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Using and Modifying Photo's [COMPLETE]

02 March 2006 - 04:23 AM

Lot of photos of sarah are find on the internet...
many of it are duplicated and don't know...
who is the owner of it...
many internet users are violating the intellectual..
property rights... and it cannot be controled...
I, me, myself subjected to it.....
I'm paranoid using copyrighted image
but still like others I can't get rid of doing things like that..

I think images found in internet are not all copyrighted...
some of those can be modify....
"where can we get uncopyrighted photo's of sarah?"
"how can we sure we're using a non copyrighted images?
I have an answer to myself, but I'm not pretty sure.."
"and also d others may inform too..."

"if this post was already post please inform me,
I don't have much time browsing all the topics and contents in the forum,
I only browse the topic here in Question are "