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    kendahl wrote on Feb 13 2007, 04:07 PM:
    37.jpg alt=':37sgIsip:' ] THOUGHTS TO PONDER:

    Some people are too impressive at first. Some are good with the use of words,
    some are too deep to understand, easy to believe for they sound so differnt from
    the rest. They'l knock you off your feet for a while and
    suddenly their charm disppears. Be careful of clinging too much to people
    who might just come to stay for a while, impress you with their style,
    makes you selfless and cry. 12.jpg

    parang naka relate ako ah!!!...hahaha!!

    pero seriously ken...i read your posts impressed me...really...hindi ako FC ah lalo na nagpapalakas sayo...kundi talagang pinahanga mo ako...keep up the good work...
    matalino ka kasing bata bata daw oh...parang ang tanda ko na...ahahaha!!!

    cge ken!!! see you around!!!
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    ang galig mo kendahl! spoton.gif alt=':T' ] laugh.gif
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