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In Topic: SARAH G LIVE! Discussion Thread (premiere: Feb 26, 2012)

11 March 2012 - 08:19 PM

JUST want to share my 2 cents, an open letter to SGLive.. :)

Hi SGLive Team and Ms. Sarah G.

WOW as in WOW, March 11 2012 episode was "SO MUCH PURE"TALENT""!!!! Sarah G at its her best...Based on what i read it was taped around 12 am of March 4 but deyym the whole SGTeam and Ms Sarah G is very alive and kicking... No wonder fans were still hyper at that time.. We people just watching it on national TV still cant get over it how much more to those who have seen it live. Really #SarahGFever

Opening - Love the opening... Beautiful choreo, music arrangement (just love her singing retro with touch of new tracks), the band/sax/trumpet, stage/lighting/cam spaning... Such feel good sunday evening listening to classic music. Kudos to SGteam!

Duet with Mr. Poon - Just classic.. Beautiful music arrangement (Sarah/Richard owning the song like its their version) . Kudos to Sir Loiue!

Ate Vi/Loveliness/Ate Gay - Funny, though not as fun as with Pooh/Powki/Kay but watching Sarah laugh always puts a smile to us audience of her.. Ate Gay was so funny.. Just hope team will refrain on guesting commediannes on succeding epi for the time being, the novelty of watching Sarah make jokes with commediane might become a "bore".

SMASHUP - PURE RAW TALENT... Gab and GForce, we all know can really dance but Sarah dancing ballroom was just PURE RAW TALENT (i know she can dance but this is ahhhh)... hope teacher Georcelle can tap it and bring out the best "Sarah on the dance floor".. I remember Sarah also dancing Bailalo some time back and it was just "talent"... Sarah dancing Ballroom is at its her best, you can see her dancing gracefully when it comes to ballroom (but then ballroom is about partnership so hope her succeeding partners can lead her well on the dance floor like what NIELBETH did) Kudos to Teacher G and Neilbeth!

Finale - Epic.. "Somewhere over the rainbow" will never be the same again at least for me. Kudos to Sir Loiue O and Sarah G for that beautiful SG cover of somewhere...

PS. For the first time i love SG having a guest host, he's interacting and talking.. Kudos to Jake Cuenca and of course the pambansang lucky charm LUIS M. (such a gentleman, always there for Sarah taking care of her thats why Popsters also love Luis)... AUDIENCE INTERACTION was also good...


Out of Topic -- SARAH G's "I will always love you" was just mindblowing! CLAP CLAP CLAP, well done Ms. Sarah G. (CAN SOMEONE POST IT ON YOUTUBE, PLEEAASSEEEE)

Can I just suggest for your sequence to be like this:
-OPENING (Suggest: Love March 11 opening, hope to see another prod like that or other prod that would deviate from normal prod of sarah singing new tracks... want to see her doing a "rocker" like the teaser where she is wearing white shirt/maong (rocker but elegant) )

-SIGE GO/SGLOVESU (Suggest: Another segment ala Open Segment for audience request/letter sender/request from Luis or Gab doing a poll on street of MM with people on what are their views /like about prev epi and what they would like to see again ---- then the requested PROD No.)

-GUEST HOST/GUEST singing/dancing/ laughtrip(again deviate from this for time being) prod with Sarah (Suggest: Can u guest female/band/kapuso/kapatid artists doing a number with her) --- want to see her with Janno G, Kyla, Jay-R, Kris L, Parokya, Bamboo (again), Rachel G, Jaya, Leah S, Charice, Julia Clarete, Toni G, Juris, Yeng

-SMASHUP (Suggest: Just what I said on my previous letter, i want to see Sarah dancing ala "So u think u can dance" and u grant my wish "agad-agad" with the march 11 epi.. thank you... Sarah G's so graceful doing Ballroom, cant wait for her to do RHUMBA, TANGO, JIVE, FLAMENGO, PASODOBLE, etc hehehe crossfinger)... Another Suggest: Can u guest 1 choreo/teaher for smashup at least 1 every month for variety (just want to see SG fare with other tutelage not undermiming Teacher G though)

-FINALE "The Best"... Really LOVE her STATEMENT SONG of the week... More orig cover/own rendition/orig songs arranged by Sir Louie O for Sarah G to make it like the song is her really own.

read this one from twitter

Leah Paz Canadilla
Posted Sunday 11th March 2012

Watching Sarah G. Live for the first time inside the studio is a treat that is worth repeating. Though this third episode was taped due to Sarah’s just concluded Concert in Dubai last March 10, the energy was just overflowing. Right after Sarah went on live for her Mar. 4 episode, the audience was instructed to go out of the studio and be back at around 10:30pm – Sarah will rehearse her production numbers and the stage will be changed for the Mar. 11 episode.

