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    one more review:

    just to quote a few sentences...

    "If I’m going to predict the faith of “It Takes A Man and A Woman“, I hope it becomes the #1 Pinoy film of all time. I recommend this film and I’m planning to watch it again on its 2nd day of screening. It do takes to have John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo to make a romantic-comedy movie you will never forget. :-)"
    -Jeman Villanueva
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    hello..hello!![img] ] just wanna share my take on ITAMAAW[/img]

    [font=Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Geneva, sans-serif]Napanod ko kahapon ITAMAAW on it's first screening i really prefer this hour since onte lang mga nanonood plus the fact na it's a black saturday. half na ata ng movie nung pumasok ako and wow..i tot wala nako mauupuan nearly full na pala sa loob. by the time the movie ended puno na. midway sa 2nd screening puno na talaga there were people standing na sa gilid, seating sa middle aisles at sa likod..pag labas ko haba na ng pila..hehe kaka proud lang [/font]biggrin.gif[font=Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Geneva, sans-serif]. about sa movie naman..grabe lang..ang ganda talaga as in and i agree this is best in the series and tama si direct CGM its really a blessing in disguise na hindi siya natuloy back then, the movie would not have been as good as it is kung nagawa siya dati..roller coaster emotions ka talaga dito wahaha..ang galing-galing ni Sarah talaga dito, best SG movie so far level up talaga siya dito in all aspect..ang ganda ng register ni sarah on the big screen sarap titigan eh! well jlc is jlc yun na un [/font]lol.gif[font=Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Geneva, sans-serif]very solid ang story telling, no dull moments, ang galing din ng support cast..zoila and friends hehe.."laru tayo..taguan..taguan ng feelings" and may peyborit "big bird" wahaha..and if i'm not mistaken this is probably the installment where sarah and lloydie had the most number of scenes together, ycml parang bilang lang..bilang separated characters nila..though this is a rom-com but i'm glad hindi siya totally nag focus doon, the movie really had depth and substance, it really showed the painful journey of the protagonists and how they got back together..and oh yes sige na nga i'll admit na..i shed some tears din in three of the scenes..can't help it eh!![/font]lol.gif[font=Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Geneva, sans-serif] i also like the fact that the movie paid homage to the 1st two movies, while it's not perfect and like any other movies it has flaws but its forgivable naman meron kasing isang scene na for me ang lakas maka 80's-90's romantic flick eh wahaha [/font]lol.gif[font=Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Geneva, sans-serif] but with the solid story and impeccable performance of the actors you'll hardly take notice. it's a 2 hour movie pero feeling mo bitin parin..solution?!! ulit-ulitin na lang!!woohhooo!![/font]lol.gif[font=Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Geneva, sans-serif] as for my fave scenes..dami haha..but i really like that wedding scene..specially while Sarah was walking down the aisle..she's really beautiful in that gown..hayyy!! she's just the perfect bride![/font]love.gifbiggrin.gif[font=Verdana, Arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Geneva, sans-serif] lang po!![/font]naughty.gifbop.gif
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    Nanood kami sa Edsa Shangrila kanina at talagang puno lahat ng seats. Nung around 5PM kami nagpa reserve mga 30 seats nalang available at 630PM pa ang screening. Since pang 4 na namin mapanood akala ko di na ako tatawa...kakaloka parang first time ko pa din dahil tawa pa din ako ng tawa. Kakatuwa reaction ng mga nanood. Lakas nila tumawa at talagang tinapos nila hanggang matapos ang bloopers bago sila tumayo. May naririnig ako na gusto nila ulitin at ganda daw ng mga bitaw ng punchlines. kaka proud lang talaga.

    Before kami ng Edsa Shangrila nag SM megamall ulit kami. Dahil medyo late dumating yung iba pag pasok namin puno na sa taas pati sa baba. Nagpaalam kami na kahit sa hagdanan nalang sa taas kami uupo pero di pumayag kaya sa lapag nalang kami umupo sa baba. Ang ingay pa din namin..hahahaha..parang first time pa din. Parang nanood lang kami ng DVD sa sala ang peg namin dun na nakaupo lang sa sahig. Kakatuwa.

    Same numbers of cinema ang Gi Joe and ITAMAAW pero mas mahaba ang pila sa ITAMAAW at punong puno talaga.

