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CMIIL Movie Reviews

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#25 joyceerica


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Posted 25 March 2011 - 05:22 AM

Are there any reliable figures already since the first day of showing upto this day? I'm very much interested with Mr. Eric John Salut's tweet.

#26 ate G

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Posted 27 March 2011 - 04:44 AM

share ko lang ito dito:


Catch Me im in love review.

OMG, hanggang ngayon sorbing feeling ko nag-abs workout ako kakatili at kakasigaw sa Catch Me… I'm In Love. Wow. Okay, grabe rin kaming na-overwhelm ng mga blockmates ko nung nanood kami ng A Very Special Love, and that's because you can be anyone with your blockmates and they can't judge you for it. But this screening that Carlo, Jolo (Carlo's brother) and I watched was an experience in itself. At maraming salamat kay Kriz Gazmen, creative producer at dakilang extra sa pelikula. I have never seen a movie na katabi ko yung flowers ng director.

BTW, before I go crazy sharing to you my experience, please please watch this movie. Carlo and I were decided we were going to watch it after seeing the trailer in Imortal after one tiring day in law school. Pat Hernandez also highly recommends it. But of course, that's not saying much since Pat was one of my A Very Special Love suspects.

So yesterday, I saw Kriz Gazmen tweeting about a block screening of the latest Sarah Geronimo film, Catch Me.... I admit, I was in a tad bit of a dilemma because two more awesome films were screening, although Carlo already categorically said we were going to watch Catch Me... for our long due movie date. At first, Kriz said he didn't have tickets anymore, and then he had some! And he had three! My sister saw the film and was crazy studying Biochem, my brother ignored me and my mom, who really wanted to watch, had to run weekend errands. Hence, we were able to drag Jolo to the film.

Okay, my first question was, what is a "Block Screening". I didn't get a response initially and had to learn it the hard way. Basically, a block screening is a sponsored screening, where a group could buy out the entire cinema seats and offer it for sale to a niche market. This particular block screening was for Sarah Geronimo Fans, particularly those who sail the ship of AshLloyd (Sarah Geronimo + John Lloyd Cruz fans). I had to figure out that the reason why Sarah is called Ash is because Asher is her second name. ANYWAY, in short, Kriz got complementary tickets for Star Cinema, in a screening for Sarah Geronimo fans. O.M.G.

But, amazingly, the movie was again, AN EXPERIENCE IN ITSELF. Direk Mae gave a nice speech about how she had so many twitter followers after announcing that she was doing this film. She even got flowers for it. And yes, she was one seat away from me (separated only by the flowers). I also had my boyfriend to my left to carry the food and for that emergency hand squeeze. And of course, the CROWD. Never had I felt more confident about screaming and laughing out of kilig.

I swear, ibang lebel yung mga tao. They've seen the film like a gazillion times, and some of the fans say they're still going to watch the last full show. And they've been watching since the opening on Wednesday. They know what will happen in every scene and still react as if they were seeing it for the first time. Nakakatuwa talaga. When the Star Cinema logo appeared right before the film started and the people were already clapping and screaming, I knew I was going to be up for a ride.

But the movie in itself, kahit sabi ni Kriz wag raw akong mag-expect ng anything intellectual, had the ability to capture real emotions. Simple lang naman yung story, albeit the extraordinary situation. Pero super nakakakilig talaga, tapos nakaka-touch yung mga drama scenes. Ang ganda ganda nung casting (my personal fave is Dawn Zulueta's First Lady role). Gerald's acting has improved LOADS since his early Kimerald days, and Sarah was as charming as she was in her previous films. She's prettier too, at may mga angles siya na kamukha niya si Rica Peralejo.

So after the entire film and the credits rolled, everyone in the crowd was shouting for a sequel. Bilang katabi ko nga si Direk, this conversation commenced:

Me: Congratulations po!
Direk: Ay thank you.
Kriz: Friend ko po.
Me: Uy, good job talaga, good job Kriz. Na-overwhelm talaga ako ng bonggang bongga.
Direk: Pansin ko nga, bangs ka ng bangs.

Pero TRUE!!! Grabe talaga, ang landi landi nung buong film, pero masaya talaga siya. So sa mga gusto ng mini-break from Finals season, dizizit... I still have three exams, two papers to go and it's pretty much worth the break. ♥ ♥ ♥ Panoorin niyo ito, mga Hollywood films na lang i-pirate niyo (kasi mas madali siyang i-pirate :p).

