarap kayong lahat, bahala kayo!” “Happy Dreaming!” “At syempre sa Savers, Savers!!!!” “Sa FMS! Sa Ashrik maraming salamat, Someone shouted, “Piolo!”, “Sino naman yon?“Lalo na yan, isang bonggang bonggang panaginip…hehehehe!” “Luckycharms, kami ni Luis, Why Not?” “Nakakatuwa kayong lahat maraming maraming salamat sa patuloy ninyong pagsuporta at pagmamahal saakin po, sa isang Sarah Geronimo, “Grabe, ilang taon na po? Six years? At andito pa rin po kayo, maraming maraming salamat, sana ganito pa rin tayo next year at sa susunod pa…oo” “At Happy New Year na sa ating lahat, yehey! Thank you po.” “Gusto nyo pa ba akong kumanta? Pwedeng acapella na lang?”

Then Sarah requested for Baby Nique to accompany her, I think Ate Jenny said for Sarah to sing solo, but Sarah said, “E gusto ko duet kami ni Baby Nique, hehehehe!!! “ “Para hindi halata na hind ko memorize ang lyrics ng YCG, hehehehe!!!” “Yan ang nagagawa ng prompter sa ASAP, hihihihi!!!” Went on to sing the first few lines of her YCG song and then when it was time for the next stanza, she sang again the first few lines and Sarah suddenly said, “Tama ba yon?, hihihihi!!!! Then she said, “Nakakahiya!!!!hehehehe!Tapos… Susunod…?!” “Okay, Chorus, nakakahiya naman…” “Iidolohin niyo pa ba si Sarah Geronimo?” Chorus: Oo!!!!!Naman!!!!! “Sino ba ‘yon, hehehehe!!” “Okay Chorus, Nakakahiya..." Then continue singing the Chorus of YCG and then sang the bridge and Sarah said, “Aminin, memorize ko ang bridge, hehehe!!!” :D

Then it was time for Sarah to go, but before she was able to leave the Club House, there were some who were able to have some of their DVDs/CDs, Sarah’s pictures signed by Sarah… there was a little difficulty with Sarah leaving the venue, since all were heading towards her direction as if everyone doesn’t want to end that night. We didn’t bother to squeeze our self in… we just danced on stage and waved goodbye to Sarah as we bid her adieu and wished her a Happy New Year. ;)

Though there were some little glitz here and there the Party was a success, I bet that everyone enjoyed the night, there were some who weren’t able to have that solo moment with Sarah. But seeing Sarah and just staring at her face is enough to make everyone’s night a good experience to close 2009. It was a night that made us realize that no matter how short or how slim the chance of being able to get near Sarah is not a big deal at all, as long as we saw her happy, laughing, healthy and was thoroughly enjoying the night with her popsters, we all leave the venue with a smile written all over each others' faces. Because the mere presence of Sarah made our night extra special. :T

anu bayan ... sna ginawa na lng itong tagalog .... nakakanosebleed ee... heheh..!!!

pero tnx for sharing parin....!

Hi gemme! :wave:

nosebleed ba? Kaya mo yan! go, go go! hehehehe! :T

.. hi po hmm nice naman po ang pagkaka narrate nio ng mga nangyari sa xmas party maraming salmat po uh hehe sana nxt xmas party makasma na ako hehe congrats po at nakita nio si bebe face to face

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Posted 09 January 2010 - 06:22 AM

thanks po sa lahat ng kwentos, pix at videos... :)
sana next tym anjan na ako. hehe

thanks to bebe and her family :)
thaks sa mga organizers.
at sa lahat ng popsters .. hehehe
kahit wala ako jan nakikithank you lang poh. hehe

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Posted 09 January 2010 - 11:00 PM

wow nmn... kumpleto ate leah ah.. :T

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Posted 09 January 2010 - 11:36 PM

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ang binigay naming cake.. :9

ayun pala un... nakx nmn... sayang indi ko nakuhanan ung cake nmin...

ang haba ng br ko ahh.. lolz... tnx pow sa mga pix nio... :T

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Posted 19 January 2010 - 04:17 PM

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Last one by Mia!

waaaah! wala na ko nito! :(

but we had a great, although short, time with everyone...lalo na with sarah! yun ang tinatawag na quality time. hehe! ;) maraming salamat po kay ate jenny at ate rko, kay ate gina, ate dianne, kina pau, ate mavic, at sa lahat ng mga ka-kulto ko. hehehe! ;) at pasensya na rin po sa iba na na-inconvenience ng pagsingit namin to give sarah the gifts from us and tita ining1. :)

i'm so glad na umabot kami sa Christmas party. first Popsters Christmas Party ko yung 2009, galing galing! :bs:

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Posted 23 January 2010 - 10:45 PM

pahabol :D

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