The other side of Sarah Geronimo

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The other side of Sarah Geronimo
By Remy M. Umerez

Recently, Sarah Geronimo went past the “sweet sixteen” phase of her youth. She turned 17 on her way to San Francisco where the other ABS-CBN stars were waiting for her for the Kapamilya Caravan in the city.

It was a lonely way to celebrate a birthday, but Sarah didn’t mind. She had work to do and it was more important than throwing a party for friends and family members.

But what made her really feel bad was the fact that her birthday concert had to be moved to a later date. It was supposed to have been held the night she took that flight to San Francisco.

Since winning the Viva’s Star in a Million, Sarah seems to have been shuttling from one show to another, in the Philippines and abroad. In fact, the day we were talking to her, she had just returned from a successful series of shows in the US with other singing contest champions like Rachelle Ann Go, Christian Bautista, and Mark Bautista.

The US seemed unreachable for Sarah who grew up in Sta. Cruz, a blighted district in Manila. In the family’s rented apartment, the little Sarah would imagine the US and that she was singing for millions gathered in one huge football stadium. She never had an inkling that the dream would come true.

These days, the US is one big concert hall for Sarah and her singing buddies.

In between the concerts, Sarah holes herself up in a recording studio, the result of which are five albums (the last one titled Sweet Sixteen which was certified Platinum. She also found time to appear in a sitcom, a festival fantasy movie opposite Mark Bautista, which unfortunately tanked at the box office. She also appeared in an afternoon series with Mark. She was supposed to star in a movie opposite Hero Angeles, but circumstances point to the shelving of the project.

But what Sarah is looking forward to is the show at the Araneta Coliseum. It’s her first solo concert titled “The Other Side of Sarah” and it will be on Sept. 30.

“Kinakabahan po ako (I’m feeling a little nervous),” she tells us, “because I don’t consider myself being in the same leage as Miss Regz (Regine Velasquez) who can easily fill up the coliseum. At the same time I don’t want to be pressured by telling myself I have to fill up the Araneta. All I can promise is I will do my very best to make it a successful one.”

Will Sarah do a little dancing in one of the production numbers? Is there a harness waiting for her to make her fly (like a butterfly) like Regine? Would she dare to rap perhaps, but please, not with Andrew E.? Or probably impersonate someone?

The answer to these will reveal the other side of Sarah.

It is still a month away from the show, and whatever highlight the concert will feature remains sketchy. What is definite though are the guest performers, which include Mark Bautista, Piolo Pascual whom Sarah has a terrible crush, and taekwondo star Japoy Lizardo.

Regine Velasquez whom Sarah personally requested to be a very special guest in her first solo concert promised to drop by.

Another birthday celebrator is 23 year-old Mark Bautista, Sarah’s love interest on the screen. An advance birthday present came in form of a CD lite album titled Dream On.

It doesn’t contain any duet with Sarah but there is a cover of “When Will I See You Again” by Mark together with Raymond Manalo and The Champions.

Sarah and Mark just returned from Australia for concert tour in Sydney and Melbourne.



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