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In Topic: Friends of Sarah Geronimo

27 February 2010 - 12:35 AM

muztah na po kayong lahat?
namiss ko kayo..hehe

In Topic: Friends of Sarah Geronimo

27 February 2010 - 12:34 AM

hello popsters!!

In Topic: Sarah - Inspiration to Live (featuring Tita Cristy)

22 February 2010 - 05:10 AM

Tita Cristy was featured as an amazing fan in STAR STUDIO Magazine (March 2010 issue by Julian Mauricio)

SARAH GERONIMO - INSPIRATION TO LIVE. Even breast cancer couldn't stop Sarah Geronimo fan Tita Cristy from going all-out in her support of the Pop Princess.

D'FAN tastiks. Showbiz fans look to their idols for many things. In the case of this Sarah Geronimo fan - who wanted to be identified only as Tita Cristy - when she faced the most terrifying ordeal of her life thus far, she drew strength from Sarah.

In 1998, Tita Cristy was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer, At that time, doctors told her she only had a 20% chance of survival because the cancer had already spread to her other organs. "At that time, Diyos na lang ang pag-asa kong mabuhay." Tita Cristy says, "Naka-survived ako dahil sa Diyos, sa anak ko, at of course kay Sarah."

Tita Cristy has been supporting Sarah for seven years. She instantly took liking to the young singer when Sarah first took the Star For A Night stage back in 2002. At that time, Tita Cristy had already gone into remission, but there was always the danger that the cancer could make a comeback. Doctors believe that if a cancer patients is happy or in good spirits, there is a greater chance that he or she will stay healthy and cancer-free. In this case, watching Sarah made Tita Cristy happy. "Magaling siya at maganda. Noon pa lang alam ko nang magiging bright ang future niya. Kahit hindi ko pa alam ang ugali niya, naisip ko na parang mabait siya kasi napakagaan ng mukha niya," she says.

At first, Tita Cristy's son couldn't understand his mom's devotion to the Pop Princess. In fact, he didn't like Sarah at all. But that changed when he saw how happy it made his mom to support Sarah - and when he realized that it would work wonders for his mom's health. "Nung na-realize niya na dito ako masaya, naging supportive na siya."

But perhaps the wildest - yet probably the most fulfilling - thing Tita Cristy did in the name of Sarah was to travel all the way to the States just to see Sarah in concert.

She went to the Los Angeles stop on the North American leg of Sarah's The Next One tour, where she attended a meet-and-greet. By this time, Tita Cristy had become a familiar face to Sarah. So when Tita Cristy showed up at the venue of the Los Angeles meet-and-greet Sarah was surprised and shocked. Sarah was so thankful that Tita Cristy made the effort to cross the Atlantic just to see her that she invited her to go onstage with her during the concert. "Hindi lang yun, tatlong beses pa niya ako binati bago nung pag-akyat ko ng stage. Nasa You Tube kung gusto mong makita."

To this day, Tita Cristy remains happy and cancer-free, and will most likely stay that way as long as Sarah is around to bring light into her life. "Siya ang inspiration ko to live," says Tita Cristy.


Tita Cristy has gone to great lengths for the Pop Princess. Aside from wallpapering one room of their house in Quezon with posters and pictures of Sarah, she watched Sarah's movies mulitiple times, and buys everything Sarah endorses. Before Sarah endorsed a particular brand of laundry soap, Tita Cristy used a different one. Before Sarah became the face of a shampoo brand to promote their newest variant, Tita Cristy was using a different variant. When Sarah was tapped to endorse a certain brand of cell phones, yes, Tita Cristy traded in her old phone for a new one just like the one Sarah endorsed. Now, if that isn't undying devotion, we don't know what is!

wow!!nakakatouch talaga.. :Emeng Cryn2:

In Topic: Friends of Sarah Geronimo

18 February 2010 - 07:56 PM

hello tamdiks!
muztah na po kayo?
waaahhhhh...ngayon pa lang ao bumalik?toinkz!haha

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29 November 2009 - 10:59 PM

weee...pls vote!