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Feels like home

01 June 2011 - 06:57 PM

Feels Like Home
Back Story
By: Lea Salonga
Philippine Daily Inquirer, Entertainment Section p. F6
June 02, 2011

My nice, long stay in New York has officially begun. But first, let me reminisce about Manila and Hong Kong …

Remember that private corporate gig I mentioned here last week? It was to celebrate the 30th anniversary of First Pacific, established in Hong Kong by Manuel V. Pangilinan. To help celebrate the momentous occasion, some artists were invited to provide entertainment: Martin Nievera, Lani Misalucha, Sarah Geronimo, Jed Madela, Christian Bautista and myself, along with hosts Ruffa Gutierrez and Mo Twister. Our director was the always-handsome Rowell Santiago, and musical director was Louie Ocampo, with a crew of musicians and back-up singers.

‘Inhumanly talented’

We began rehearsals in earnest on a Monday afternoon at Studio V in Quezon City. Lani was in Las Vegas, and wouldn’t be flying into Hong Kong until the middle of the week. Sarah was shooting a music video or something. That girl is busier than most other human beings. So at this first rehearsal, I was in the band room with the boys. I’m not complaining, these boys are inhumanly talented. Especially Jed, I think he’s from Mars. Sweet Sarah would join us at about 4 p.m.

Our repertoire ranged from musical theater (I was tasked with singing an amended version of Sondheim’s “Putting It Together”; my brain is still untangling itself from it) to Top 40, from jazz to ’70s hits, Barbra Streisand to Michael Jackson. All in all, it was a song list of celebration, of success, and of partying big time.

Rajo Laurel would do the ladies’ gowns; Randy Ortiz, the men’s suits.

More than anything, the thing that tickled me was getting to perform with this group of singers, some of the most talented our country has ever produced. Our styles all differed, as did our age groups—we were in our 20s, 30s or 40s. However, that made for some incredible vocal combinations and amazing harmonies. My overwhelming favorite: Jed and Lani performing a tongue-twisting mash-up of “Rondo” and “Tonight.”

I miss performing in shows like this one. Sure, we were stressing out with the material we all had to learn within a limited amount of time: medleys, duets and trios. But the camaraderie, the laughter, the stories told, the teasing unleashed! And yes, to cap the evening, a few Mojitos, black Russians, and Piña Coladas. Lovely.

I sure hope to work with this group again. That could take a while, what with our individual pursuits and all, but a girl can dream, right?

Start spreading the news

I’ve just begun rehearsals for my Cafe Carlyle series, “New York in June.” Oh, what a great time we’re having! We open on June 7 and finish up on June 25. If you happen to be in New York City, please come!

Speaking of the Carlyle, the recording of my first outing, “The Journey So Far” is now on preorder at my website, www.leasalonga.com. Woo-hoo!

I’ll be spending a lot of time here. Hopefully, I’ll have more New York stories to share.

Pop Superstar no longer pines for Rayver Cruz

03 March 2011 - 09:08 AM

Pop Superstar no longer pines for Rayver Cruz
Malaya Business Insight
Entertainment Section
by: Ethel Ramos
March 03, 2011

People close to Sarah Geronimo are pretty certain that the Pop Superstar no longer pines for Rayver Cruz. Neither are they friends, as what usually happens to most movie stars after a break-up.

"After all, do you think Sarah would come out with all those unsavory remarks about Rayver in an interview in a glossy movie magazine kung hindi siya galit sa dating boyfriend?" said a kibitzer. "The problem is Sarah actually never admitted she was in a relationship with Rayver. Not even after they called it quits.

"What prompted her to finally do that lengthy confession is the commentary which Cristine (Reyes, reportedly the current squeeze of Rayver) posted in her Twitter account which obviously ridiculed Sarah, who Cristine referred to her as the ‘drama princess’ and ‘idol’ who has a super good image but in truth keeps running after a boy even long after their break-up."

In her confession, Sarah revealed that she loved Raymart so much and trusted him to the utmost, so much so, she really stood by him, to the point that she almost defied her parents.

"Masakit ang paraan ng pagkatuklas niya ng klase ng pag-ibig mayroon sa kanya si Rayver. From him mismo, while eavesdropping on a conversation ongoing between a trusted companion and Rayver, she (Sarah) heard him say that he and Cristine were already on and that he was just waiting for the right time to break-up with Sarah.

"Talagang for days, Sarah cried over the discovery of how Rayver felt about her. To this day, I doubt if she had gotten over it.

"She doesn’t deny Rayver is her first love," our nosey informer said.


Sarah is about to finish shooting for her new movie, "Catch Me … I’m In Love," a co-production between Star Cinema and Viva Entertainment. The film features Sarah paired with the first time with Gerald Anderson, who said that his leading lady appears to have moved on. If not totally, at least, slightly.

Gerald said Sarah, bless her, never mentioned Rayver and what happened between them to him. It was only after he read about it in the magazine did he find out about Sarah and Gerald.

Though neither Sarah nor Gerald insinuates about a romance between them, still they are hopeful that their new tandem will click with the audience.

"Maraming kilig moments between them," said "Catch Me" director Mae Cruz. "And to top it all, they look good together."

Playing support to Sarah and Gerald is a powerhouse cast that includes "Drama King" Christopher de Leon, Joey Marquez, Arlene Muhlach, Ketchup Eusebio and Dino Imperial. Dawn Zulueta stages a comeback in the movie. Matteo Guidicilli is being introduced.

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