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    congrats sa lahat ng bumubuo ng ITAMAAW lalo na kay bebe sarah...punung-puno ang sinehan sa sm lipa..nung 1st day 1 cinema lang ang bukas tapos nung sunday 2 na...sobrang haba ng pila...1st time ko makaranas ng ganito kapuno.sabi nga ng kasabayan namin palabas ng sinehan,parang eto na yata ang premiere night nila sa dami ng tao...ang galing-galing talaga ni bebe sarah...lakas ng tawanan sa loob ng sinehan..
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    From PEP

    REVIEW: John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo exude strong onscreen chemistry in It Takes a Man and a Woman
    2013 Apr 1 Posted by Jennifer Dugena

    It Takes a Man and a Woman is the third time that John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo are seen on the big screen as Miggy Montenegro and Laida Magtalas, respectively. This “version 3.0” of one of the most successful love teams in Philippine movie history comes four years after its sequelYou Changed My Life.

    One need not watch the first two films in order to appreciateIt Takes a Man and a Woman since the movie can stand on its own story-wise. Also, this Cathy Garcia Molina film doesn’t begin where it last left off.
    However, previous knowledge of Miggy and Laida’s dynamic would make the experience of watching It Takes a Man and a Woman more fun, if not more "kilig."

    In part three of the Miggy-Laida franchise, John Lloyd’s character is his usual arrogant and conflicted self. He is demoted from his esteemed position in the Montenegro family business. Miggy is given the task of saving his family’s publishing company with the help of his New-York-based ex-girlfriend Laida.
    As a result, moviegoers are treated to a slew of entertaining one-upmanship and funny, cute, relatable banter between the ex-lovers.

    While Miggy is still the same pompous and spoiled man-child that Laida left behind, Sarah’s character seems to have morphed from a giddy lovesick girl to a self-assured and fierce woman who is in charge of her life—or is she?
    The movie explores the moving on process, betrayal, forgiveness as well as the loss of—and the regaining of trust. Direk Cathy manages to deal with this topic in an engaging way without being too heavy-handed.
    The gap between the requisite friction between the two exes at the start of the story and the film's resolution in the end are filled with interesting details, engaging humor and poignant drama without these appearing contrived.

    Similarly, the comedy, romance and heart-wrenching scenes were balanced and properly paced.

    Star Cinema has struck a gold mine thanks to the onscreen magic between John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo. Their tandem has once again worked as they exude strong onscreen chemistry in It Takes a Man and a Woman. I personally believe no other onscreen partnership has been this charming and endearing.

    Sarah Geronimo’s vulnerability is adorable while her new-found fierceness is laugh-out-loud funny without being over-the-top. Though it is unclear and odd why she needs to wear a wig throughout the film, it didn’t distract from her appeal.

    John Lloyd Cruz, always the expert on emotional nuance, is both lovable and loathsome as a man who wants to be good but can’t get his act together.

    Though the New York scenes are obvious tactics to wring more romance and "kilig" from the would-be lovers, they still worked.

    The sub-plot of Laida’s parents, as portrayed by Al Tantay and Irma Adlawan, gave Laida’s predicament more depth.

    Matet de Leon, Gio Alvarez and Joross Gamboa are effective as the people jeering and cheering the main stars on. Joross sparkles among the three and it is too bad that he is given roles that relegates him to being in the sidelines.

    Isabelle Daza exudes classy elegance as Miggy’s girlfriend—a perfect contrast to Sarah’s high-strung performance. Isabelle’s subdued tears by the film’s end is similarly affecting.

    Loyal fans of Miggy and Laida would appreciate this movie as well as those new to the dynamic of their onscreen relationship.

    Will there be a Part 4 in the love story of Laida and Miggy? The standing-room-only crowd of moviegoers who refused to leave even after the credits have rolled would certainly appreciate another.
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    thanks for sharing [img] ] sobrang excited nanuod ako mag-isa. sobrang ganda manunuod ulit ako kasama ang tropa. laugh, cry, kilig!!![/img]
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    Movie Review for It Takes A Man And A Woman
    Bloated Love

    by Philbert Ortiz Dy
    posted on Monday, April 01, 2013 in Movie Reviews

    It Takes A Man and A Woman is the third movie in an unlikely trilogy of romantic stories, looking further into the relationship of Miggy Montenegro and Laida Magtalas. The three movies have taken on very different aspects of their romance. The first followed their cutesy courtship, while the second brought in a wave of seriousness as it showed the characters drifting apart, dealing with real challenges for the first time. This third movie seems to waver between the two tones as it explores the idea of betrayal and forgiveness, putting the characters through another courtship while placing them under the shadow of an unforgiveable act. It’s a tough balance that the film doesn’t quite accomplish. Still, the depth of these characters continues to surprise, even as it all reverts to spectacle.

