E-mail request from Zsa Zsa's fans

adenoadeno Guardian
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Forwarded message
From: Catherine Rodriguez <chelseacathy@yahoo.com>
Date: Sun, May 24, 2009 at 12:09 PM
Subject: a video mesg request for ms. zsazsa padilla
To: kuyaC <chacriddv@gmail.com>

Kuya Char-C just if you can reach Sarah..we want her to be part of this surprise for ms.Zsa Zsa Padilla along with sir gary, martin, jed and other ASAP kapamilya..Please forward this mesg to her..thanks!

ate cathy

Hi Sarah,

In Behalf of Zinians (a group of devoted young
professionals committed to work and support for Ms. Zsa Zsa Padilla
and Karylle), We are coming up with a surprise bday video for ms. zsa
zsa and we hope to get messages from her family and close friends and
co-kapamilyas as well. in line with this, may we ask for your help. we
would appreciate it very much if you could send us a video file of your
message (a 30 seconder to 1 minute mesg will do.) . if it's not
possible, an audio file or a written message will do.

You can email the file @ chelseacathy@yahoo.com or in yousendit with the same address. The video will be posted after editing @ the ff sites:


hope to hear from you soon. thank you and god bless.

Catherine Rodriguez
Zinians and Zsa Zsa Padilla Moderator

End Forwarded message

Whoever can help with this, please do so. ate gina / ate jems?


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    wow, sweet naman nila! biggrin.gif

    i can help with vid editing if needed. smile.gif
  • msdimagibamsdimagiba Popster
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    paging ate G... popsters manila...

    what do you think? pwede kaya ang request ng mga zsa zsa fans?
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    sent the message po to ate gina through email (in case di sya nakakapag-sg.com lately), and she said they'll try to do something about it... "bahala na si batman". hehehe! biggrin.gif
  • msdimagibamsdimagiba Popster
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    thanks for the info ate beng...
  • ate Gate G Popster
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    Update lang on this.

    Nag print ako nung email ni Beng kasama nung email from Zsazsa fan. Sa scratch nga lang eh dahil i was planning to just let sarah/tita d read it. Kanina after ASAP nag try kami na makausap siya pero mahirap kuhanan siya ng video dahil madalian yun so binanggit ko lang about request ng fan at yun nga sabi ko may request letter sila pero di pa ngayon siya kukunan ng video. Pero nung binigay ko yung letter umakyat na din sa van si sarah..hahahaha inuwi yung letter ..yung email ni Beng at sabay bye bye sa amin..hehehehe. Sabi ko nalang na scratch yun..hahaha sabi niya ok lang daw...Baka next week makuhanan na namin siya ng video kung sakali ok kay Tita D.

    Medyo sad news dahil mukhang di matutuloy ang Canada Tour. Yun ang sinabi ni Tita d kanina.
  • adenoadeno Guardian
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    Thanks for the update, ate G. Di matutuloy ang Canada Tour? Sayang naman nyan... hopefully we'll have verified word soon on that.

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