Love ♥

#27 minestrone



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Posted 27 March 2011 - 05:43 AM

It was torture for me for not being able to see the film on its 1st day...2nd day...ugh, even on the 3rd day. X-( BUT, I've finally seen CMIIL last night and today (well, kakatapos lang). Ang lakas magpakiiiiliiiig ni "Mommy" and "Daddy!" :T Hehhe! Earlier, katuwa this group of bagets on our left side, parang naghahatakan ng damit in one of the kilig scenes. Nakakadala sila. :x As in! Roan Sanchez of Calookan was uber charming. Natural na natural kaya ang cute. Ang hunk ni Gege. :T Hilarious ang family ni Roan.

Bitin the last scene. Ituloy ang naudlot na pangyayari sa PART 2. :D

Success. Congratulations!!!

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Posted 27 March 2011 - 04:07 PM

Fantastic review!!! Salamat

#29 outrigger


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Posted 27 March 2011 - 06:16 PM

Here's a video of Direk Mae thanking all the fans who supported CMIIL. In her own words:

"Alam ko naman na big star si Sarah, but I never realized how big a star she is.""


#30 jasmine12l


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Posted 28 March 2011 - 04:11 AM

2nd time ko na napanood pero gusto ko pa din ulitin at abg dami pa din tao kaya kulang pa din ang pagnamnam sa story at kilig moments. The first time kasama ko anak ko, today anak ko ulit, mommy ko at asawa ko, sabi ng mister ko tapos na ba? Hindi daw niya narealize na naka 2 hours na pala, hehehe... Bitin pa din siya at grabe ang tao sa sinehan from all walks of life talaga.

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Posted 28 March 2011 - 10:06 PM

pag gusto kong mas lalo pang sumaya ang araw ko, nagpupunta ako sa CMIIL thread sa PEX, my gosh, talagang mananaba ang puso mo sa ganda ng mga sinasabi ng mga tao sa kanilang 'tweets' tungkol kay Sasa at Gege at sa CMIIL.

before the end of this week, isa na ako sa pwedeng mag-bigay ng review sa CMIIL....Apr 1st, ipapalabas na dito sa Vegas ang movie ng ASHRALD!!!

#32 ehmsash


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Posted 29 March 2011 - 02:38 AM

Ive seen the movie twice!
The first one was with my family and the second one was with my bestfriend.
And Im planning to watch it again with my friends in the US.
Sulit din somehow ang vacay ko. hihi

Yes, it is super kakakilig esp yung mga lambingan parts kasi hindi corny and base talaga sa mga real stories ng ordinary lovers.

Sasa and Gege's chemistry is very undeniable.

Congratulations everyone!

#33 anjanela



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Posted 29 March 2011 - 05:24 AM

Congrats to Sarah & Gerald for a very wonderful movie, super kilig, parang ayoko nang lumalabas ng sinehan, sarap ulit ulitin, hindi sya nakakasawa, promise. Nakakabitin yung movie, dahil alam ko magkakaron ng part 2.

#34 ate G

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Posted 01 April 2011 - 09:00 AM

Nung napanood namin sa Premiere night ang initial reaction after watching....parang ang bilis matapos..parang bitin. Sa sobrang ganda ng movie di namin namalayan ang paglipas ng oras. Nabitin kami.

Congratulations to Sarah, Gerald, Matteo and Direk Mae!!!

#35 ate G

ate G


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Posted 05 April 2011 - 07:00 AM

Here's a video of Direk Mae thanking all the fans who supported CMIIL. In her own words:

"Alam ko naman na big star si Sarah, but I never realized how big a star she is.""


Thanks for sharing Ms. O. Loved what Direk Mae about Sarah.

#36 ate G

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Posted 05 April 2011 - 07:03 AM

share ko lang ito coz its a very nice review of CMIIL.

(Source: myskyisblue)

I had no expectations when I decided to watch this movie. I mean, a fairly new tandem (Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo) deserved a fair evaluation of their movie without bias right? It’s a Mae Cruz directed movie who produced the likes of Paano Na Kaya, Maging Sino Ka Man and Magkaribal, that gave me an idea that the movie would be, shall I say, well-dialogued (English or Filipino).

