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In Topic: SARAH G LIVE! Discussion Thread (premiere: Feb 26, 2012)

02 February 2012 - 11:43 PM

@sharon_cuneta12 Sharon Cuneta
It's unfair to call her the next me. Sarah has her own God-given gifts & so do I. She has worked hard & proven her worth and I think she deserves to have her own show which I know will be a great success! She should therefore be called not the next whoever, but simply, our one & only Sarah.
3hours ago

@sharon_cuneta12 Sharon Cuneta
SarahGLive Feb 26 na sa ABS-CBN!
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In Topic: CMIIL Movie Reviews

23 March 2011 - 09:01 PM

Verdict? One of Sarah's best movie. :thumb:

And as what Ms. O said, you won't even think of forwarding the movie, you even want to linger & kung may rewind lang sa mga eksena na pwede mong uliting panoorin, you'll do it. Walang sayang na eksena. Every scene is a part of what will happen next.

Honestly, I thought I'm seeing Sarah, the real Sarah, not the Roan Sanchez sa movie acting & giving out those facial expressions & lines. Kasi super natural ang delivery & I was even thinking na adlib na yong ibang mga lines that she said. But just the same, the chemistry that Sarah have with Gerald is not forced, you'll notice that the strokes of hands, the momentary glances they gave to each other? It's just so natural. ;) And Gerald? His Erick Rodriguez character fit him well and those abs? Parang si Roan lang, mapapatingin ka ng bongga, 'di ba Ate Tin? hihihi! :T

Medyo off lang ng konti yong audio ng sa Trinoma, ang hina nung sound, there were times na hindi ko marinig ang lines, or maybe because maingay din lang yong ibang manonood. And would you believe, tama si Allan Diones, may sumisigaw ng "kiss!" 'di ba Ate Tin? hihihi! :D I felt that the movie was short, you have that feeling na sana hindi pa tapos ang pelikula as the credits roll. You'll definitely see a different, a good different Sarah in this movie. :)

And what's more funny was when we're about to get out of the cinema after it ended, hindi kami nakalabas agad kasi may camera na nag-aantay sa labas, loaded and armed, ready to interview those who'll come out from the door. At yong mga nanood ata sa 5;40pm screening time na yon, lahat camera-shy, ayaw lumabas at mahagip ng camera. kaya naipon yong mga nanood na palabas na rin. Para tuloy kaming held hostage at that time and the interviewer was patient ha, he didn't budge and was even requesting us to go out and say something about the movie. And it took us a while before we're able to get out.

I have many favorite lines and scenes, but will save it for now, para walang spoiler. And yes I assure you, the money you'll spent for the movie ticket is SO WORTH IT that you'll really consider, no will definitely watch the movie for the second time, third time, fourth time....... :ok:

"Anong oras na ba?" =))

In Topic: SARAH @ ASAP ROCKS (2011)

06 March 2011 - 10:16 AM

Had a great time watching ASAP live again. Thanks to Ate Mhel and those that I came to watch with who were as addict as I am when it comes to Sarah, alam nyo na kung sino kayo guys, hihihi! :) As has been the customary action that you need to do when going to a Sarah event, you need to wake up early specially when you're watching ASAP, you need to be there between 9am to 10am, so that you'll be able to get in ng hindi stressed because you're running late. :D

And since it has been two weeks since we last saw Sarah perform in ASAP, the anticipation and eagerness, made this event more exciting. :) The waiting period before we're all allowed to enter the studio is so worth the wait because we were all treated to an All Sarah Afternoon Party, literally. Four big production numbers and two spiels, more than made up the 2-week absence of Sarah.

Offcam Notes:

Opening Number - Amazing. That's how I saw her performance, even the people inside the studio was all ears & eyes when she stand on that stage with her gold dress and yes, her long-legs was a distraction, hihihi!! Kaganda naman talaga ng legs, and partida pa yon dahil she's wearing a stockings! boy! her voice, is just powerful, to hit those high notes! Galing! Kaya naman, applause & cheers erupted after she finished her number. And as Sarah went down, sinalubong siya ni Ms. Garlic and gestured a bowing motion towards Sarah. Ang sarap lang makita ang ganitong eksena. worship

