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how-to for those without credit card/paypalhi everyone!

a lot of people are asking how they can donate to the site kung wala silang paypal or credit cards.
any contingency plan po for it? smile.gif alt=':)' />

and also, leahpaz's post regarding discussing the intention of the Doante button sa EB natin... although i would personally leave it out of the EB po sana, still, please let us know if we need to allot a few minutes for discussing this. tenchu! sleazy.gif alt=';)' />


  • adenoadeno Guardian
    edited November 2008
    I'm still thinking about contingency of donations for those who do not have paypal/credit cards.

    As for discussion on the purpose of the donations, I don't think it's necessary to be brought up on the EB. It's for the site, so a simple post here should do just fine unless others have a reason why it should be brought up on the EB.

    I'm still hesitant to post in that thread either way tongue.gif
  • edited 1:48PM
    i think the members got the idea naman na hindi yon compulsory eh, so kung di nila feel magtiwala, then wag na lang sila magdonate. laugh.gif alt=':lol:' ] tarush! anyways, testingin ko nga later... pwedeng piso kuya ton? biggrin.gif ay, $1 pala. ahihi!
  • ate Gate G Popster
    edited 1:48PM
    For me naman...if ever meron willing to Donate let's give 1 or 2 names lang kung kanino sila makipag communicate pero kailangan din maging careful tayo...kasi yung iba lurker lang talaga...We didn't ask it from them pero sila ang nag offer so let's be open nalng for this...marami naman tayo projects for sarah na kailangan talaga ng fundings...ang importante lang ay proper accounting..yung lang masasabi ko..thanks.

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