While waiting, chatter and conversation whirl at the waiting area, all were gushing about the just concluded episode. Where kilig overflowed (thanks to Gerald) at ang kurot sa puso for Sarah Loves You segment, sabayan pa ng Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos Song, it was a tear-jerker and it’s refreshing to see Sarah mingling with others, with her popsters in particular.

As the clock strikes at 10pm, we were then lead towards the studio, but was abruptly stopped and requested to wait for a little while. We were left standing and everyone resumes talking about Sarah again. Hihihi! It was almost 11:30pm when we’re finally allowed inside the studio and Sarah’s Popsters were given preference to occupy the front seats.

As soon as the audience was lead to their respective places, Luis together with Jake Cuenca (guest co-host) entered the studio, they mingled with the audience and talked with us, allowed some to have their pictures taken with them &amp; para magising at tumaas pa ang energy. It’s understandable that there’s a feeling of tiredness, ikaw ba naman after going live for an hour, here you are at the studio and is still taping for the next episode.

At around 12:30am (?), not too sure about the time, G Force and teacher G. entered the studio and prep themselves for the work ahead. In a minute or so, Sarah entered the studio and cheers erupted and she doesn’t look tired at all after going live. She greets the audience and her popsters of course and went over the stage for the Opening Number. When it was time for Sarah to perform, Teacher G. &amp; Bang Pineda, sit at our side and yes we were wildly cheering for Sarah as she performs her opening number. Teacher G. &amp; Bang Pineda was amused at how passionate her popsters were at supporting Sarah, they too went wild and cheered as hard as they can and they were really smiling, laughing ang enjoying themselves with the popsters. After the opening, they excused themselves and thanked us for cheering Sarah and G-Force, they need all the clapping and cheering that night para hind maramdaman ang pagod.

Looking at Sarah while she was performing, she was and is always at her best whenever she’s on stage, her energy is contagious and you can’t help but to monetarily drop your jaw in amazement because she always performs as if there’s no tomorrow. She doesn’t short change you. The opening was as Red as our heart &amp; blood and full of life.<br />

As we settle and breathe after that heart-thumping opening number, we were then next brought to the soothing duet of Sarah &amp; Richard Poon. Sarah can sing any genre, she can well adjust to what her partner can offer, she doesn’t overshadow her co-performer and is actually happy to have her partner shine &amp; take center-stage. Sarah &amp; Richard were as giving and open in making their number worthy of our applause.<br />

As the next number was being introduced by Sarah, Luis and Jake Cuenca, it was at this part na binuko ni Luis si Jake na part of his reason in transferring to ABS-CBN it’s because Jake has a crush on Sarah, at si Jake namula at nahiya sa pambubuko ni Luis about his admiration kay Sarah, at si Sarah naman just played it cool at pangiti-ngiti lang, hihihi!! Before the number was taped pala, Luis asked the staff kung saan si Sarah dadaan after ng spiel nila, Luis was always making sure that Sarah is safe, he’s always there assisting Sarah not to trip from where she’s walking, leading her to where she should sit, etc. etc. Good thing talaga at siya ang nagging co-host ni Sarah sa kanyang show. Kudos to Luis! Galing!<br />

The next number was with Jon Santos (as Vilma Santos), John Lapus (as Loveliness aka Alma Moreno and Ate Gay (as Nora Aunor), this particular number was hilarious, the three guests wasn’t even looking at their spiels as they exchange lines with each other and were all trying to give Sarah a good advice on how to handle and make a Solo Show work, syempre in a comedic way. And it stays with me yong advice ni Ate Gay, na dapat daw magalang sa audience and nag-sample siya at game naman si Sarah na gayahin like, “And if forever’s not enough po,” “How could you say you love me po.” This particular number is quite long, good thing this one was taped, so it can be edit out. And just my two cents? I hope this will be the last time that they’ll have this kind of genre on the show, fine it’s funny and hilarious but I guess the same theme for the last 3 episodes is too much already for the audience, sawa factor may kick in kasi ito ulit. Hopefully as the show progress, the staff will try to innovate and think of other numbers that will make the viewers look forward to Sarah’s next episode. When this number was wrapped up, Sarah waved to the audience and said, “Pasensiya na po ha, konti na lang po…”<br />

