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its ok,,i saw kasi you viewed my profile, that's why i added you..
Aug 08 2011 08:28 PM


thanks for adding as your friend... i'm happy for it... sensya na am not in hk right now am bali.. get to you the moment got time...tc
Aug 08 2011 08:22 PM

padenjoitita cristy

hi tita cristy.. baka puede lang po makitita. he he he.. actually middle name ko po castillo.. kaya lang my moms province is from ilocos.. i dont know if have any relatives from that place.. anyways am just amaze on how you support bebe, and i love u for that.. i'd love to be friend with you kung puede lang naman.
Jul 04 2011 11:44 PM


HELLO!!! Am new here, but been a popster 4 a long time na... Silent nga lang.. Kala ko 4 ever na ganunnn. di ko pala kaya... la eh addik.. he he he... love ko SG
Jun 23 2011 10:52 PM