    When we last saw Miggy Montenegro and Laida Magtalas (John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo), they had resolved to stay together in spite of Laida getting a job in Canada. A year into their long-distance relationship, the two suffer personal crises, and they crack under the pressure. Miggy ends up betraying Laida in a moment of weakness, and the two break up. Now, Laida returns to the Philippines on the behest of Miggy’s brother Art (Rowell Santiago). Art wants Laida to help Miggy land a licensing deal with a major US publisher. The two are forced to work together despite their tumultuous history.

    There’s a lot of backstory to sift through, but the film does a fairly good job of getting it all out of the way. An effective sequence at the start moves through the important points and quickly sets up a dramatic situation. From there, however, the film crafts a sticky, contrived plot that basically forces the proximity of the two characters. It might have been more interesting to just have these two run into each other by accident, rather than have them jump through the sitcommish hoop of being forced to work together. In the end, the whole magazine plotline doesn’t really bear much narrative fruit, its convolutions only serving to stretch out the movie’s already bloated runtime.

    There’s also the false conflict of Miggy having a girlfriend. The movie doesn’t really commit to the character, giving her no real defining traits beyond being played by the stunning Isabelle Daza. The film basically uses her as a visual target, playing up a cartoonish version of jealousy. It gets a bit tedious, especially as the film moves back into courtship territory, regressing the characters and undoing much of their growth. The film is most effective when it slows down enough to depict an honest moment between the two main characters. In these moments, the film quietly comes to life, the history between these characters coming into focus, blooming into drama deeper than most movies can provide.

    These moments are effective because the two leads are so effective. Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz are able to express such longing pain and regret in their quieter moments, filling in whatever gaps the narrative might have. The two exhibit so much talent and chemistry that the relationship remains entirely credible, despite the fact that the two never even kiss. The supporting cast features solid performances, particularly from the great Irma Adlawan. It just that some of these actors feel a little extraneous, playing parts that belong entirely to the bloat.

    There are plenty of sweet moments to be found in It Takes A Man and A Woman, but there’s a lot of bloat to get through. The film might just be too stuck on the idea of what made the previous films successful, relying heavily on goofy humor and the romcom formula to tell the story. But these characters have grown up and changed, and are now wrestling with deeper issues. It might have done the film good to just take a more subdued approach, trusting in the talents of the two leads to provide the mainstream appeal. That said, the current approach still provides some charm. There’s just a sense that it could have been so much more.
    My Rating:
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    (MOVIE REVIEW) It Takes a Man And A Woman: Embracing Change and Believing In Goodness
    Published on March 31st, 2013 | by rodmagaru

    From the back-to-back success of “A Very Special Love” that earned P 176 million in the box office and “You Changed My Life” that
    raked in P209 million in 2009, the biggest love reunion is here again as the couple that made everyone smile, laugh and fall in love
    reunites in “It Takes A Man And A Woman” to share to the whole nation everything that has happened to them in the past years.


    Produced by Star Cinema and Viva Films
    Cinema Evaluation Board: GRADED A
    Direction: Cathy Garcia-Molina
    Written by: Carmi Raymundo.

    It Takes A Man And A Woman,” is the third installment of the hit romantic comedy movie series that is set to reveal the how Laida and Miggy’s four-year relationship headed to splitsville.

    I am a huge fan of Laida and Miggy, and even the birth of this third installment, I am nervous of how the writer will execute the future of the tandem. Been asking myself to write a version of my own the way I want it. But Carmi Raymundo is genius in predicting what should be, what might be and what audience will like.

    The full trailer of It Takes A Man and a Woman (first seen here) is a combination of funny, witty and bolder Laida Magtalas. And how she redeemed herself from that breakup. Flippage is back. The Zoila and friends are back ( Joross Gamboa, Gio Alvarez and Matet de Leon) and from here, I would like to commend the support they gave. IT WAS AN AWESOME supporting act! But the trailer hide something. What really happened?

    Starcinema’s cinematography has never been this better. I also like how Direk Cathy changes all of Sarah G’s clothing, the way she talks except for the obvious wig (blame it on us seeing Sarah G weekly on TV). Sarah G’s bubbly attack on the role made her more charming. And who wouldn’t cry when Laida cries? That’ the scene when the story explained her holding back, her pain. Oh come on I cried on that scene too.

    Sometimes, we forget how to be a good man because we are busy being the best. This is what John Lloyd Cruz is telling us during the presscon. His role is much like his life. The role is so close to his heart. John Lloyd Cruz on the other hand is so superb on crying too. And her conversation with Laida on every grandstanding at flippage is commendable.