So for starters, Let us scrutinize the casting. The movie offered us the stellar presence of Christopher de Leon (as the RP’s president), Dawn Zulueta (the ethereal First Lady) and Joey Marquez (Sarah’s loving father). Christopher de Leon (I cannot help but notice) was the best choice to become the president. His acting prowess provided the rigid but hearty performance needed for the role. Dawn Zulueta was perfect for the First Lady role reminding me of the composure of Imelda Romualdez Marcos, but less constricted as the latter. Supporting casts were also, I guess, well thought of. Ketchup Eusebio and Janus del Prado - they never could have gone wrong in choosing. they brought the unending humor to the movie. Sam Pinto, as Nicole, the very VERY beautiful woman brought in to the story to release the innate insecurities of Roanne Sanchez (Sarah Geronimo). Arlene Muhlach also has that catching presence as Sarah’s mom. and Matteo Guidicelli, the unexpected tambay role which he honestly protrayed well despite his bulol-nature. He ended up looking the part after being tanned.

and of course, Sarah Geronimo (Roanne Sanchez) and Gerald Anderson (Enrique Rodriguez) for the lead roles. Sarah Geronimo is perfect for the Caloocan girl type , toughened by a band of brotherly love and strengthened by a not-so-rich family background. She always gives off this realistic performance that never fails to capture the hearts of the filipinos (that’s how real her acting chops are). Gerald Anderson, I guess, was a good choice for the role of the Presidential Son for he has the Look to match it. We can never deny the fact that (as much as I hate to admit this) he is, most certainly, GWAPO and buff. I could not help but notice that his acting skills improved a lot. keri na niya yung mga iyak-iyak eh. I never cringed for a moment when he committed the dramatic parts.

as for the setting, They did great. the Cauayan area was a good place to go to. Something that opens our eyes to the development that our country still needs to undergo and how much our people need to live. the bridge was scenic and was fun. the palayan was a cute place to get down and dirty. I was wondering about the Malacañang. was it really THE Malacañang? otherwise, it was still a very posh and expensive looking, fit for a king house. The hotel where they shot the party scene was also very very chic.

moving on to the story, it was a typical rom-com plot: rich kid poor kid, poor kid softens up rich-spoiled kid, rich kid poor kid falls in love with each other, the relationship gets tested by the usual “hindi tayo bagay” theatrics, they break up, then *tada* they get back together, happy ending!

it was direly typical, but it was well-made all the same.

I’ll enumerate the things that nudged my heartstrings:

1. undoubtedly, they had chemistry. kilig factor. or whatever they call it. it was not forced nor did it look uncomfortable. they were actually nice. I had this smirk on my face the entire time. hekhek.

2. the oh-so-loving family concept. each movie has that. or shall I say, each FILIPINO movie has that. It’s just endearing to think that people like that really exists, or at least existed in that movie. because secretly, we were wishing that we had that too.

3. the “i’m a failure” plot line. I guess everybody has become a failure. and at some point, you become the disappointment of your family, especially once with high expectations. and they see you as that no matter how hard you try to make up for it.

4. the “I hate my father” scene. I don’t know. It just got to me. I guess this is biased due to some issues with my dad. but this scene had something. like the hard coverings of a coconut being opened and something innocent came out. It was love.

5. the “insecurities” issue. this is the same thing that i fear. as Sarah said, “baka magising na lang ako isang araw, ayaw mo na saken.”. in her case, it was the worst position to be in. I mean, she was the “first son’s girlfriend”, she was bound to be in the insecurity capital of the world. I guess every single person has their insecurities in relationships, and that’s just why some people choose to be single and available. these fears that creep up that you’ll never be good enough. twas good they presented this reality to the audience.

6. lastly, “THE KILIG SCENES”, grr.. yung para kang tangang nakangiti sa sinehan kasi kinikilig ka (to answer Sarah’s question: YES! kinikilig po ang mga lalaki, di lang obvious). do you ever get that moment?

the scene where Sarah’s rant was heard on mic, and Gerald’s retort about “may LED tong cellphone ko, baka malason sila”. PURE GOLD!!

the SUNOG scene. ganun ba talaga yun? haha

the “PASAWAY KA!” scene where Sarah’s character lectured Gerald about what he is and what he was not. Clap Clap!

the “Bounce with me!!” scene sa tulay! haha. nakakatuwa lang si Sarah dun. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing how pathetic Gerald was and how Sarah was sobrang sutil.

syempre, (for the women), the BODY SHOW is always BENTA. I daresay, may ibubuga naman yung abs ni Gerald. haha.

the “ANONG ORAS NA?” “may orasan ka naman eh.” holding hands scene.. ayeeeeee moment!! FTW!

another thing that amazed me was the GIANT BOUQUET OF FLOWERS scene. It was genuinely big. and the telephone call of “I love you’s” was endlessly adorable.

the aminan scene where they told Sarah’s family about their relationship. and the Disbelief Sarah’s brothers portrayed with outcries of “WEH?”. and ended by Sarah’s arrogantly MAYABANG expression. BENTAAAA!!

the break-up scene… hnng. sakit.

lastly, I loved the Gerald-Christopher scene. It was different. I think I could’ve sobbed my heart out but I didn’t.


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