Birthday Greeting for Gerald - Sarah was already at the left side of the stage when Gerald performed his birthday prod. Hindi niya napanood ng buo yong prod. ni Gerald because people surrounding her in that area was requesting for pictures with her. Tapos, hindi siya agad naka-akyat sa stage kasi hinanap pa yong mic na gagamitin niya, hihihi! And yes, I can personally say na may chemistry ang Sarah-Gerald, the camera love them and they look good together on camera. And nung pinapatugtog ang Fallin' (Catch Me... I'm In Love themesong), the reception ng audience sa loob is positive. At ito yong ibang mga artists, forgot kung sino sila, before they're being cued na mag-spiel na sila on-air. If I was not mistaken it was Sam Concepcion ata na kumakanta over the mic nung Fallin'. What's notable, is Gerald thanking the Popsters for the support of the tandem. Ang saya! :cheer:

Prod. Number w/ the Presentation of of Binibining Pilipinas Candidates - Ang ganda niya in a gray dress and this time above the knee and without stockings, ang ganda ng tanawin! hahaha! Frankly, she can very well be a good candidate for the said beauty pageant. Ang ganda rin nung rendition nung song na kinanta niya with Richard Poon, Toni, Jericho, Vina, Martin, Zsa-zsa & Gary V. After that, she hurriedly leave the stage to prepare for her next prod/spiel.

Spiel w/ Gerald, Iya & Billy - Ito ang saya sa portion na ito, kasi they were already there kahit may mga advertisements pa being shown on tv. We were cheering & calling Sarah's name & we tried to greet Gerald a Happy Birthday. Ang saya lang kasi tuwang tuwa yong dalawa sa ginagawa naming pag-cheer para ma-call namin ang attention nila. Maski si BIlly nakisali na and even said, "Oo, I love you, too!" narinig niya, narinig niya!" hihihi! And they engaged in animted conversation as they wait for the cue that they're on air. After their respective spiels, as they exit that area, hinawakan ni Gerald sa may waist si Sarah and assist her in going down from the stage on the side. At nagbiruan pa si Billy & Gerald, bumalik sa taas ng stage si Gerald and Billy, hold Gerald's hand and assit him in going down, ang kulet! Then, Sarah need to exit the studio, umakyat siya ulit sa stage and she has to pass through the audience sitting on the mono-block chairs, she excused herself and really, so humble of her, talagang she was bowed down as she hurriedly pass. These maybe little things, but it speaks volume about Sarah's character.

Showdown with Angeline - pamatay din ang number na ito! goosebumps! As the stage was prep for the said duet, pinapasok sa studio yong fans ni Angeline para mag-cheer sa kanya. Then unang lumabas si Sarah and was instructed to occupy the higher area nung mini-stage & umupo sa chair na provided for her. And while waiting for Angeline o join her on-stage, Nag-mumble si Sarah and humming some of the lines she will sing. Nung mag-enter na si Angeline on stage and she has to step on the stairs, inalalayan pa talaga ni Sarah and she held Angeline's hand and didn't let go until they were cued na mag on-air na sila. Grabe lang ang kanyang pagkanta, it was effortless for her to hit those high notes, as in! kaya naman the audience can't help clap their hands and cheer for Sarah. Angeline on part was good, and she deserve to win that Starpower Contest. After their number, they hugged each other and as the exit the stage, they were still talking and sa sides, nagpa-picture sialgn dalawa. It was nostalgic kasi after 9 years, they again shared the same stage and both emerge as Winners of a Singing Contest, their stars were all destined to shine. :)

SOS - Almost Over You - This I consider is the highlight of her entire prods for this particular episode. Why? Because she was able to sing this heartbreak song, with a smile afterwards, it maybe ironic but I guess it's Sarah's way of saying, that hey guys, I'm moving on or I've already moved on. And yes so looking forward to love again, it may not be that soon, but the hope of someday in the near future, she will be. Nakakapanindig balahibo pa rin, just like when she first sing it sa What Love Is Concert nila ni Martin Nievera sa Araneta Coliseum just recently. And what's more notable was during the singing of this particular song, tahimik ang lahat ng tao sa loob ng studio, everyone was listening intently, and maybe just maybe, they're being moved by the emotion attached while Sarah was singing this particular song. And the dress ang ganda lang, it was regal. The hair the make up, it was all perfect. :thumb: And after nung kanta niya, before she leave the stage, kumaway siya sa amin and smiled. As if thanking us, thanking all of us that we didn't leave her and our faith in her didn't flicker even for just a second.