    Low point: What is Guji Lorenzana doing almost nothing in the movie? He was just on the frame. He might be saying something but I don’t know. I think he’s mute or something.

    Isabelle Daza is the luckiest to be casted on this 3rd installment. Her debut appearance as the third party of Laida-Miggy must be a dream come true for her. How Direk Cathy teaches her how to act through her eyes, thats good good kind of good! She is making the tension and awkwardness between the main cast, an effective one!

    Irma Adlawan made me cry. She said something about forgiveness I think everyone should hear. But of course, Dante Rivero’s word is the epitome of modern confucious.

    The story is telling everyone to decide on forgiveness, to learn to move on, to sacrifice, to grow, to love and to value the support from families.
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    Celebs, writers and TV personalities. Joining in the IT Takes A Man And A Woman fever biggrin.gif

    Kept laughing and laughing then cried then laughed again! Satisfying movie"it takes a man and a woman":-)"

    @JustSarahG can't get enough of Laida and Miggy. Aliw ako sa "when Harry met sally" scene mo. Part 4 please? smile.gif

    @KatDeCastro next week nood kme ng mother in law ko smile.gif #ITakesAManAndAWoman yehey! @JustSarahG @johnlloydcruz08

    Congrats to Sarah and Lloydie! #ItTakesAManAndAWomanNowShowing

    Whether you're a fan of @JustSarahG, @johnlloydcruz08 or not, I encourage you to watch #ItTakesAManandAWoman. Super kilig! Umiyak pa ako.

    i wanna watch it takes a man and a woman. ��❤

    Gusto kong manood ng #ITTAKESAMANANDAWOMAN pag uwi kosmile.gif) mapapanood ko din yansmile.gif
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    A little bit of everything, we carry on for the sake of variety

    Saturday, March 30, 2013

    It Takes a Man and a Woman Movie Review

    Making a good sequel of a good film is unusual but making a better follow up of a good romantic-comedy series was never heard of; in the landscape of Philippine Cinema.
    Well folks, that was true until the film I watched a while ago.

    [font=Courier New, Courier, monospace]We were in the mall past 12; had lunch and proceeded to the cinema. The crowd was overwhelming considering it was Black Saturday. Couples, families, barkadas and even loners took time to catch a glimpse of “It Takes a Man and a Woman” in its first day of release despite the fact that Hollywood films like “The Croods”, “The Host” and “GI Joe: Retaliation” are in competition. I can remember the same scenario during the run of “Sisterakas”; bunch of people in line waiting expectantly for their turns. I bet tomorrow (Easter Sunday) would be more crowded than what have been today; if the same response continues, I’d say this film’s total box-office turn out could be around 200-300 million; another goldmine for Star Cinema and Viva Films.[/font]

    [font=Courier New, Courier, monospace]Rated “A” by the Cinema Evaluation Board, expectations are high to the third instalment of the Laida Magtalas and Miggy Montenegro love story. They have been filming it for almost two years now; unavailability of the stars was the main reason of the delay but it turned out to be a blessing as they had more time to enhance the story and the script. Kudos to screenwriter Carmi Raymundo (a twitter friend of mine, ehem.. ehem..) for a well-made, clever and engaging work.[/font]

    [font=Courier New, Courier, monospace]The central point of the film is to give justice and conclusion to the lead characters’ love affair. I’ll do my best not to give any spoilers for the benefit of those who haven’t watched the movie yet.[/font]

    [font=Courier New, Courier, monospace]For almost 4 years, Miggy and Laida grew apart due to some unfortunate circumstances in their individual lives. Miggy’s life started to mess up while Laida has to face her own family struggles. This is where the story’s conflict started to transpire. The way the story unfolds was good. It did not present the whole story in a chronological manner; the flashbacks and the characters’ recollections add an element of surprise to the movie. I just felt that Laida’s life in New York wasn’t completely told and Miggy’s relationship with Belle (played by Isabel Daza) wasn’t properly set; additional few scenes could have been added to show that for almost 3 years, he had good memories at least with his current girlfriend.[/font]

    [font=Courier New, Courier, monospace]Despite of very small discrepancies in the story, the whole film was a picture of outstanding visuals; the color and graphic was sharp and rich, the New York scenes were surprisingly good as it turned out to be flawless and the extras acted pretty convincing. I thought first that the New York scenes would just be an added-value just to say that the producers spent more bucks for the movie but the significance of those scenes were incorporated well in the story, and it really shows in the film. The production design was great and the musical score and sound was better and clearer compared to other Star Cinema movies. On the other hand, there were some few editing mishaps but are forgivable enough not to ruin the mood of the film.[/font]

