Gossip Girl

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For Phil viewers......just caught the telecast of the first ep on ETC earlier. i think replay on Saturdays but first telecast on Tuesdays, 9PM yata.

anyway, good, addictive show. hehehe... if you like cruel intentions, this show is for you! nice outfits din for the cast.

13 pre-strike episodes this season, read they might shoot 4-5 eps to be aired in April. can't wait!! need my gossip girl fix stat.


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    i love gossip girl
    (the only english show i watch)
    seen all 13 episodes,
    so i wont ruin it for you.

    but YAY!
    writer's strike it over
    i miss this showww.

    i love rufus and lily
    you'll see why eventually sleazy.gif
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    yeah, i miss gossip girl terribly, as well as heroes and smallville. good thing's writers' strike is over, i can be normal again. haha! btw, i love rufus (and lily..i miss them already..). so cute. sleazy.gif
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    YAY! LilyFus tayo! woohoo!
    kakakilig pa yung story nila kasa sa mga kids. hehehe.... we all went SAY NOOOOOOOOOO....!!!! when the bart proposed. hehehe...darn you D&S.

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    I'm liking this show. Xoxo Gossip Girl!
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    di na talaga ako nagsawa sa teenage dramas, lalo na ito, of Cruel Intentions flavor pa...........go Gossip Girl

    Xoxo sleazy.gif
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    hi pow...

    padaan lng pow ako d2...

    i have no idea wats gossip girl pow...

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    Scully wrote on Feb 17 2008, 05:41 PM:
    LilyFus tayo! woohoo!

    LOL Lilyfus! I love Lily! Ang sakit (literally sikip ng dibdib ko) sa mga silent restraint scenes nila ni Rufus! And what's up with that art buyer brunette who's so into Rufus? Pwede wag na sya?!

    Notes from a TV junkie: (Watch out, mag n-nitpick lang ako...)
    1. Mommy Waldorf - was portrayed by a different actress in the pilot episode. The one who said to Blair, "wear this dress because you will never be thinner or prettier than you are today". Tapos Blair was proud to tell her in episode 2: "I lost two pounds while you were gone".

    Then in later episodes, we hear of a past eating disorder. Hmm. So early on in the series, may storyline lapses na?

    Also this new mommy Waldorf is not classy/fashionable enough na pang upper east side...mas bagay yung unang actor.

    2. What's up with Jenny and little bro Van der Woodsen? Wala ba silang ibang barkada kundi ang mga ate at kuya nila? Medyo ang loser naman nilang mga bata at wala silang sariling kaibigan.

    3. Cute ng voice ni Gossip Girl, aka Veronica Mars

    4. Mas bida si Blair kaysa kay Serena. Mas madaming facets ang personality ni Blair. Thus, I'm liking Blair!!!

    That's all for now! Malapit na ang episode 14!!!
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    yay! GG back tomorrow. woohoo!!


    New York Magazine cover story
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    RAWR. nice comeback episode. haha.
    Little J's pretty slick.

    Queen B vs Little J
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    omg, gossip girl was on yesterday!
    for the first time in like ...how many months?

    ughhhhh, i dislike Jenny. Very very veryyy much.

    OT: Chuck and Josef (from PBBTE+) look alike, hahaha.
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    ddownload ko pa lang gg! i'm so excited!
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    For Phil viewers, streaming links HERE
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    Weeee!! Episode 14 rocked!!

    I am officially on the Blairlady train. You're goin down little Jenny!!
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    jumptheshark202 wrote on Apr 22 2008, 09:41 PM:
    Weeee!! Episode 14 rocked!!

    I am officially on the Blairlady train. You're goin down little Jenny!!

    YES! Queen B ftw!
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    ang hot ni daddy rufus. haha.
    naawa ako slight kay chuck.

    Team Waldorf FTW!
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    hindi naman blairlady yung tinype ko a! hahaha blocked ang word.....the blair itch project
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    Poor S : (
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    die, jenny humphrey...die
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    ano kaya hold ni G kay S? interesting ang mga spoilers from diff sites. hehe...
    medyo eww sa kin Nate and what's her face?! sorry, hindi ko maisip name nya.
    ibalik na nila Waldass and Lilyfus!! hihi.
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    omg! i love Gossip Girl!
    RufLy <333!
    Chair <333!
    join na kau sa Blair Army sa official forum ng CW!

    Blair Waldorf Rockssssss! buttrock.gif
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