And with that, I conclude that Sarah Rocked ASAP! :rock:

Thanks Ms. O for the pictures & the offcam vid. :)

In Topic: Sarah is better off without Rayver

27 February 2011 - 05:25 PM

Sarah is better off without Rayver
February 27, 2011

The latest issue of Yes! magazine had interviews featuring both Sarah Geronimo and Rayver Cruz.

It is in this issue where Sarah bared her heart about the relationship she had with Rayver that lasted more than a year. It is also in this issue where Rayver justified his dumping Sarah for Cristine Reyes, whom he credits much for being there for him.

Reading through it, one can’t help but say how lucky Sarah is for not ending up with such a fickle, insensitive and self-indulgent young man.

At the end of the day, Sarah just needed to surmise that a man who is not willing to wait for her, however long it takes, or go the extra mile to show her respect by respecting her parents’ wishes, is a man not worth her time and her love.

Sarah should never diminish her worth by being brainwashed by the shallow justification of a boy who decided to dump her simply because he can’t get ahead of her – or do things with her like what other showbiz couples do.

What she should be reminded of is that she has been preserving her purity for that one man most deserving of her love. If Rayver couldn’t wait, then he is not that one man deserving of her love. If anything, Rayver deserves that girl he dumped Sarah for.

Our only prayer is that Sarah will continue to guard her purity with zeal despite the heartbreak that her very first love accorded her. May Sarah continue to believe that obedience unlocks blessings.

Her time, in the matter of romantic love, will come.

LINK: http://www.malaya.co...feb28/ent4.html

I So Love This Article! Thanks Writer! You got it right! :thumb:

I particularly love this >>> "May Sarah continue to believe that obedience unlocks blessings."

I know, in God's time, someone, somewhere a Good Guy will be in Sarah's way. God will make it happen, because He knows that Sarah deserves nothing but a good guy for her. :)

Thanks for sharing. :)

In Topic: Back-to-back concert ni Sarah at Martin - What Love Is

17 February 2011 - 09:57 AM


I know this is a bit late… still having that WIL hang over. Read on… and enjoy! :T

Ahhh, February, love month so to speak. Two days before Valentine’s Day a pre-valentine concert was offered to us for an eagerly anticipated collaboration between two big artists to celebrate & be merry with someone special, family, friends, frenemies and all, that eventually packed the 12,000plus capacity of the Araneta Coliseum. Hours before the concert proper had us busy in distributing concert tickets that were reserved & paid, What Love is… Sarah shirts and lights that has to be given away. That very moment actually felt like eternity as we were all seated in that little space in gateway mall, you can see from the faces of those who’ll watch the event the eagerness and excitement on what this collaboration of Sarah & Martin is up to.

Old friends and acquaintances who haven’t seen each other for quite sometime, catch up on lost time, shared a meal or two and new friendships were forged. Laughter, cheers, hugs & kisses were freely given and yes feeling that uneasiness of waiting for that time for us to troop inside the Coliseum. Each was advised to eat a full meal, say a little prayer for the concert to be a success and to make the performers safe.

And as 6pm falls, we decided to enter the Coliseum so as to still be given that time to rest and feel what’s about to happen in that still vacant stage. I for one can honestly say that my heart skipped a bit with anticipation of what this concert has to offer. Yes, it’s a collaboration and we can say that there’s a generation gap that divide these two artists that even Martin jokingly acknowledged that Sarah will surely pass as her daughter. But I guess most if not all of us love surprises, so we have our eyes open to the possibility that they might exceed the expectations that we have for this one.