    [font=Courier New, Courier, monospace]I totally enjoyed Sarah Geronimo’s Laida Version 2.0; it was basically the highlight of the movie. Cathy Garcia-Molina did a great job in giving directions to Geronimo’s character as Sarah has a tendency to overlook some details and blend her personality to the character she portrays. This was quite evident on some of her movies. Nevertheless, Sarah did a remarkable job with the portrayal and the way she carried herself in the movie; her performance as a young Editorial Consultant based in New York really showed on the film. Her flirtatious acts sell well to the viewers; the way she delivers her English lines with resonance in an effortless manner is a great deal and enough evidence that there is no other female actress who can play the character better than her. Can you imagine Maja Salvador or even Marian Rivera throwing those lines? I bet, no! [/font]

    [font=Courier New, Courier, monospace]She looked very pretty and stunning in the whole film; you’ll see what I mean once you’ve watched the movie. The part where she looked best was during the wedding scene; I’ve heard gasps from the people behind me and realized that she’ll make a very beautiful bride someday.[/font]

    [font=Courier New, Courier, monospace]Her dramatic scenes were handled carefully; Sarah has the natural talent to make others cry and laugh at the same time, one asset of a true rom-com queen.[/font]

    [font=Courier New, Courier, monospace]John Lloyd Cruz’s portrayal of Miggy Montenegro as expected was splendid. His performance in the film is a sufficient confirmation of his versatility in his craft. An actor in the truest sense, he delivered a heartfelt piece without overdoing it. His scenes weeping for forgiveness was almost real and his nuisance to Laida Magtalas Version 2.0 is very entertaining. Once John Lloyd sheds a tear, everyone in the movie house follow. Swak sa timpla kumbaga. [/font]

    [font=Courier New, Courier, monospace]Kilig and sweet moments are all over the film, the most surprising was the last part; Sarah G. in lingerie for their honeymoon, what a scene?! Bentang-benta talaga. [/font]

    [font=Courier New, Courier, monospace]John Lloyd and Sarah’s chemistry exudes throughout the movie; there is no much effort yet people and fans love to see them both together.[/font]

    [font=Courier New, Courier, monospace]The supporting casts did well also; Matet de Leon, Joross Gamboa and Gio Alvarez were the additional spice in the film; the movie is not that fun without them while Isabel Daza delivered pretty well on her first acting venture; she fit the socialite “third wheel” role and manifested the awkwardness that is being asked between the love triangle in the film.[/font]

    [font=Courier New, Courier, monospace]Excellent script, decent story, good directing and pleasant acting; “It Takes a Man and a Woman” has brought us to a “no better” conclusion of a typical rom-com money cow that Filipinos loved. [/font]

    [font=Courier New, Courier, monospace]The film in whole was very entertaining as the story flow and dialogue is appealing and witty. Fans can definitely enjoy it while non-fans might hate it at first but eventually will love it as it has the makings of a great Pinoy rom-com classic.[/font]

    Posted by DMLR at 9:55 PM
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    [font=Arial, sans-serif]
    [font=Arial, sans-serif]
    Sitting beside priscilla and john estrada, watching it takes a man and a woman at greenbelt[/font]

    Alma Arizapa@ilabsarahgee[font=Arial, sans-serif]

    [font=Arial, sans-serif]
    Nakasabay namin sa 800 pm screening sa Trinoma si Pauline Luna and friends.. Hehehe[/font]

    Divine Lee@DivinemLee1h

    Confeermed! popsters nadin! napatweet pa!hahaRT @victorbasa: great sarah and john lloyd movie, for the romantics in all of us �� @justsarahg

    Wilson Lee Flores@WilsonLeeFlores1h
    @DivinemLee @victorbasa @JustSarahG you liked this hit new movie of Sarag Geronimo? should go watch. Congrats to talented & humble Sarah

    [font=Arial, sans-serif]
    [font=Arial, sans-serif]
    Sitting beside priscilla and john estrada, watching it takes a man and a woman at greenbelt[/font]

    [font=Arial, sans-serif]

    [font=Arial, sans-serif]

    victor basa@victorbasa1h
    great sarah and john lloyd movie, for the romantics in all of us �� @justsarahg

    Not only artists, dami dn staffs, writers, producers, etc from GMA na nanood/nanood ng #ItTakesAManAndaWoman hihi sleazy.gif)) #aliwsila #saya

    Divine Lee@DivinemLee1h
    omg! d ako papayag na waley part 4 si Miggy and Laida! TRUST me... wow! big word! choz!

