EB thread giant pictures

adenoadeno Guardian
I'm typing this on my iPhone's 3G connection (tethered to my macbook) as a reference. 3G is pretty fast in terms of speeds... like DSL. Yet when I open up the EB thread with kuya Ron's giant pictures... even those take an awful long time to load. Parang naawa na ako sa mga dialup users natin sa pinas! The forum will resize the picture once it has loaded, but while the picture is loading, no resizing will happen. Should we have a separate thread for gigantic pictures? Or maybe just put a little subtitle notice like "Warning: large pictures" like the photography thread has?

PS. it seems kuya Ron is starting to put the group pics up on the gallery at the 1500 resolutions... they are averaging almost 2 megabytes each 18.jpg alt=':18sgWaah:' />

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