As the clock ticked, people started to fill up the seats and you can see some artists started to fill up the front row. Boss Vic Del Rosario was early, saw Miss Cristalle Henares, Mark Bautista, Christian Bautista and Gerald Anderson and teacher Kitchie, a fine music teacher also took her seat near our area. Ogled at other artists that was there to watch the event. 8pm falls and still no hint of the concert starting on time, some people was starting to clap their hands for the show to start, pronto! Hihihi!! At around 8:30pm, National Anthem was played. Then applause ensued. A video presentation was flashed, asking persons on the streets and artists alike What Love Is? The answers were as varied and wide range. What strike me most, was that Sarah, was and can’t seem to know What Love Is… and was consistent in saying that
“True love waits” while Martin said, “You don’t find true love, true love finds you.” Lights out and you can feel the air was filled with that anticipation of a good show that will unravel. Seconds of silence leave our hearts thumping and craning our neck on which part of the stage the artists will appear. But to everyone’s surprise, Martin was there standing at the Lower Box area and started to sing All You Need Is Love, to the delight of those who were in that area, some stand up took a picture of Martin. Then Sarah appeared on stage like a Barbie Doll with that doll-like dress and yes it was a great surprise to see Sarah wearing that above-the-knee dress which showed her shapely legs coupled with curly hair and to die-for high-heeled shoes. She sang Where is the Love, the part that I love most was when she rapped some of the lines, what a delight to hear her crystal clear voice, hitting the right notes and was smiling and enjoying what she was doing onstage. And she was even caught looking at the cube and smiling at what she’s seeing onstage - herself! =D Sarah & Martin then followed it up with I Wanna Know What Love Is and segued into singing Time of My Life (Mash Up) with dancing and all with Sir Martin even doing the running man steps. :D

After the opening number, they had a spiel, I’ll randomly state those that I can remember, hihihi!! Martin asked Sarah what’s her valentine’s plan, Sarah said, “Wala po, magtratrabaho lang po sa Araw ng mga Puso…” Martin: “You want to know what love is?” Sarah: with a resounding “Yeah!!hihihi!” that Martin immediately followed by saying, “Are you sure you wanna learn about love from me?!” And the audience were cheering when Sarah said, “Experience is the best teacher at practice makes perfect.” They then transitioned in singing that seamless Endless Love duet with matching lyrics flashed on the wide screen, aptly so since it’s the Top Ten Karaoke Hits portion. Followed by Ngayon at Kailanman (Martin), Maging Sino Ka Man (Sarah), Somewhere down the Road (Martin), Tell Me (Sarah), Forevermore (Martin), Because of You (Sarah), Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang, Glory of Love (Duet), and reprise Endless Love. It was love songs overload and yes, you can’t help but be in awe with these two artists who seems to effortlessly sing all these with appropriate emotion/s sa bawat song. Sabi pa nga, madadala ka. :)

They acknowledged people they know na nasa audience, like Boss Vic Del Rosario, Mark Bautista, Gerald Anderson, Christian Bautista, Cristalle Henares, Ms. Garlic, Jimmy Marquez, Direk Rory Quintos, Mr. Vehnee Saturno and Sarah was looking for John Prats and mentioned Rachel Ann Go, which Martin said, “when time will pass, she’ll be Rachel Ann Went” and the audience laughed. Hindi agad na-gets ni Sarah yong joke ni Sir Martin, it took her a second or two na makuha, kaya nagsabi tuloy siya ng, “Ang bagal ng pick up ko, hihihi” Delayed reaction, hahaha!!!! Sarah was at her perky & bubbly self through out the spiel with Sir Martin.

Sir Martin then asked the audience who’s married. They chose a pair who’s in their 1st month of being married and another one with 42 years of married life in their belt. Martin was at his element of poking fun at himself, about being in love, being married before. He then asked the two couple as he & Sarah serenade them for free daw with a poignant Ikaw duet (with a flashing sequence on the big screen of a man & woman preparing for their wedding) & Ikaw Ang Pangarap. These two songs were well applauded by the audience, as in nakakakilabot the way they sang, deliver & interpret these songs. Then Martin cue and said, “It’s now time for you Sarah to exit the stage to have your next wardrobe change.”

It was Martin’s time to have his solo number by singing a Bruno Mars medley Billionaire, Nothin on You, Just The Way You Are and Grenade. What’s catchy with the Just the way you are number, Sarah had a “surprise appearance” so to speak, through the video wall ala mtv, with her being described by the song, what’s more funny, she was playful all throughout the song, posing, making faces, etc. on the video wall. It was a very entertaining portion with the audience even belting out a line or two from the smash hit just the way you.