    @karlangel_rocksSaw Angelu de leon and Venus Raj here at Robinsons Magnolia. Sabi ni ate venus, ganda daw. Na-excite naman ako. #ITAMAAW

    Bilib kami kay John Lloyd at Sarah G. [img] galing niyo sobra!!![/img]smile.png#ittakesamanandawoman

    Anne Curtis-Smith@annecurtissmith
    Congratulations JL & @JustSarahG �� Galing nyo!!! The story came full circle! Such an endearing on screen tandem!

    Wilson Lee Flores@WilsonLeeFlores31 Mar
    Congrats Sarah, John Lloyd new HIT movie! Sarah Geronimo is wholesome, humble & good celebrity.positive role model for youth

    Rachelle Ann Go@gorachelleann2 Abr
    Done with work yehey!!! sleazy.gif sino ng nakapanuod ng It Takes A Man And a Woman? [img] excited nako mapanuod... suportahan natin si[/img]@JustSarahG sleazy.gif

    Christine Babao@ChristineBBabao2 Abr
    Sarap ulit ulitin ! #ItTakesAMan&AWoman #bestlines #bestacting #bestdirection #bestactors #kiligmuch

    Johanna Kiray Celis@kiraycelis2 Abr
    @dhonts7 watched the movie kuya! Sobrang ganda nga! Galing nila ms sarah! smile.pngChristine Babao@ChristineBBabao2 Abr

    Pagpasensiyahan niyo na po ang inyong Mommy Tintin, pero kilig much ako sa #WeddingScene! #ItTakesaAManAndAWoman @JustSarahG

    Nhila Mallari@NhilaNhils

    2 Abr

    After work, we'll treat ourselves to a movie date here in Trinoma with friends! @jerryvoyage @netmil

    Jimmy Marquez@curlyjimi

    2 Abr

    I just watched It Takes A Man and A Woman friend. I miss both of you @gorachelleann and @JustSarahG

    @darlasauler: Spotted lahat ng taga-ABS-CBN lumalast full show ng #ItTakesAManAndaWoman now here sa Trino!

    Carl Ravanes@GOforCARL2 Abr
    Wala na. Hands down. Movie of the year na ang It Takes A Man And A Woman. Grabe. Ibigay na lahat ng award.

    Raymond Gutierrez@mondgutierrez1 Abr
    Watching @isabelledaza's big screen debut alongside JL & Sarah! So proud of you Belafta! Such a natural!

    dondon hontiveros@dhonts72 Abr
    Nakausap ko lang naman sa fone nag direct ng blockbuster movie. Wow!!! And told her we be waiting for part 4 hahaha

    Jose Bayani D Baylon@jbbaylon2 Abr
    Off to Shangri-la Plaza to watch a special showing of the John Lloyd-Sarah Geronimo movie, c/o another PBA great, Don Hontiveros!

    dondon hontiveros@dhonts72 Abr
    Great night.Thanks guys for coming. I think d na kayo mapapaluha d 2nd time you watch it,maiiyak na lang. Haha. But you will watch it again

    Bryan Termulo@bryantermulo2 Abr
    lakas po talaga maka popsters ang movie.. pasensya napo ha kahit tapos na ang movie parang may malaking sinehan padin sa mind ko #kilig

    Rod Magaru Show@rodmagaru
    2 Abr
    @JustSarahG im feelin kinda low. Will watch it again. Want to laugh and cry and laugh. #pagod

    bianca manalo@biancamanalo
    2 Abr
    Kay nga e... cant wait!!!! �� RT @iMikeFoz: @biancamanalo kikiligin ka kina laida at miggy. Hehe

    Sitti Navarro@bossagurl2 Abr
    Just saw It Takes a Man and a Woman. Ang gandaaaa!!! ☺❤❤❤ nakakakilig. Galing ni Sarah and John Lloyd. ☺

    Jennica Garcia@jennicaonline1 Abr

    #ItTakesAManAndAWoman date with Ninay and Alwyn! Kunyari candid daw si Ninay wahahah! Thank you…

    LJ Reyes@OfficialLjReyes1 Abr
    Woot!!!! JLC and Sarah round 2!!! Hahaha

    Jed Madela@jedmadela1 Abr
    I loved IT TAKES A MAN AND A WOMAN! Everyone should watch!!! smile.pngbianca gonzalez@iamsuperbianca1 Abr
    watching #ItTakesaAManAndAWoman tonight!

