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21 February 2005 - 08:45 PM

=D Yeah he his really cute with those pair of eye glass... and the bigote... I saw him when he had a mall tour in Robinsons Angeles last sunday.... he saw guwapo tlaga.. though wala pa syang tulog, thats according to his aunt... mukhang alive na alive pa rin sya sabi ko nga dun sa isang ESFO member ang guwapo nung nakasalamin, she thought i was reffering to someone, i told her si Erik meron pa bang iba?.... and the crowd go gaga when he arrived... to the point na narinig lang nilang mag good afternoon sa background ay susme!!!! ... grabe ang sigawan di na gaanong marinig si Erik sa dami ng tao. Take note ah, he was in a hurry that time coz may taping pa sya sa abscbn but still pinagbigyan nya lahat na masign yung cd nila and to take pic as well... thats what I like most of Erik wala syang ka ere-ere... even his brother was so kind ... naging official photographer sya ksi lahat ng gustong magpa pic sya ang kumukuha. Hay I will miss him a lot!!! Bon Voyage Erik!!! God Bless!!!


04 January 2005 - 01:09 AM

Alam mo in my opinion di tama iyaang nasa charts kasi abs-cbn favor their own star. Di mo ba napansin si nasa top si na sheryn and erik, alam naman natin na mas hit ung kay sarah quintuple platinum ung album niya e si sheryn and erik ang alam ko gold or platinum lang sila. Peace to all sheryn and erik fans, just expressing my opinions.

05. Maybe - Sheryn Regis
04. Mandy - Westlife
03. Come On In Out of the Rain - Sheryn Regis
02. Pagbigyang Muli - Erik Santos

i understand, but erik's Pagibigyang Muli was number one for about 23 weeks straight (i dont remember) so of course he deserves to be in that spot. for sheryn.. hmm well i dunno about her. but i definetly like sarah's songs better than any of sheryn's songs.. hehehhe.. :lol: anyways .. peace. :good

23 weeks?...combination po ata un ng 2 songs niya eh..tama po b?..o ung pagbigyang muli lang po un?...

pagbigyang muli is # 1 for 23 weeks, pero nasa top sya for 31 weeks now. Hindi kasama ang This is the moment dun. :)

In Topic: Erik Santos

01 December 2004 - 12:24 AM

I watched the concert last saturday, and its really a great show. Opening palang mapapa applause kana grabe!!! Puno ang Araneta and kahit saan ka tumingin puno ang Araneta ng mga banners ni Erik. He sang medley of This is the moment and the Moment like this for the opening talagang bigay-bigay sya sa pag kanta nito. Then he gave tribute to Allan Pineda by singing the BEP hits. Followed by a dance number to the tune of Whip it. Sabi nga nila west meet east because they do the western dance to our traditonal dance na "maglalatik and tinikling" galing nyang sumayaw!!! Then a classical song ( i forgot the tiltle) which he did that with different interpretation from frank sinatra style, stevie wonder, new wave style, rock style and ended with his own style. After which he called Sandara Park for their number though Sandara did great but mostly out of key sya. But the duet came out good kasi ang galing umalalay ni Erik, note pakilig pa bigla ba namang alisin ang mic ni Sandara, hay naku kakakilig!!! Then he called the sopranitas then they did a number after a while lumabas ulit si erik now wearing coat singing BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER, ganda ng rendition nya with this song, parang teary eyed pa nga sya sa ending. He also sang his hits "Pagbigyang Muli" this time with different style. Ending song nya with his segment is medley of I believe by fantasia Barrido and I believe I can Fly, this time the crowd were singing with him na ang ganda lalo na dun sa part ng chorus ng I believe I can fly. Then come AiAi which she makes the crowd laugh all night, sumakit ang tiyan ko and balikat, pano ba naman may makasama ka bang naghahampas tuwing matatawa. Even AiAi admits that Erik has a lot of supporters that night. Then the finale where the prince meet the queen... they sang happy then spiel kung saan five times atang hinipuan ni AiAi si Erik na walang magawa kundi umilag, pulang - pula si Erik, pero nung bandang huli hindi na maka ilag si Erik at nasapol ni AiAi.... wala kaming magawa kundi sumigaw hay naku grabe talaga si AiAi.. alive na alive yung show talaga. Then they sang One Voice with the sopranos and the company, the encore is joy to world. Pasensya na d me magaling mag kwento pero i hope you enjoy reading this. Once again Congrats Erik you did great talaga. :thumbs God Bless!

In Topic: Eric: Sarah may Mark na

28 October 2004 - 08:02 PM

Ikaw naman sometimes ihea_gomez. Indi ko talaga na understand yung mga analysis mo. It wasn't as if Eric said anything in order to make an issue. The reporters asked him a dumb question and he answered as honestly as possible. For sure, they misconstrued what he said because they always do. So if anything, the champions are not the ones making the negative pub, it is the journalists. Why would they want to make negative publicity when they know they can fill the Araneta without it? Like I said, I'll never tell anyone what to say because everyone is entitled to their opinion, pero, sana wag below the belt naman. Pretty soon, all the other fans are going to start looking at everyone on this website as petty if our analysis of other artists only includes pang ninira and not logical conclusions.
Also, I think this Sarah/Rachelle thing is getting out of hand. If anything, the fans are the one starting crap and not the girls. If we are not careful, it is us the fans that might ruin the girls' careers because of the negative environment we have created for them. Let's just like who we like and let that be it. We can never change each others mind about the way we feel about the two, so there is no point. It will only end up with both sides fighting an unending battle. Pretty soon, everyone will be fighting, and it won't be fun posting on any of the websites because instead of talking about how great the girls are, we'll be bringing up all the negative things. Let's just support Sarah (or Rachelle if you are more of her fan) by talking about how great she is so that when people come onto this site, they'll see how much Sarah's fans really love her. lol, sorry for being so wordy. Just wanted to get my feelings out about this matter.

Very Well said JB!!!! God Bless!! :thumbs

In Topic: Eric: Sarah may Mark na

28 October 2004 - 07:58 PM

pakelam naman ni sarah kay erik... bakla naman yun eh ginagamit na naman si sarah para sa concert nila at sa new single ni --------.

This issue was been cleared and hindi manggagamit si Erik. Hindi kahit kailan gagamitin ni Erik si Sarah. FYI we ESFO people support Sarah and I myself likes Erik - Sarah tandem. But then again its his decision kung sino love nya, support namin sya. PEACE!!! :)