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Sarah G Live - Constructive criticisms

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#1 lucille82

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Posted 28 February 2012 - 07:15 AM

I have collected some constructive criticisms i have read from fans/unfans who was able to watch the pilot and i hope someone can relay this to SGLive Team to make their succeeding episodes near perfect:

@SarahGLiveOfficial 1. Luis as cohost 2. Gab as dancer/arranger 3.
GFORCE 4. DJ Buddha (hot niaaaaa) 5. ang stig at sosyal ng set! pero
mejo scary un stairs sa stage for sasa esp mahilig sha mag-heels. 6.
Baihana as backup vocals w/ matching choreo!! 7. Louie ocampo 8. erick
salud 9. guest cohost every wk 10. sige go segment pero sana po mejo
bawasan un stairs ng stage, and sana po hndi lang nakatayo ungguest.
and i agree w/ one comment sa twitter: save the comedy acts for GGV.
:) Congrats!!! FROM: ilovepinkbutterflies (youtube)

You need more high caliber talents in your show....try to be
comfortable hosting. I enjoy listening and watching you perform. I am
pretty sure you will improve this Sarah G. Live down the road. ...God
bless! FROM: caviteboy2012 (youtube)

Being the first, I'll say what this performance must have been
commented. Sarah becames a legit. When she says, "wala naman pong
perpekto, pero sinisiguro ko po sa inyo ang lahat ng makakaya ko", I'm
overwhelmed, parang it's the very first time she stood still there and
saying words in the most humble way. The song?? Kudos to Mr. Louie
Ocampo, he did great with the arrangements and Kudos to Sarah because
of her full emotions as she sang the song. The Pilot Episode is one
of a kind. I love it! FROM: updt143alfy (youtube)

Strong pilot episode. Of course, som improvements pa on som part of
the show especially sa hosting skills ni Sarah G. Sabi nga nya, it
will not be an overnight improvement, pero w/ this show, mahahasa siya
ng husto sa hosting. The show was entertaining! And yes, Sarah
delivered what she does best, & that is performing live. You can see
through her eyes & movements how passionate she is with her craft. No
comparisons. Hindi matatawaran. Kudos to Sarah G Live team! Cant wait
for next Sunday! FROM: gervuz (youtube)

@sarahgofficial A lot of things to improve pa. Sana lakihan yun
stage, more kantahan & sayawan. :) But still, it was an amazing pilot

@yeyellowrose @sarahgofficial pls mag add din ng prods na makaka
relate pati oldies kasi si Sarah talaga idol nila

FOR ME, overall, the pilot was a success but i still find some things for SGLive to improve. i hope theyre open to suggestions (P.S. i sent this email to sarahglive2012@gmail.com so u might read it like i am addressing this to someone..)

STAGE - the lighting is good, widescreen backdrop and overhead tv is good (though the overhead tv has no use for us watching on national tv)... when the cam spans to the audience, i find the studio small (i dont know whats wrong with it, maybe the sitting arrangements or the studio itself)... i luv the cameras, they spans without cameramen, hope u can improve it ala "so u think you can dance" spanning where Sarah's facial expression as well as Gforce is enhanced... STAGE? scary!!, can u make the stage a little wider and with less steps (for me, watching SG and GForce dance in that very limited space is "scary"!...)

SIGE GO - Genius! As I have said i was very happy that u came up with this segment that will let Sarah experienced things and for us to see her in different perspective... hopefully every Sige go segment, she has someone that she can do that experience with i.e girl bonding, boy bonding, mentor bonding, family bonding for special occasion..etc..

OPENING PROD/ DANCE PROD w/ GAB - Hope to see this 2 alternate per SGLive episode (meaning opening with Gab, then next opening salvo or opening salvo, then prod w/ Gab)... I agree with "@yeyellowrose pls mag add din ng prods na makaka relate pati oldies".... There's no denying that SG can do beyonce, katy, gaga, rihanna, jlo or any in season artist, but can u incorporate oldies like what she did with Billy C (the next one concert) or 2011 abscbn xmas special (although not always)... Production also with ala "rocker", "rapper", "country music" , "r&bs", etc.. Also, hope to see Sarah play instruments and sings OPM (if not her music then other artists)...
DANCE PROD w/ GAB - i know both can dance hiphop, but can u capitalize on them to be the dancing duo of Phil dancefloor like "so u think u can dance"... hope to see them dancing tango, lyrical, ballet, contemporary, hiphop/contempo, etc (as in ala "so u think u can dance" na production)..

GUEST HOST - For me, if the guest host will only host, might as well ditch the host... Luis can make all the talking, SG is not even talking much, and 1 hour is too short for the guest host to host.. If a guest host is necessary, hope that host will have a production with Sarah, they need to do a sing or dance or whatever number...

THE GUEST - Its a little awkward for me to see Sarah interviewing a guest without guidelines she can be guided on what the topic will be all about, much more if they are only standing.. hope u can provide seats, have Luis/guest host help Sarah, and an idiot board where Sarah can get ideas to talk about.. Hope the guest host/guest can be from other networks also and that
the mgt havent set boundaries for ur guest...

FINALE - Love the finale... This is where we can see the "emotional voice" and "birit voice" of Sarah... Hope u can encompass the music genre from 60's to 2012 (Foreign/OPMs) with different arrangements (c/o Sir Louie) and make it Sarah's own version.