    Julia Montes@montesjulia31 Mar
    Just finished watching #ittakesamanandawoman ��❤�������� ang emotions !!!! Watch na kau!!!!

    abigailBHEbriones@GFORCE_bhe1 Abr
    G-Force and Popsters Loves You So Much Bebe justsarahg♡♡♡ Watching ITAMAAW trinoma with…

    Jake Vargas@JhakevargasJake
    31 Mar
    @JustSarahG congrats po Madam! smile.pngA N T ⭕ N D I V A@AntonDiva31 Mar
    Ang saya ng #ItTakesAManAndAWoman sobra! 30mins pa lng havey na havey na! Can't wait for the next scenes. Congrats @JustSarahG & JLC!

    @KatDeCastro: Worth it yung years na paghihintay ko. John Lloyd and Sarah!!! Waaah. I will ALWAYS be a fan of their loveteam. #AshLloyd

    Lovi Poe@lovipoe
    30 Mar
    i wanna watch it takes a man and a woman. ��❤

    [font=Arial, sans-serif]
    Kat De Castro⭐♎@KatDeCastro
    30 Mar[/font]
    [font=Arial, sans-serif]
    Watching it for the 2nd time with my own Miggy. #ittakesamanandawoman (@ Power Plant Mall w/ 8 others)[/font]

    [font=Arial, sans-serif]

    [font=Arial, sans-serif]

    CH⭕K⭕ ✨ G ❗@chokoleitWiTS30 Mar
    Only shows how Everyone likes Miggy & Laida's Love Story; Everybody loves JLC & Sarah G now making box-office history! #ItTakesAManAndAWoman

    CH⭕K⭕ ✨ G ❗@chokoleitWiTS
    30 Mar
    Rated A by CEB de kalidad. Rated G by MTRCB pampamilya. #ItTakesAManAndAWoman Miggy & Laida part 3, 1st day of showin' Big Hit agad grabeh!��
  • ate Gate G Popster
    edited 5:05PM
    Sheila Mae Camarao ‏@sheila202g
    My Prof who doesn't like romcom movies have watched #ItTakesAManAndAWoman & got amazed in the movie that he wants to repeat it again & again! What a movie! So influential and perfect! wink.gif

    @itsjuliepulvz 15h
    Didn't regret falling in line for hours! T'was indeed a very good movie. #ItTakesAManAndAWoman #blockbuster #regionalgirls #enjoyed

    @dawn_vp 15h
    #itTakesAManAndAWoman grabe ka-funny. Pero ang storya tusok sad kaayo sa heart sa kasakit. Standing ovation for this!

    @akosiketch 15h
    It takes a man and a woman is one of the best Filipino romcom films. Congrats @johnlloydcruz08 and @JustSarahG :-)

    @darlasauler: Spotted lahat ng taga-ABS-CBN lumalast full show ng #ItTakesAManAndaWoman now here sa Trino! - NAME NAMES NAMAN PO! smile.gif

    Queenie Eliza Cortez ‏@immaqueeniecrtz
    sa lahat nang filipino movies na napanood ko smile.gif sa it takes a man and a woman palang ako di nakaget over nang ganito <; must watch guys

    Ina☆ ‏@inavillon
    Watched "It Takes a Man and a Woman" it was actually really funny! Can't stop laughing! HAHA @RaiaIya @rharharhanicaaa @Rafa_Villon biggrin.gif ++

    Carissa Biasura ‏@cariszzah
    Grabe! Super ganda ng "It takes a man and a woman"smile.gif) #nakakakilig #nakakaiyak

    Pauline Solano ‏@SolanoPauline
    Kahit yung kasama ko ayaw manuod nung umpisa, sa dulo kilig na kilig din naman. Iba talaga ang it takes a man and a woman. K hangover rofl2.gif

    Hazel Paras ♔ ‏@hazelparas17
    Now every time I hear the word "TRUST" I react with "BIG WORD!!!" ..............It Takes a Man and A Woman HANGOVER. SHAMELESS PLUG

    Patchot♥ ‏@_SABmarin02
    It Takes a Man and a Woman all over my timeline whoohoo
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    9 more days... countdown for TOS... ANG TAGAL...
  • ate Gate G Popster
    edited 5:05PM
    @Just_chelleM 15h
    if u watch it takes a man and a woman with a person having conflicts when u go out the cinemas things will be alright.with a SMILE

    @sarahgasherfan 15h
    wow at alabang town center #ItTakesAManAndaWoman was transferred to a bigger cinema

    @Just_chelleM 15h
    its 5th day:experience the love and laughter with it takes a man and a woman. watch again with your love ones, friends.worth the time &money

    @angelsalpin 18h
    #ItTakesAManAndaWoman is one unforgettable movie. It simply gets through ur heart as u realized ur already crying amidst laughter. Kudos!

