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What is your favorite Sarah CD?

09 August 2006 - 07:00 PM

I hope no one made this type of poll.. hehehe. Well, I choose Sweet Sixteen because it has most of my favorite songs of Ateh Sarah :music:

Guess That Sarah Song!

02 August 2006 - 08:43 AM

I got this game from another forum, so i didn't make it up. It's really fun though. :T

This is a game where we guess one of Sarah's songs.

Mini - rules
1. You can only use a limited amount of her song. Like 4 to 5 [or not past 10] words.
2. Then another member would guess what song it is.
3. If you answered write a "part" of Sarah's songs and another member will answer.. and do the same
4. Remember it only must be Sarah's songs
*At least make it challenging and not very easy like [ex: You're a million miles away from me]
[answer: Million miles away] Make it challenging <))

1. Here's a ex: Read the example

Hindi ko ninais na ako'y

2. Answer: If you know it answer it

Sa Iyo

I hope this is successful :D If it's confusing please tell me and i'll fix it out
Remember it's kind of like a test to show how well you know Ateh Sarah's songs
* If you don't know the song, at least try* :yahoo:

Let me start it off =D

Dahil... ikaw ang pinili

This song is........?

Pinaytohru93's Creations

11 February 2006 - 12:26 PM

Welcome to PinayTohru93's creations. I hope you will enjoy the siggies i made. Please ask me first if you are going to use my siggies or [etc] and credit them.. thanks again! Enjoy :T

Here's one i made earlier * My new Sig And Avatar

Blue Set # 1

Posted Image

Posted Image

Old Sig

- Just Sig (I couldn't find the Avatar for it)

Posted Image

Simple Sigs ^ ^ More to come! :lol:

Sarah Geronimo gifs?

20 January 2006 - 07:01 PM

hello po.

Um, I'm kinda new at this, and all but if anybody has a time to share some Sarah GIFS... ^ ^ Please share


Thanks po, if you share