Just my two cents :) .... Hope it will help SGLive make a difference... Again, Congratz!

Hope someone can relay this to SGLive team..

Luv U Sarah G.!

#2 ynnej04



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Posted 28 February 2012 - 10:49 AM

WHAAAH!!!! Naiiyak ako.. meron na po ba nito sa youtube??? Me sakit kasi ako nito kaya di ako nakapanuod.. HU! HU!

#3 outrigger


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Posted 28 February 2012 - 05:13 PM

wow, thanks for collecting those feedbacks and for making your own, lucille! :)

i agree with a lot of your comments. :)
to add also: in the opening, the camera angles (especially the "rotating" one, a la Matrix) they used were pretty cool, but ang bilis ng switch from one scene to another...parang wala tuloy shots na may nabuong dance movements. sana they could lessen this para di rin nakakahilo.

#4 andeng



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Posted 28 February 2012 - 05:51 PM

agree din ako.. talagang nakakatakot ang mga hagdan sa stage... maliit din para magsayaw... sana maayos agad..


#5 sgfever


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Posted 28 February 2012 - 07:30 PM

WHAAAH!!!! Naiiyak ako.. meron na po ba nito sa youtube??? Me sakit kasi ako nito kaya di ako nakapanuod.. HU! HU!

punta ka sa Sarah G.Live discussion thread andun yung link mi Miss Outrigger sa you tube. Meron ding DL available sa video section ng SGL. Gondo gondo ng pilot episode !

#6 RyAn07


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Posted 29 February 2012 - 06:43 AM

Thanks po for sharing! :)

#7 nurz



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Posted 29 February 2012 - 09:01 AM

i agree! sna lakihan pa ang stage..mganda yong stage sosyal tlaga ng mga lights ha yon nga lang mdyo scary ang stage prang ang liit tlaga.. eh todo sayaw at hataw pa nman c Baby Girl at ang G Force and Gab..at tsaka mdami hagdan ah,, dobleng ingat lang bebe ha! yon nman guest co host sna dn my prod number with bebe at c Luis Okei nman cya! Sige Go segment grabe Super Ganda <babe?> dpa rin mka get over hanggan ngayon! hehehe, henyo tlaga ang nkaisip noon! ang finale nman wow feel na feel ko ang EMOSYON ng kanta, yan ang meron c Sarah na wla tlaga sa iba..ramdam mo tlaga kpag ka rendition ni Sarah galing sa Puso eh..!!! OVERALL, PANALO talaga ang pilot episode ng Sarah G. LIVE!! CONGRATULATION sa boung Sarah G. LIVE team at ang taas ng ratings ha!!! we love u Sarah G. :) :) :) <3

#8 mitchlayno



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Posted 29 February 2012 - 03:03 PM

I agree on a few things:
1. Maybe not a bigger stage pero less ung steps kasi maraming sayaw and live performances baka matapilok or may maaksidente
2. Maybe have a different "sit down" set for guests to interview hindi naman nakatayo parang ung feeling na minamadali ung guest hehe etc.
3. Luis did a lot of talking or maybe Sarah needs a guideline kasi ung host hindi na nakapag host eh
4. Sige Go Segment is the best talaga when she did this, it's the Sarah that we all fell in love with. Her--realness.
5. Another thing pwedeng pag nagsasalita ung mga hosts like nung nagguest si Ms. Ai i-lower yung sound, natatabunan ung mga nagsasalita, I think pinoint out ni Ms. Ai na naingayan siya.
6. Performances mind blowing talaga, can't wait for another Sarah G Live! :)

#9 IamJOBY



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Posted 29 February 2012 - 06:21 PM

Tama! Pangit nga ung mga camera shots, pati ung pgtransition ng director ng mga videos ndi natatiming.. and wag nlng siguro mag-interview sa LIVE tama na ung segment na Sige Go.. dapat puro performance nlng pagdating sa stage.. :D

#10 alamatpaul



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Posted 29 February 2012 - 06:55 PM

ako din meron. sana more than 1 hour. criticism ba un? parang request lang na makarami. he he he he.

#11 jhonwayne


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Posted 29 February 2012 - 08:56 PM

yah i agree sa lahat ng comments,for me yung steps tlaga nakakatakot yun, performing such stage like that talgang nakakatakot lalo pat matataas ang heels na esusuot, di natin maiwasan tlagang my accident na mangyayari.

#12 ate G

ate G


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Posted 01 March 2012 - 05:52 AM

Thank you for bringing those comments in you tube here. sana ma transfer pa din yung iba. I agree with a lot of you here with regards to the steps. Medyo nakakatakot nga especially for Sarah na matataas ang heels. sana magawan nila ng paraan. I was there during the pilot episode and medyo naliitan talaga ako sa studio 2. Nadidinig ko din yung staff na super overtime na sila kaya nag cut ng prod nums. Also they were loaded with advertisements which i think is a good sign. so ok lang yun. Sana lang i extend nalang nila ang time kahit 30 mins man lang. hehehe...sabi ko sa writer nung patapos na ang show. " nabitin kami". hehehe

CONGRATULATIoNS to the SG Live team. The Best kayo. Im not sure if the whole staff of ASAP ay sila din sa SG live pero si Bonito andun.

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