premier tix..

hi guys.. san poh b mkkkuha ng premiere tix..

i called the star cnma office and sbe,, no idea daw cla..

tas sbe pa,, by invitation lng daw un..

tas bnbgay ung s no. ng biogesic..

san b pedeng mkbli?...

worried n q.. la p q tcket.. waahh..

guys.. help..


  • outriggeroutrigger One SG Force
    edited 10:02AM
    ^ merong ongoing radio promo ang Biogesic where you can win tickets to the premiere night. Not sure if there are other promos aside from that. I think those are the only ways you can get tickets eh. Unless may kakilala kang insider or sponsor. laugh.gif

    For more info and updates, please check out the AVSL Premiere Night thread here. Thanks!
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