    @pikachujjang 18h
    I just watched It takes a MAN and a WOMAN last monday ~ its a wonderful movie comedy drama XDDD epic my friends

    @MyMagicMike 15h
    A story about legacy, friendship, acceptance, fate, love and forgiveness. Can't get over. #ItTakesAManAndAWoman
  • outriggeroutrigger One SG Force
    edited 5:05PM
  • edited 5:05PM
    ate G wrote:
    Nakakaloka ang experience namin kanina sa Trinoma. 9:30AM nasa Trinoma na kami kaya sa fudcourt muna kami tumambay dahil sarado pa ang mall. Pag strike ng 10AM akyat na kami sa mall nagulat kami ang haba na kaagad ng pila.. Pila kaagad 2 popsters habang paparating iba pa namin kasama. Halos paliparin na ang taxi dahil sabi namin super haba na ng pila. Nung nag flash sa screen kung anong availables for ITAMAAW na pa yikes.gif alt=':yikes:' ] kami dahil halos 2 cinema puno na kaagad. Ang dami na pala nagpa reserve online. Mga past 10am palang yun. Tinitingnan namin pila parang hindi na talaga kami aabot sa first screening kaya tinawagan namin ibang popsters na nasa SM North. 11AM ang showing sa Trinoma 11:30AM naman sa SM North. Nung sinabi sa amin na wala naman daw seat assignment dun at pumipila na sila at malapit na sa ticket booth, nag decide kami na sa SM North nalang kami mag first screening. Literal po talaga na nagtakbuhan kaming 10 papuntang SM North..hahahaaha...Para kaming mga pasahero sa eroplano na takot maiwan sa flight. Pagdating dun ang haba na din ng pila. Pero nung nakabili na kami ng tickets for the first screening sobrang masaya na kami at super excited na.

    Nung lumabas na yung logo ng starcinema ang popsters nagsigawan na..kakaloka..Nung nag start na ang movie...wala kaming ginawa kundi humagalpak ng tawa, iyak , kinilig at super natuwa nung makita mga itsura namin sa movie. ANG GANDA GANDA GANDA NG MOVIE. THIS IS THE BEST AMONG THE 3 movies of Laida and Miggy's love story/journey.

    SARAH's in WOW NA WOW... worship.gif alt='worship' ] worship.gif alt='worship' ] worship.gif alt='worship' ] anggaling.gif alt=':astig:' ] . Sobrang nag shine si Sarah dito. Si john lloyd brought drama in this movie and i so love Zoila and friends. nakakaloka mga punchline nila. bentang benta. And the wedding scene...haaay...ang ganda lang ni Sarah at ang pogi ni Loydie. Basta ang galing galing lang talaga.

    Congratulations to SARAH, JOHN LLOYD, DIREK CATHY , Ms CARMI RAYMUNDO and the rest of the staff and crew. The best team taaga. thumbsupsmileyanim.gif alt=':cheer:' ] thumbsupsmileyanim.gif alt=':cheer:' ]

    Ate G, thank you for the kwento! [img] ][/img]
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    Ang galing sobra ni Sarah G in this movie. She committed to the character of Laida 2.0, as in! Good job ka talaga, Sarah G! Grabe, proud fan here, as always.

    I hope everyone can see and experience It Takes a Man and a Woman. The movie is really good, very entertaining.

    Congratulations to the whole team! You did a splendid job. Thank you for making us laugh and cry for two hours. rofl2.gif alt='=))' ] Thank you, thank you! You have captured our hearts, our thoughts, our imagination. Cheers!

    We will miss you Laida and Miggy. 20.gif alt='*cry' ]

    But wait...til we meet again Laida and Miggy v3.0?!? Awwwwwww smilewinkgrin.gif
  • cassandracassandra Graphic Artist
    edited 5:05PM
    Hola friends, long time no see. Just wanted to share this picture I took of the line up to get into the next showing of It Takes A Man and A Woman here in Toronto ( HERE ), Sarah is so blessed.

    I loved the movie (best out of the three). Sarah's acting was superb, she made my dad cry. smile.png))
  • outriggeroutrigger One SG Force
    edited 5:05PM
    ^ cassieeeeeee! *waves* thanks for sharing your photo! [img] it is indeed the best out of the three[/img]spoton.gif
  • ate Gate G Popster
    edited 5:05PM
    some BTS pics i'd like to share here:


    Thank you Loydie sa balot.


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