Before Sarah appeared on stage, video clips was shown from her movie with John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah said “Ang sarap talagang magmahal 'no? Pero sana sa susunod hindi lang sa pelikula. Sana sa totoong buhay na. Pero sana kapag nangyari ‘yon, sana dun sa lalaking hindi man perpekto… pero isang lalaki na ang tingin sa akin eh ako lang ang babaeng mamahalin niya,”

Sarah was escorted on stage by Gerald Anderson and yes they’re greeted with cheers. Which Sarah introduced as her new leading man for their upcoming movie under Star Cinema & Viva Films. Sarah said, “Since maraming tumatawag sa iyo na Ge, pwede ba kitang tawaging Ge-ge? Nag-start na po kaming mag-shoot ng aming pelikula, sana po ay suportahan nyo…” Sarah gave the mic to Gerald and gave him the chance to address the crowd and answer back what Sarah has just asked. Gerald said, “Hello po, magandang gabi sa inyong lahat.” “Mabuti na lang na nung nag-shoot ako ng eksena with Sarah, naka-shades ako, ‘di ko kasi siya matingnan sa mga mata.” Sarah then said, “Ako nga ang hindi makatingin sa mga mata mo e, ang gwapo mo kasi…. hihihi” Gerald in turn said, “Salamat sa pag-invite mo sa akin dito sa concert, and since Ge-ge ang tawag mo sa akin, tawagin na lang kitang Sa-sa, pwede ba yon?” “Minsan ako naman ang dadalaw sa bahay nyo, syempre dapat alam ni Mommy Divine, hihihi!!” Then Sarah blurted, “Weh?!? ‘di nga? Alam mo ba address ko?” Gerald said, “Matagal ko ng alam…” Sarah: “Sige nga, anong address ko…?” Gerald: “No. ….. St……” Sarah: “Alam nga! Saang village?” Gerald: “Kailangan ko talagang kompletuhin? Wag na, baka maunahan pa ako ng ibang pumunta sa bahay nyo e… hihihi! Basta may St. din…” Hiyawan at sigawan ang mga mga tao, there’s chemistry in there. I hope their movie will be a super hit as well. Sarah thanked Gerald again for making time na makapunta sa concert. Gerald in turn kissed Sarah on the cheek and said bye. Sarah was regal in her “bubble dress.” She’s becoming more beautiful as days go by. :D

Sarah performed a solo number, singing Only Girl (In The World) by Rihanna at Firework by Katy Perry, with matching pyrotechnics, it was a feast in the eye, seeing Sarah perform with those kind of effects. After she sang firework, Sarah said, “Ang ganda ng song, nakaka-inspire!” Then she went on to say her thank yous: “Thank you kay Jeff Aromin, ba’t ko ba nilalagyan ng Mr., si Beyonce, si Ms. Lala flores, dito si Ms. Lala (pointing to her lips), dito si Ms. Christine Duque (ponting to her nose), hihihi! Okay to my designers, Mr. Rhett Eala, Mr. Rajo Laurel, Cary Santiago & Inno Sotto, maraming, maraming salamat, at gusto ko rin hong pasalamatan si Ms. Malou Santos & Direk Rory Quintos, maraming salamat po, andito po sila ngayon? hay, hay, thank you po hindi ko po napansin, thank you po, naku! salamat po, thank you po. Ms. Samson, Ms. Pinky Tobiano, Ms. Pinky, andito po kayo ngayon? Okay, si Dra. Vicky Belo, si Ms. Cristalle ang kanyang beautiful daughter na ang seksi seksi, si Ate Garlic Garcia, ang writer namin sa ASAP, Si Ms. Nerma from Belo Essentials, Mr. Eugene Go from Charmee, yeah! sana wala akong nakalimutan, at sa lahat po ng ating mga kaibigan from the press, maraming maraming salamat po. And to my ever loyal popsters international (Loud Cheer!!!!!), maraming salamat, guys I heard na nag-sponsor daw po kayo para sa Hospicio de San Jose, may mga taga-Hospicio de San Jose po dito na nanonood? Maraming salamat po! Sana po nag-eenjoy kayo ngayong gabi. Thank you, Popsters!! mahal ko kayong lahat! Marami pong salamat!" (We Love you, Sarah!!!!).

“At gusto ko rin pong ipaalam sa inyong lahat na pwede nyo na pong i-download ang akin pong…. ahihihihi!!! Pwede nyo na pong i-download ang aking latest song Sino Nga Ba Siya, yan po ay composed by the hitmaker himself, Mr. Vehnee Saturyo.. Saturno… :D is here with us tonight, Sir Vehnee and si Ms. Jasmine? po? Nadine! Jasmine - Nadine, ooy! magka-rhyme lang, ahihihi!!! Nakakainis talaga! nagkaka-memory gap po talaga ako, pagpasensiyahan nyo na ako… okay, at ito po just text SARAH and send to 2332 for globe subscribers. To my globe family, maraming salamat po, Mr. Archie!"

