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In Topic: SARAH G LIVE! Discussion Thread (premiere: Feb 26, 2012)

26 February 2012 - 06:04 AM


Said this many many times here in sg.com, and I'll say is again - You are such a joy to watch Sarah. Congratulations on this new milestone. woohoo!

*edit* hi ate gina! agent o! beng! *wave*

In Topic: Movie Review: Won't Last A Day Without You - (02Dec11)

02 December 2011 - 09:00 PM

Thanks for the nice review. Galing talaga ni Sarah sa crying scene and super cute naman siya na naka mascot attire.

Just got home. Went to watch it again with Scully. Dami tao sa mega at nung lumabas kami dami pa din pumasok for the LFS. Nakakatuwa lang dahil may mga pumasok na medyo may mga edad na. 8 sila na mga senior citizen na siguro. Excited sila manood dahil patapos na ang eksena saka sila pumasok tapos LFS na. hehehe.

After watching sabi ni Scully i want to watch it again. Saan ang theatre tour niya bukas ate. hehehehe.

nyahay! nakwento ba ako!? :) thanks ate gina.

had loads of fun watching the movie. agree with all the comments that this is SG's best film.
off to watch again later.

asser ba si direk raz?