Looking back... Year 2008

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the good, bad and uglyWell, I make one of these threads every single year, as sort of a reflection on the past year and what's happened as well as what we should be looking forward to in the coming year.

2008 was a very odd year for the site in both good and bad terms.

Let's get the bad out of the way first. We all know what's happened with the divided popsters. The stories of what has happened and turmoil on the website between two groups of Sarah supporters who saw different purposes for their groups. All in all united still as "popsters" because of Sarah. Staff members were divided into whichever group they were part. This started the whole resignation/return drama which got even myself involved. Then the lovely sparring match which Maricris initiated which left me shocked, appalled, and amused at the same time. Things have died down now at least, but it is clear what ate Mhel's group is seeking as Sarah fans. They want recognition. If they don't get it, they will choose not to support Sarah. People who I thought were my great friends apparently had other vested interests and no longer considered me like so. But at least I have clarified who my real friends are around here - those who choose to support Sarah unconditionally and without ulterior motives - and all of you here in the upper echelon level Staff II are those people. Thanks for being my friends. smile.gif alt=':)' /> (*turning off drama mode*)

Our beloved EMERALD experienced some hiccups early on in 2008, and it became apparent to me something needed an upgrade... I doubled the memory size of the server and things were smooth. This is one extremely heavy website we're running here. Any other server admins who might be able to help in doing server-level maintenance in case I'm not around? tongue.gif alt=':p' /> If you know anyone we can trust with such power, let me know.

The SG.COM greatest event in history finally occurred last Dec 27, 2008. It was definitely a one-of-a-kind event that everyone enjoyed. There had been a grand EB back in 2005 I think, but with fewer people and it included just the popsters themselves who knew each other. This was an open invitation to all members on the forum to come together and enjoy each other's company. I salute the leadership and drive of those organizers to push through with this wonderful event. I received news that Boss Vic himself was proud to know that Sarah's fans would do something of this nature - it's probable we are the only ones who have done such a thing. Sarah's supporters are definitely one-of-a-kind. I enjoyed meeting personally all of the wonderful people whom I've only had the pleasure of meeting online.

Looking onward now to 2009, things seem harder now than in the past, but we can get through it all as long as we don't leave anyone behind. Sarah will be turning 21 this year, and intrigues will keep coming as she reaches greater heights. We'll still right beside her though, wherever she may go. (Ooh that's a song isn't it? laugh.gif alt=':lol:' />) As SG.COM keeps growing too, I'm sure we'll surpass 15,000 users soon enough. We have a new design finally in the works soon, and these forums will also be upgraded later on in the year. More changes, and let's hope, it's all for the better! Mabuhay SG.COM! 29.jpg alt=':29sgGoRosa:' />


  • msindependentmsindependent Popster
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    Ohh drama si Ton! hehehe...

    2008 indeed was a really good year! Thank you god!!
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    Mabuhay si Ton! i mean, ang SG.com! spoton.gif alt=':T' ] laugh.gif

    napadrama tuloy si mr.adeno. tongue.gif alt=':p' ] but yeah, it has been a rollercoaster ride. sometimes i have to go back to my old posts to remind me why i'm here at sg.com. hehe!
    this is the real deal na "all for sarah, and the people who support and love her". it's worth all the headaches and heartaches. and knowing i work with a bunch of wonderful people, i know i'm in good company. naks! *suhol mode*

    looking forward to a bigger and better 2009! we're off to a (bit) rocky start i think, pero i would rather look on the BSOT because we have a lot of big dreams for the site, and i'm excited to be part of turning them to reality. *yehes, pang-Miss U speech*

    and yes, i pray for world peace.

  • ate Gate G Popster
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    Wow drama talaga si Ton...hehehehe Thanks Ton for all your help.

    Two weeks ago nagkausap kami saglit ni Dan and meron na daw bago na inaayos na design and i think he paid already. Medyo na busy lang ako that time cleaning up na BTS pics thread kaya di ko gaano siya naka usap. Ton you can buzz Dan at gmail about this.

    I think Beng and Dan can help you out in the maintenance of Emerald. Mga computer genious kayo. Kami hanggang basa nalang hehehehe. Chacri is very busy sa work niya kaya di pa yata na upload ibang videos. I hope maabangan mo din dyan sa US yung mga di namin dito naabutan.

    Move on nalang tayo lahat sa SG.COM.


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