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ano po ibig sabihin nito?ito po ba ang kinikita ng daily????


  • adenoadeno Guardian
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    Not sure why this was moved into Staff II, but to answer the question, websiteoutlook calculates potential revenue based on the number of visitors (this is just my guess) per month and guessing what percentage of those visitors will click ads. But that's all it is, just an estimation based on a website's stats.

    As for what "earns" in financial terms, it earns nothing with exception of donators tongue.gif
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    kuya ton, probably best to put this topic back, then maybe we can reword your reply to address his/her question directly?

    btw, andami namang "?" nung tanong nya. hehe! tongue.gif
  • ate Gate G Popster
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    I would like to give you a background of that slogan...namaes or ARWIL in real life ay dating staff dito na tinanggal. he was very pasaway. He resigned as popster before and we did not stop him and just like the others bumalik din at sa mga lalaking popsters siya nakkpag close. Medyo inis din ako sa kanya dati dahil diko alam kung ano takbo ng utak niya at nagpakalat sa text claiming na siya BF ni Sarah.....parang ganun yung tema ng text eh.. joke daw yun...but a very bad joke i guess....di nalang pinadala sa akin dahil alam nila magagalit ako. There was even a time na gumawa siya ng another username using Sarah's classmates name and claiming na classmate siya ni Sarah with the way he posts pero nahuli ko siya sa IP Address niya kaya pinagsabihan ko.

    Few months back i put him under full moderation because of his sarcastic posts.

    Going back to his siggy...(Ton paki re size nalang ng fond masyado malaki) was a slogan created by the very first head of Popster...which had resigned last 2005 pa...i'd rather not dig dipper as to why she resigned but i would say that i'm glad she resigned because that was the best move that she had done during those times. It was also the reason why mp3 was "APPOINTED" not voted to be pres of Popsters.

    I don't know kung ano na naman gusto niya palabasin kung bakit ganun ang siggy niya... very nice slogan though...but brings back a lot of bad memeries to me...pati si sarah and family.

    Hwag nlang siya pansinin dahil dati pa gusto na talaga niya magpapansin.

  • adenoadeno Guardian
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    Well since we are on the subject of arwil aka namaes, he came to me last night asking for a name change. Since he has already changed his name once, I stated that our policy is one name change per user unless there is a very good reason as to why it should be changed again. I asked him his reasoning for the change. The chat transcript is below:

    Anthony Dela Cruz: what's your reason for changing it again?
    ominoreg_sag143: newyear po kasi eh... hehe joke lang po... kasi po anagram po yun ng SEAMAN eh parang kakalungkot naman na yun ang nag aapear na name ko... ala po kasing connect kay SG, if ok lang po na palitan??? ashwil po? from her name and last syllable po ng name ko which is Wil?? hehe cenxa na po ha... love ko lang po kasi ung account ko, xempre si sarah po cenxa na po

  • msdimagibamsdimagiba Popster
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    for me, the requestor's reason is not good enough... lack of sincerity... and taking into account that he'd been granted one already.

    He better give value to forum rules!
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    if it's not gonna kill him, then "No". laugh.gif jowk lang!

    i agree with ate jede, value the forum rules. baka mahanapan ka pa ng butas kuya ton, sabihin na you favor certain members over others. pag pinagbigyan ang isa, magsusunod-sunod na yon.

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