“Okay, gaya po ninyo… hindi sino muna dito ang mga single?(Sigawan). Puro popsters? Hahaha!!! ‘di nga? Lahat dito taken na? Dito sa side na ito sino ang single? Aba, aba, aba, aba! I can’t believe this, hihihi! Sino’ng single? Mark, single ka, Christian, single, hihihi! Ate Cynthia, single, Ate Garlic. Ahihihi!! Okay, syempre ‘no hindi naman natin maipagkakaila tayong mga single naitatanong natin yon ano, lalo na pag ka tayo na lang mag-isa, kelan kaya siya darating sa buhay ko? At kung meron mang dumating… siya na nga ba? Pero pag ka dumating na siya at nagkahiwalay kayo, aba, sobra kang nasaktan, itatanong mo naman sa kanya, Sino Nga Ba Siya? Hay naku, napakasakit na kanta… Sir Louie, hit it!”[/i] After nung rendition ng song, at nag-pause siya, Sarah said, “Ay, naka-smile ako, hihihi!! Maraming salamat po!”

Martin re-appeared on stage and performed today’s hits, Hey Soul Sister, Baby & Galileo with a twist. Then balik stage na ulit si Sarah with a jump suit? costume. And tried to teach Sir Martin about K-Pop, and Sir Martin even jokingly said, “Pops? Where’s Pops?” The K-Pop prod. was enjoyable and what’s hilarious was when Sir Martin wore a wig ala Korean Boy group, to the delight of the audience. Sarah sing and dance together with the Pop Girls the Fire song of 2NE1 while on Martin’s part, he sing and dance with XLR8 the Sorry Sorry song of Super Junior.

Martin was so busy making the audience laugh by telling jokes, impromptu, he said that the audience was all Sarah fans and it’s like a big family reunion with parents in tow.

But Martin turned serious whe he said, “Sarah is the most ta¬lented in the country today. She can do everything!”

It was refreshing to hear the way they thanked the major sponsors of the concert, it was done through, what else? Singing! to the tune of Tick Tock, which Martin as Sarah revealed did the arrangement. And yes, it was nicely done! Galing! And Martin sort of turned, sheepish and said, “Enough, already, ano ba… Nahiya naman ako bigla….” As Martin exit, he said, “Give me some of your endorsements!”

Then the Record Breaker song was heard as Sarah prepared to give way to a Hataw dance prod. number. A thunderous applause ensued when Sarah performed Whip My Hair, reminiscent of what she did before the year ends sa ASAP XV. And followed it up with Somebody to Love. In this particular solo no. there’s no doubt that Sarah’s versatility show, where she displayed her dancing prowess proving that she’s as good with singing as with her dancing skills. :T

Laughter filled the Araneta, when Martin go down from the stage and sing his hit Be My Lady by changing the lyrics of the song while poking fun at some of the audience from the patron area. Then it was serious business as he went back on stage and binirit na niya yong mga senti songs like Goodbye, No Way to Treat A Heart and Kahit Isang Saglit.

Before Sarah appeared back on stage, video clips of cut out headlines on broadsheets and tabloids about the controversies surrounding her was shown and the one million dollar question posed by showbiz talk show hosts were “Kailan magsasalita si Sarah? Kailan maririnig ang boses ni Sarah sa mga isyung ito?”

Sarah appeared on stage wearing a black-dress with a baby pink accent and she soulfully rendered a heart-wrenching and vocally powerful interpretation of Out Here On My Own and Someone That I Used To Love. And one can conclude that these songs seem to answer the questions posed before. And I think Sarah need not elaborate, I guess nagsalita at narinig na ang boses niya sa mga issues that were hurled to her.

