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blackscorpiatita cristy

OMG, I just wanna say this. I almost admire you as much as Sarah. You're dedication and loyalty towards her is envious.
I've read your story in Star studio some time ago, which was very inspiring indeed and it reminded me a lot of my mother.
Now, I actually would love to meet you as much as I would love to meet Sarah...LOL
God bless you and all the other popsters.
Apr 30 2010 08:00 PM


uy, thank you for your birthday greeting, although I just noticed it today (4 months later)...Lol.
Sorry, but sometimes I'm just very busy. It's very nice of you to have given the effort though. Thanks again!
Feb 26 2010 09:18 PM


finally, you're here po...welcome to sg.com...
i hope, natatandaan mo pa ko...
yeah, Sarah forever!
Jul 27 2009 04:43 AM


hi!i just add you to my list i just add you too my ym hope we cud chat soon..tnx..
May 08 2009 01:08 AM