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sna SARAH G. find time 2 read thiS :-)

11 May 2011 - 07:26 PM


hello ms. sarah g. I am a 19 yrs. old female IMpo. tech. student here in Nueva Ecija..I am a very loyal fan of yours since you've started making your way to showbizzness and i guess i'll always be a fan of yours till forever.. I admire you not only as an artist,singer or total performer, i admire you because i always feel the dedication and sincerity you have..
i just want you to know that you are one of my inspiration and i look forward to see you again in personal..i got the chance to see you once in MEGACENTER the mall here in our province i always remembered that day(SEPTEMBER 24,2010 5:43 pm). You know what, i feel sad on times you were hurting 'bout all issues bec. of Rayver God knows i Hate him , for breaking your heart .. But at same time i am happy and thankfulto him knowing that he make you smile & happy before..
That's one of the irony of life. THat at some point we need to get hurt for us to know the importance of what were fighting for... At first i am wondering "How & why you remain silent about all the painful issues?" But now i understand its your way to protect your family,. I am happy when you finally come out and defend yourself especially when you said that your already move-on ,but i am not totally feel that your completely okey now because in your eyes we still see the pain you try to hide :-( ..Just remember time heals all wounds.. Just keep on praying.i believe that there is someone who really deserved your love..
Dont ever feel alone co'z we are always with you no matter what happened ,remember all the fans who love you and I AM ONE OF THEM.. :-) keep smilin' , keep believing & never stop LOVING ..

maybe this quote reflects on why you choose to be silent: "minsan hindi natin pinapaalam ang tunay nating nararamdaman. Hindi dahil sa mahirap ipaliwanag, kadalasan mahirap lang talagang ipaintindi ."