SMASH UP Segment was the highlight of this episode, we were holding our breath as Sarah and Gab take center stage and danced to their heart’s delight. Grabe talaga ang number na ito! I guess some of us who’s dreaming of seeing Sarah do a ballroom dance prod. number, this was our wish granted. Sarah was just flawless with her moves and Gab was able to match up with the kind of electrifying energy that Sarah brought on stage. This was definitely a no-blink moment because you don’t want to miss any of it. We are actually kind of worried because the stage appear slippery and Sarah was wearing a high heeled shoes, but I guess it’s no big deal for her, she got used in dancing with sky-high heels and she does make it appear easy to dance. What I’m happy with this kind of production number is seeing Sarah thoroughly enjoying what she’s doing, she derives happiness whenever she see her audience thoroughly in awe of her performances. Hind lang two thumbs up ang number na ito, this number was just Awesome &amp; Amazing! After Sarah’s number, hindi napigilan ni Luis na magsabi: “After ng number na yon, wala super tagahanga na talaga ako (?) and addressed the popsters saying, Hindi Kayo Nagkamali ng Inidolo!”<br />

Sarah’s closing number was a fitting end to a show that is taking baby steps in carving a niche in the history of showbiz. Sir Louie sure know how to strike a chord in our heart, he’s a genius in making a classic song sound new by making new arrangements to the song, together with Sarah’s ability to convey the right emotion &amp; message of the song, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, we are constantly reminded that there’s hope and that a Higher Being exist who doesn’t waver in watching over us. After Sarah’s song, she said her closing spiels and Forever’s Not Enough was played by the band as Sarah approached us and make beso to each and everyone who stayed all through out the taping that wrapped up at almost 2am. She profusely thanked everyone and humingi uli ng pasensiya that it was way past everyone’s sleeping time, but almost everyone still stayed &amp; watched her.<br />

One may not understand the passionate and undying support that we, Popsters continuously and freely give to Sarah. We may not be rewarded and acknowledged enough for this kind of support that we gave her. But Sarah’s mere presence, her smile and her quiet acknowledgement that she’s appreciative of our time and effort is more than enough. Her own way of saying thank you to me, to you, to us is something that will make us say that, “Yes, it’s all worth it.” Because it is.<br />

On to more Sarah G. Live Episodes! And Sarah, “We Love You.”<br />

Being a Popster is a passion and it defies reason. :)

In Topic: Sarah G Live - Constructive criticisms

02 March 2012 - 06:09 AM

Hi ate G .. thanks for posting my comments.. hopefully u can relay these to the staffs... if i have time, maybe i can find some comments from other fans/unfans again for this coming March 4 episode... thanks...

In Topic: SARAH G LIVE! Discussion Thread (premiere: Feb 26, 2012)

02 March 2012 - 05:42 AM

if im not mistaken, SG will be very busy next week..
March 10 - dubai
March 11 - SG Live
March 13 - PMPC star awards
March 14 - Myx

then in between are the rehearsals for SGLive for March 18...can she really pull through?!

did i miss some sked?! will she have time to rest?! :9sgInakupo: im worried about her health, hopefully hindi rin nxt week magstart magshooting for AshLloyd 3...Haissshh... wawa na mn c babe... Go Sarah we'll pray for u...522 always...

In Topic: Sarah-John Lloyd Movie 3 Storycon (27Feb12)

26 February 2012 - 10:57 PM

Miggy and Laida - Ang Pagbabalik [Videos]</h3>

Here are the videos of John Lloyd and Sarah's interview after their story conference for the 3rd installment of A Very Special Love... We missed you Miggy and Laida!!!
On this interview, John Lloyd and Sarah answer questions about the movie, working together again, Sarah G. Live, JL guesting on Sarah G. Live, JL's thoughts on Sasa-Gege, if Sarah has seen "UnOfficially Yours" and many more..

..dont know how to put the vids here :) http://www.mychos.co...s.html?spref=tw

In Topic: Sarah Geronimo graces #GGVFINALE as ‘Sarah G. Day’ continues awesome t

19 February 2012 - 07:12 PM

Word of the week... bRAVER... cycling... 5-2-2 (ingat ka ha)... hahahha.... wat a very funny SARAH!