But what really made the audience silent and drew the loudest & thunderous applause and cheer from the crowd was when she made an emotional speech before singing the heart-tugging Almost Over You song. With her voice cracking, Sarah said: “'Di masasaktan ang isang tao kung hindi siya totoong nagmahal o nagmamahal. Pero sabi nga nila, hindi lahat ng gusto natin ay para sa’tin. At sa lahat ng bagay ‘no, hindi lang ito sa love life, buhay pag-ibi,g hindi lahat ng hilingin natin ay ibibigay sa atin ng Diyos. Dahil ang totoo, meron Siyang napakagandang plano para sa bawat isa sa atin. Gusto ko lang sabihin sa lahat ng mga anak, mga anak na babae most especially, just like our parents, God only wants the best for us, His children. (voice cracking, controlling herself not to cry…) And if it’s not meant to be…one have to let go and move on. Dahil kapag nakapag-move on ka na, only then will true love find its way to your heart.”

“Ang sakit naman!” Sarah said after singing the “moving-on” song. Martin said in return, “Now you know what love is!” Sarah: “Tamah!” Pero ito lang ha, gusto ko lang pong i-share ito, mahalaga ito, na let’s not forget the love and respect (with emphasis on this one) that we have for God and our family and friends… when we finally decide to commit in a relationship with someone.e Wag nating kakalimutan ‘yun. Hindi lang puro pagmamahal. hihihi!! I believe po, true love waits,” hihihi!!!!” Martin: “Ohh, I thought she was crying, what do you do next ’di ba? How do you out-cry that? Are you okay?" Sarah: “Yes!” Martin: “Can we go on?” Sarah: “Yes!” Martin: “This is the story of love”

They did a powerful duet of the West Side Story songs medley of I Have A Love, One Hand, One Heart and Somewhere. After this powerful showcase of vocal prowess, Martin said (referring to Sarah), “Ang galing mo! It’s been an honor, a privilege, a dream come true. I have seen the future while I’m still alive --Sarah Geronimo!” Na pinalakpakan ng buong Big Dome. And where they got a standing ovation. :cheer:

Martin, who confessed of having fallen in and out of love countless times, also made statements about love, like: “Love is yesterday. Love is today. Love is tomorrow. Love is forever.” [i]“No amount of practice can get you any closer to finding out what love is.”

Then for their Concert Finale, Sarah & Martin had them singing their Signature hit songs (mash-up) or they exchange singing their respective hits. Say That You Love Me, How Could You Say You Love Me, You Are My Song, To Love You More, Forever, Forever's Not Enough, Forever (reprise). And just like their West Side Story medley, this too was well applauded and had the audience already standing up. Boss Vic went on stage and gave Sarah & Martin a bouquet of flowers bowed and thanked the audience for watching their concert collaboration. :flowers:

The audience remained standing and no one was moving towards the exit door. All were waiting for Sarah & Martin to go back on stage. Then, like an answered prayer, the band started playing again and the G-Force re-entered the stage and finally Sarah & Martin returned and had an encore, singing Your Song and a VST & Co. Medley. Some audience got nearer to the stage to catch a glimpse or to have the chance to shake Sarah & Martin’s hand, but burly yellow marshals were there to protect Sarah & Martin from being mobbed. When they saw teacher Georcelle Dapat, she was invited to go on stage & they had an impromptu Dance School and teach Martin a step or two while singing and dancing with the VST & Co, songs. And with that encore, Sarah & Martin bowed their heads in acknowledgement for being able to give a good show.

I can truly say that this concert was one for the books, the stage, the lighting, the sounds were a perfect fit. Kudos & congratulations to Direk Rowell Santiago, Sir Louie Ocampo, Mr. GB San Pedro, the band, the back up singers, the cameramen and everyone who worked real hard in giving a money’s worth show. This collaboration worked because one didn’t try to outdo the other, but instead was supportive of making each other shine. Yes, they each belong to a different era, a generation gap between the two. But the night, proved otherwise because it was a perfect blend. A perfect collaboration that will make me watch it again if ever they mount another concert.

It made me realize that Martin Nievera is not crowned Concert King for nothing, because he was just hilarious, witty, knows how to interact with a huge audience, making them enjoy and yes, he really interprets love songs like no other can.

Sarah on the other was at her best yet again, she showed that given the proper preparation, rest of her vocals, she delivered songs by hitting the right and high notes. Shared some of her best kept emotions, being brutally honest about the state of mind/heart that she has right now. Her dancing skills, is tops. It’s effortless for her to sing & dance at the same time.

Congratulations to us popsters, for always being there for Sarah, for giving our unwavering love & support for her no matter what. Constantly, continuously and fiercely defending her from all the issues and controversies that came her way. And I can conclude that, that’s WHAT LOVE IS. :heart: