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#1475468 ‘Hating Kapatid’ hataw sa Dubai Alfie Lorenzo

Posted by Bebehkoh on 21 August 2010 - 01:34 AM in News and Articles

Thanks for sharinG!!!

and don't forget to vote Our very own POP PRINCESS SARAH G.
in "Star Studio Celebrity Style Awards".
our IDOL will be in 3 nominees:
*most stylish female live performer,
*belo body award and lastly
*sarah geronimo's best sunsilk look!!!
please vote for our IDOL!!!

thank you and god bless!!!

#1474190 ‘Hating Kapatid’ hataw sa Dubai Alfie Lorenzo

Posted by Bebehkoh on 13 August 2010 - 04:37 PM in News and Articles

thanks for sharin' poh!!!

god bless to all POPSTER!!!



#1474773 ‘Hating Kapatid’ hataw sa Dubai Alfie Lorenzo

Posted by Bebehkoh on 17 August 2010 - 05:23 PM in News and Articles

‘Hating Kapatid’ hataw sa Dubai
Alfie Lorenzo

DAPAT pala ang title ng Judy Ann Santos-Sarah Geronimo movie ay Hataw Kapatid sa halip na Hating Kapatid dahil kahit saan ito dalhin at ipalabas ay hataw sa takilya!

Heto ang report ni Criszy Kty +9715-0180-0430 – “Tito Alfie, open na po sa booking sa Dubai ang Hating Kapatid starting August 11-15 sa City Center, then sa August 15-18 naman po sa Mall of Emirates.

“First time po ito. Dati, previous movies from Star Cinema, sa maliit na mall lang, maliit pa ang sinehan.

“Regular run po dito sa Dubai ang Hating Kapatid. Online booking rin po puwede. Am so happy!”

Next text: “Tito Alfie, www.cinestarcinemas.com doon makikita kung may naka-book na po. Hay, debit po agad sa credit card. At puwede rin buy now ng tickets sa malls.

“Ako po si Criszy Kty. Shortcut lang po ‘yan ng name ko, kasi last time nagtext rin ako sa inyo, ang dami pong nagtext din sa akin hehehehe...

“Mahirap na, basta, tito I will give you an update kung marami o ano man ang situation dito…

“Basta, ang masa sabi ko lang, regular run ang Hating Kapatid dito sa Dubai, first time ever. At hindi sa maliit na mall lang, ha... Mall of Emi rates ‘yan, isa sa sikat na malls sa buong Uni ted Arab. Second to the larges t sa Dubai Mall ngayon.

“Start na po tomorrow, August 11 ang ope ning ng movie. Sana madami pumunta. Kaming mga ka-office ko manonood.”

Next text, August 12 – “Tito Alfie, hataw ang Hating Kapatid today, ha. Tomorrow pa po kami makakapanood dahil all seats taken na!!!! Sa Deira City Center Dubai... Re gular run po ‘yan... Certified box-office hit!!!!! Congrats po!

“Haping-hapi kaming lahat dito!!!!”

Kaya naman pala humihirit na uli si Boss Vic ng isa pang Juday movie and with Ryan Agoncillo naman daw!

Paano ba ‘yan, Mo ther Lily, ibigay na natin kay Boss Vic ang booking mo?

thanks for sharin' poh!!!

more blessings poh pra kay IDOL!!!!

forever POPSTERS!!!



#1474326 ‘Hating Kapatid’ hataw sa Dubai Alfie Lorenzo

Posted by Bebehkoh on 14 August 2010 - 04:34 AM in News and Articles

thanks for sharin' poh!!!

god bless to POSTERS!!!


#1474570 ‘Hating Kapatid’ hataw sa Dubai Alfie Lorenzo

Posted by Bebehkoh on 15 August 2010 - 09:40 PM in News and Articles

congrats sa IDOL ko..!!!

the best tlga xa!!!

#1475230 ‘Hating Kapatid’ Earns P81M in 4 Weeks

Posted by Bebehkoh on 19 August 2010 - 07:18 PM in Music and Me

‘Hating Kapatid’ Earns P81M in 4 Weeks
August 19, 2010 by cd

The Viva Films comedy movie, Hating Kapatid, raked-in an additional P2.14 million last weekend to earn a 4-weeks total of P81 million.

Last weekend, the action flick The Expendables took the no. 1 spot from Salt by taking in P22.16 million at the local box-office. The Angelina Jolie starrer amassed an additional P13.82 million last weekend to hike its total to P119.4 million.
Adam Sandler‘s “Grown Ups” debuted at no. 3 by its opening weekend gross of P8.39 million. In 4th place, on the other hand, is the dance flick Step Up 3-D.
Here’s the Philippine box office tally for the opening weekend of August 11 to 15, 2010 by Box Office Mojo (premiering movies are highlighted in yellow):

TW LW Movie Weekend Gross Gross-to-Date Week
1 N The Expendables P22.16 M P22.16 M 1
2 1 Salt P13.82 M P119.4 M M 3
3 N Grown Ups P8.39 M P8.39 M 1
4 N Step Up 3-D P8.23 M P8.23 M 1
5 2 The Last Airbender P5.28 M P5.28 M 1
6 3 Inception P5.02 M P95.52 M 5
7 4 Hating Kapatid P2.14 M P81 M 4
8 5 Tekken P1.47 M P7.27 M 2
9 6 The Sorcerer’s Stone P1.18 M P86.37 M 5
10 9 Predators P0.55 M P25.1 M 6
(As of August 8, 2010)
1. Miss You Like Crazy – P143.25 million
(Star Cinema)
2. Here Comes the Bride – P116 million
(Star Cinema, OctoArts Films, Quantum Films)
3. You to Me Are Everything – P102.42 million
(GMA Films, Regal Films)
4. Babe, I Love You – P96.34 million
(Star Cinema, Viva Films)
5. Paano Na Kaya – P82.25 million
(Star Cinema)
6. Hating Kapatid – P81 million *
(Viva Films)
7. Cinco – P60.75 million *
(Star Cinema)
8. I’ll Be There – P42.2 million
(Star Cinema)
9. Working Girls – P32.32 million
(GMA Films, Viva Films)
10. Noy the Movie – P9.94
(CineMedia, Star Cinema)
11. Emir – P3.1 million
(FDCP, CCP and Viva Films)

Thanks for sharing poh!!!

god bless sa lahat!!!


#1475527 ‘Hating Kapatid’ Earns P42.3M on its Opening Weeked According to Box-O

Posted by Bebehkoh on 21 August 2010 - 04:15 AM in News and Articles

Thanks for sharinG!!!

and don't forget to vote Our very own POP PRINCESS SARAH G.
in "Star Studio Celebrity Style Awards".
our IDOL will be in 3 nominees:
*most stylish female live performer,
*belo body award
and lastly
*sarah geronimo's best sunsilk look!!!
please vote for our IDOL!!!

thank you and god bless!!!

#1474985 Youth Role Model: Bringing Up Sarah

Posted by Bebehkoh on 18 August 2010 - 06:09 PM in Special Features

05 June 2009
Ronad Constantino

OBEY GOD, PARENTS - We only taught our daughter two things: obey God's teachings and your parents, then all will be okay." That's the mother of SARAH GERONIMO, Divine, speaking - in answer to a question form 'Star columnist and 'S' magazine editor-in-chief Wilson Lee Flores. Mommy Divine rarely talks to the movie press, but trust Wilson to make kulit. But she'd rather not have her picture taken - even if Mommy Divine acts in some commercials with her FAMOUS DAUGHTER.

When asked Mommy Divine how she brought up SARAH in the light of the TV appearance of the mother of the notorious Dr. Hayden Kho of sex video fame. Irene de la Santa Kho came to the defense of her son, blaming Katrina Halili and absolving her son for having sex with the actress.

NEGATIVE IMPACT - Just a minute, Katrina the poor victim of the scandal, scarred for the rest of her life? In her words, "Patay na ako pero nandiyan pa rin ang sex video." What does SARAH say to that? SARAH felt it has a negative impact on showbiz and the whole country as well. "Sana may natutunan ang lahat at makabangon ang mga biktima."

SARAH was brought up well by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Delfin Geronimo. He was a PLDT lineman. Wilson is right, SARAH is a ROLE MODEL for the youth.

PHILIPPINE TOUR: SARAH GERONIMO met the entertainment media NOT to talk about the Katrina-Hayden sex video but to plug her upcoming Philippine Tour, from June to September. Billed THE NEXT ONE, the concert features Billy Crawford, Mark Bautista and Simon Wood.

Mark Herras is said to be joining SARAH in some cities. But why not Rayver Cruz, who is her crush? At 20, SARAH is not ready for a serious relationship. Aside from Rayver, her crushes include Piolo Pascual and John Lloyd Cruz, her love interest in the blockbusters "A VERY SPECIAL LOVE and YOU CHANGED MY LIFE".

SARAH's favorite fastfood chain, Jollibee is supporting 'THE NEXT ONE: Philippine Tour 2009', a takeoff from her Nov. 2008 concert at the Araneta Coliseum. It's DVD is now available.

MAYBE NEXT YEAR - SARAH-Lloydie fans are asking when the third movie is coming up. They say not in the near future as their schedules don't permit it. Lloydie's doing a soap and joining her Star Magic US Tour. SARAH is on the road until September for the Philippine Tour. Chances are it'll be next year, giving all those involved in the project to prepare.

Thanks for a very nice article. SARAH and we her ever loyal supporters need a break to read something like this. What with those intrigues around na nakakasawa na and i'm sure SARAH is fed up na and we too. TAMA NA! PALITAN NA!

Posted Image

TAMA!!! she's the youth Role mOdel!!!
:) IDOL forever!!!
no one can replace her!!!

#1474684 You're Taking My Breath Away

Posted by Bebehkoh on 16 August 2010 - 05:38 PM in Sweet Sixteen

You're Taking My Breath Away lyrics

Artist - Sarah Geronimo
Album - Sweet Sixteen
Lyrics - You're Taking My Breath Away

there's a spell in the air
when you're around, oh
takes me everywhere
i can't keep my feet on the ground

since i'm losin' my control
i feel it in my body and soul
but it feels so.. good
the way you make me see
that it's clearly understood

there's a time for you and me
now i know i've realized
this is way too strong for me to hide..

you're taking my breath away
it keeps me awake night and day
i can't help feel this way
there's so much more to say
you're taking my breath away, oh yeah

if i gave you my heart
would you treat me like a queen ohh
or would you tear it apart
a place i've already been
i would like to get to know you
tell me that my instinct is true...

(Repeat Chorus)

everywhere i go and every smile i see
reminds me of you
i want to let you know the love i feel for you is true...
it's true

i love this song!!!

thanks for sharin' poh!!!

god bless to all POPSTERS!!!


#1473726 You know you're a Sarah Fanatic When........

Posted by Bebehkoh on 11 August 2010 - 06:42 PM in Super Sticky Topics


1. you used to have a lucky charm [isang coin na napulot mo] you carry with you every moment na kumakanta si sdarah sa isang mall tour...
2. teary-eyed and feeling betrayed, you threw it away when somebody hurt the feeling of Sarah......
3. the most unforgettable moment for you was when sarah won the Star for a night contest last march 1, 2003.......
4. the second most unforgettable moment in your life was when you met sarah personally...
5. whenever asked who the most important persons in your life are, the first names that come to mind is sarah.....
6. you are teary-eyed in bed everytime sarah sings. you don’t eat dinner kapag may nambabastos kay sarah. kahit gutum na gutom ka, direcho ka agad sa kwarto mo. hindi ka makatulog, para kang nagdedeliryo na para kang susuka.
7.you have clippings from newspapers. collecting pictures of sarah.. it is never complete without you reading what the papers have to say about sarah...
8. you watch each and every program on TV/ read each and every article on paper kase baka guest/ feature/ mabanggit/ masulat si sarah. you join each and every e-group/ forums na may kinalaman kay Sarah. lagpas kalahati ng friends mo sa friendster, sarah die hard.
9. you used to collect five-peso photos of sarah sold sa may gilid ng simbahan and poster na nandun si sarah.......
10. you hate othe artist na feeling mo ay sinasapawan si sarah everytime na kasabay siyang kakanta....
11. you wanted to sarah geronimo's’s tape and cd at kahit na ano na kasama siya sa pag kakarecord kahit wala ng pera....
12. you used to have the biggest crush on sarah “. babae ka man o lalaki. idol mo tuloy si celine dion kase sabi kaboses daw ni sarah.
13. you know the mall tour schedules kahit hindi mo pa nababasa ang dyaryo.
14. pilit mong hinahanapan ng konek si sarah sa mga bagay/ pangyayari sa buhay mo (e.g. kaya umuulan ngayon kase malunkot si Sarah; kaya pink ang damit ng crush ko kase fan siya ni sarah; kapag hindi umabot ng 1000 ang scre ko sa snake hindi ko na makikita si sarah...
15. nalungkot ka nung matsismis na nagpremadona si sarah.
16. mahal mo si Sarah geronimo
17. your best friends SHOULD BE sarah followers. you hate people who are not. di mo sila fwends.
18. kapag natsi-tsismis na lumalaki ang ulo ni sarah giniginaw ka, para kang lalagnatin.
18. you start listing always to know you're a sarah fanatic
19. cancel ang date nyo ng GF mo kapag may show si sarah
20. mag iipon ka ng 700 pesos pambili mo ng tiket sa araneta
21. mag aaway kayo ng GF mo dahil wala ka na daw time puro sarah na lang
22. magiging sarah fan na din ang GF mo dahil wala na syang choice hehe
23.iboboto mo si sarah kapag kasali sa survey o poll 24. lagi mong ini introduce sa mga friends mo..
24. lagi mong pinapanuod ang mga videos nia..
25. lagi mo ikina cancel ang mga ibang plans mo kapag nkinig mo na si sarah ay lalabas sa TV..
26. pumupunta sa concert (LA) kahit malayo sa loc. mo (SD) makita lang si sarah na kumanta at panuorin sia..
27. lagi kang may time para sa kanya..
28. makikipag away pag nilalait si Sarah....
29. di kaagad mak2log pag nakikita cia.....
30. ngiti hanggang tenga pag gising plng....
31. gustong mag libre khit wlang pera...he..he....
32. kahit saan khit kailan bukambibig si sarah.......
33. in love patay n patay,.......s prayers laging ksama....d mabubuhay kung wlang sarah.....
34.. adik na adik .....
35. Kahit maubos ang pera sa Internet makisalamuha lang ang mga Sarah Fans.
36. Magpapaalam sa magulang na pupunta sa kaklase yun pala sa internet cafe.
37. Imbes nagrereview at gumagawa ng assignment, nagbabasa ng newspaper sa library.
38. di kumpleto ang araw kapag di nakanood ng kahait isa sa video niya ( sa popstar live, NOTC VCD, at mga mga downloaded video from sg.com) or nakarinig ng kahit isa man sa kanta niya.

39. Kahit na sa public place maging mall, restaurant ect, kapag pinapatugtog ang kahit anong song ni sarah, tumitigil ang pagikot ng mundo. Hindi mo na naririnig sinasabi ng kasama mo dahil nakafocus ang attention mo sa music. Minsan, sinasabayan din ng pagkanta.

40. Di mapalagay kapag di nakapaglog-in sa www.sarahgeronimo.com dahil baka may bagong balita , mahirap na mahuli sa balita.

41. Kapag nakasagap ng bagong balita mula sa site or sa TV or radio, ipapamalita din sa mga kapamilya , friends at kung sino mang willing makinig kahit di kakilala.

42. Kapag nasa internet cafe, pinapatugtog sa speakers ang mga kanta ni sarah at hindi nakaheadphone lang para marinig din ng ibang tao sa cafe, lalo na yung mga bagong kanta niya. Kung naiinis sila, pwedeng silang umalis.hehehe (sama noh)

43. Kapag nakakilala ng ibang sarah fans, feeling close agad. Parang may certain bond kayo. Parang lahat ng mga die hard fans ni sarah dito sa site, magaan ang loob ko.

44. After makapanood ng isang live concert or mall show ni sarah, ikukuwento agad sa mga kaibigan. Hindi lang isang beses, kundi paulit-ulit.

45. Kung kumpleto ka na ng Popstar A Dream Come True Album, Sing along with Sarah Videokarake, Minus One ng Popstar A Dream Come True, Popstar Live Concert, NOTC CD, NOTC VCD, Viva Christmas Album at sana din Sweet Sixteen Album.

46. Gasgas na ang mga cds mo ni Sarah, sa sobrang pakikinig.
47. never run out of good words if the topic is about SARAH...kahit masakit na lalamunan ko sa kakwento.

48. everyday mo pakikinggan ang mga CD's niya....at ang ngiti mo ay hanggang tenga.

49. di complete ang araw pag di makapag log in sa SARAHGERONIMO.COM(SG.COM) to check for latest updates about Sarah.

50. nagagawa mo ang mga bagay basta para kay Sarah na dati di mo ginagawa dahil nahihiya ka.

51. kasama parati siya sa prayers mo.

52. handa makipag away sa mga reporters na nagbabalita ng di totoo tungkol sa kanya...
53. kahit ala kang pera gagawa ka ng paraan para makabili ng blank vhs tape to reacord yung mga shows na nandun si sarah

54. pipigain mo bulsa mo makapunta lang sa mall shows at concert nya.

55. nasasaktan ka para kay sarah

56. gagawin mo lahat makilala ka lang or marecognize ni sarah o kaya ni tita divine...

:SG listen 27Jan08: :sarah4ever:

#1474134 You can have these pocket calendars from CEBUANA LHUILLIER

Posted by Bebehkoh on 13 August 2010 - 06:12 AM in General Discussion

kpg ngpadala ako ng pera sa CEBUANA!!!

hihingi ako ng kalendaryo!!! :D

thanks for sharin' poh!!!

god bless to you all!!!


#1475549 Will Sarah make it without John Lloyd Cruz?

Posted by Bebehkoh on 21 August 2010 - 04:37 AM in News and Articles

Thanks for sharinG!!!

and don't forget to vote Our very own POP PRINCESS SARAH G.
in "Star Studio Celebrity Style Awards".
our IDOL will be in 3 nominees:
*most stylish female live performer,
*belo body award
and lastly
*sarah geronimo's best sunsilk look!!!
please vote for our IDOL!!!

thank you and god bless!!!

#1474982 Why I must watch SG's Next One Concert in GenSan

Posted by Bebehkoh on 18 August 2010 - 06:04 PM in Special Features

Posted Image

I came to know the name Sarah Geronimo when she gave a heart - breaking rendition of the song Broken Vow from the original play in Meteor Rain (Meteor Garden II) when Sancia and Dao Ming Si were parting ways because of Yesha! I could only contain the overwhelming emotion from loss, love and soul of the story, the song and the singer.

I could only wonder with admiration and praise how a teenager and a novice can carry out a song with so much power and emotion.

Since her winning piece of "To Love You More" from Star For A Night hosted by Ms. Regine Velasquez, Sarah rose to stardom and has conquered the reigning title of Pop Princess.

But, just like any other successful leader or artist, Sarah went through a difficult ordeal of regular practices, unceasing singing contests and stage shows as early as 2 years old, and restrained lifestyle from a mediocre family earnings. But, these only directed Sarah to the kind of success she savors now.

And just like the famous author Helen Keller, a blind and deaf author-political activist, says, and I quote:

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experiences of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved.

Sarah Geronimo is an inspiration to the youth that anyone can just dream big and do big in spite of financial limitations or social stature. With unbending will, anyone can do more to overcome his average skills.

And so, when I heard from GenSan News Online Mag that she is coming over again to General Santos CITY for a Sarah Geronimo-the Next One Concert, I feel that I must see this young lady perform live on December 11, 2009 at Lagao Gym.

I am only happier that once again, our beloved producer, Mr. Michael Wee and sponsors have initiated the 5 Reasons why you should watch ‘The Next One Concert’ BLOG Contest where any blogger can win fabulous prizes to this most awaited pop concert.

But, why should I watch this concert, let me present my overwhelming reasons.

1. Sarah Geronimo is an icon for DREAMS and MAGIC. A daughter of a retired PLDT father and a parlor owner, she proved that anyone who simply pursues his dreams in spite of economic limitations or otherwise, can conquer his dreams and make miracles and magic come to life.

2. Sarah Geronimo is an epitome of CHARACTER.
In spite of what she had accomplished as a singer and performer, she never failed to remain humble, kind-hearted, dedicated and persevering.

In all the interviews I heard about her, never did I hear she complained about her long and hectic schedules or competitions with other rising singers or bragged about her earnings or assets.

She still remains to heed what her family would say and enjoys every time she can with her loved ones. No wonder, fans incuding me, continue to adore this sweet lady. She manifests values of respect, love for family and others, honor and dedication among other things which other people on and off showbiz fail to exhibit after all the glory and social recognition.

Sometimes, we have to humble ourselves for what we have achieved to really savor true happiness at its most basic definition. Sarah Geronimo makes my mindset this way.

3. Sarah Geronimo is a true ARTIST. As a young artist, she can capture her audience remarkably with the strength of her voice and with the heart of her songs. She can make her listeners feel every pain, joy, hope or loss from how she would deliver the songs. She can make an ordinary old song come to life and her stage energy can only influence you to enjoy the music, to enjoy life. She can perform with others without overwhelming them. This shows a strong sense of respect and humility for other artists.

4. Sarah Geronimo is LIFE. Being old is not easy at all. We seem to complain more and more about work, relationships, time and people. But, Sarah is a reminder of the kind of energy or lack thereof, when we were younger. She is reminder that we too in spite of our age, can have fun with what we do love, that we too can enjoy life because our loved ones are around us and that we can enjoy life because we have it in our hearts, that we can enjoy life through the lapses, and difficulties we have.

5. And lastly, I have to watch this concert because I shall be seeing more than one hope, more than one inspiration, and more than one remarkable artist. Sarah Geronimo and her guest performers, Jay-R, Billy Crawford, Mark Bautista, Simon Wood and Jimmy Marquez, shall be conquering the night and shall be filling us with heart-warming and inspiring songs that we can all use especially through our moments of despair and loss from political, economic and social turmoils the country is in.

They are young artists that make each one of us proud that we are Filipinos and that we have talents with great heart and humility at par with international renowned performers.

I have to see this concert because I am proud that I shall come to hear great songs from great Filipino artists.

Link Here

becoz she's the best pop princess icon and one of a kind!!!

thanks for sharin poh!!!

wish u all the best IDOL!!!


#1475314 Who's the Best?

Posted by Bebehkoh on 20 August 2010 - 07:41 AM in News and Articles

S Magazine’s August 2010 issue

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Scans courtesy of Mr. Tataymemen.

of course, walang mas gagaling kay iDOL!!!

she's one of a kind!!! so talented!!!

that's why marami ang ngmamahal at humahanga sa kanya!!!!

#1475132 Who would you like to see Sarah paired up w/ in an

Posted by Bebehkoh on 18 August 2010 - 11:41 PM in Online Poll


#1475133 Who will you choose as Sarah's real life partner?

Posted by Bebehkoh on 18 August 2010 - 11:44 PM in Online Poll

i'll happily vote for ASHLLOYD!!!
among those choices xa lng ang ngpursue skin na ang love ang mghahanap na tamang tao para seo!!!
dont give up on the choices you made!!! regret it today but it maybe make you happy someday!!!


#1474692 Who are Idol’s stars?

Posted by Bebehkoh on 16 August 2010 - 05:51 PM in Music and Me

thanks for sharin' poh!!!

god bless to all POPSTERS!!!


#1475476 What's Ur Name?

Posted by Bebehkoh on 21 August 2010 - 01:51 AM in Chit Chat/Off Topic

[quote name='Cecille-XiangCes' timestamp='1281840069' post='1474408']
1. Cheyanne---> Cheyanne
2. Marbie-------> Marbie
3. jhubell---------->maria jhubel
4. Megan-------> Lorelie
5. joy1987-------> sherene
6. alisha_123------> Alisha Marie
7. princess_dianne--------> Rosemin Dianne
8. missj_--------> Mazy
9. mayden --------> mayden
10.Jordan Love Sarah --------> Jordan
11.J_aNn---------------->Jovie Ann
12. Kevin Paquet ----------> Kevin Georg Paquet
13. Cecille-Xiangces -------> Cecille Corpuz
14.BebehKoh -------> Jay Pangilinan

#1475480 What's On Your Mind?

Posted by Bebehkoh on 21 August 2010 - 01:57 AM in Chit Chat/Off Topic

isa lng ang 2matatak sa icp ko lately and that's BEBE SARAH!!! :)

#1475502 what team kau?

Posted by Bebehkoh on 21 August 2010 - 03:27 AM in Chit Chat/Off Topic

kahit cno sa knila basta ndi idedeny c IDOL!!!

#1475481 What songs are stuck in your head now?

Posted by Bebehkoh on 21 August 2010 - 01:58 AM in Chit Chat/Off Topic

there's only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you!!!!


:) :) :)

#1475045 WHAT IF I

Posted by Bebehkoh on 18 August 2010 - 09:20 PM in Taking Flight

(Trina Belamide)

I see that she’s hurt you bad
I think that it’s really sad
That she’s made a cynic of you now
If you’d let me try
I think I could change your mind
And show you what true love’s all about

I know what you’re goin’ through
Take your time
I’ll be here for you

You say you’ll never be ready for love
You say that you have had enough
But what if I (what if i)
What if I could love you forever
You say you can’t afford anymore
To have your heart broken like before
But what if I (what if i)
What if I were the one you needed all this time
What if I told you I’d make you forever mine

I don’t believe at all
You’d rather be all alone
‘Coz I know just what you’re looking for
Someone who’ll stand by you
Whatever life takes you through
And be there for you forevermore

I know what you’re goin’ through
Take your time
I’ll be here for you

*Repeat Chorus*

What if there’s a reason that I have come into your life
Just when you needed a friend
You have got to open your mind
Maybe now is the time
You’re about to find
Love that will never end… never end

You say you’ll never be ready for love
You say that you have had enough
But what if I (what if i)
What if I could love you forever and ever and ever
You say you can’t afford anymore
To have your heart broken like before
But what if I (what if i)
What if I were the one you needed all this time
What if I told you I’d make you forever mine

What if I told you I’d make you forever mine

i love it!!!

Thanks for sharing poh!!!
wish u more blessings to come!!!!
forever be a POPSTERS!!!

#1475504 What can u say about "Ashna" they put together the name of Sar

Posted by Bebehkoh on 21 August 2010 - 03:31 AM in Chit Chat/Off Topic

pra sa'kin hindi!

dhil nag-iisa lng c bebe Sarah ..


#1473880 Vox Bikol Online Now Among Top Websites

Posted by Bebehkoh on 12 August 2010 - 01:55 AM in Other News and Articles

im so happy na isa aking POPSTER!!!

ang galing graveh...!!!!

ill be forever popster..!!!

#1476420 voting for 100 Most Beautiful Women in the Philippines for 2010 is now

Posted by Bebehkoh on 26 August 2010 - 06:51 AM in Music and Me

thanks for sharing poh!!!
and dont forget na manuod ng concert series ni idol SARAH sa tv5
september 6, 6pm poh..!!!

and of course ung IDOL is showing also!!!
gud luck on our IDOL!!!