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    Hi Emeng , talaga naman , kayo naman ni Ann ang bagong writers ha. Nasaan na kaya si Janine no? Happy Birthday Janine, in case na sumilip ka dito.
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    rofl2.gif ako po yung first epi kasi nakulitan ako sa sarili ko kasi i really wanted to post something already eh! rofl2.gif ang nagsorry na ulit ako kay ann... rofl2.gif :">

    hay naku! si ate jan nga ang dapat nagsostory eh! rofl2.gif
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    yea yea yea..

    hoyyy.. itype mo na agad ah [img] hehe happy debut pala kay ate janine.. ehehehe[/img]
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    haha.. ok po...

    debut nya pala? kala ko nagbibiro lang si ano... rofl2.gif alt='=))' ]

    well den.. HAPPY BURFDAY PO KAY ATE JANINE! biggrin.gif
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    yea.. hehe birthday nya kahapon.. well today dito sa atin.. ehhe
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    Episode 2 of Kailangan Kita

    10 am na, and MayAnn is waving out the window to Ate Anna na umaalis pa lang ng driveway.

    *MayAnn turns around to face Raph, who is still talking to his Lolo Alan, and remembers what he said about her wedding with Raphy*
    MayAnn: “Ay, O nga pala po, Lolo, what did you mean po kanina when you said ‘kamusta daw ang planning sa kasal naming’?”
    Lolo Alan: “Ha? MayAnn, di-“
    Raphael: “-Di, sya serioso! Naku naman MayAnn, hehe, he’s not serious! Hehe, and wouldn’t you be first to know if we were getting married? Hehe”

    Nung sinabi ito ni Raphy sa kanya, medyo nalungkot sya ng saglit dahil akala nya magpopropose na talaga sa kanya si Raphy. And after all, their friends only expected as much, since they were there with the 2 since their senior year in high school, and these 2 are now 23 yrs. old and graduating college together.

    “Ay, hahaha oo nga no? hehe… o sige, kayo na dyan, magbabrush muna ako ng nipin ko ah! Love, ‘kaw ng bahala kay Lolo, Bye na po ‘Lo! I’ll brush my teeth pa kasi eh, then I’ll cook some breakfast.”
    Raphy: “Aba, luluto ka ng breakfast para sa atin? Ang galling talaga ng prinsesa ko, ‘di ba ‘lo? Hahahaha!”
    Lolo Alan: “Haha!!! O sya! Sige na May! Magbrush ka na ng teeth! Hehe”
    *umalis na si MayAnn*
    Lolo Alan: “Are you alone na ba Raphy?”
    Raphy: “opo.”
    Lolo Alan: “Ok, so bakit ganun ang sagot ninyo sa tanong ko tungkol sa wedding ninyo?”
    Raphy: “Eh kasi naman po, ang date naming nung July 4th, nacancel kasi the reservations got messed up so we just ended up eating at home.”
    Lolo Alan: “Ay, ganun ba? Saying naman, and pasensya nga pala apo ha? Muntik ko ng sinabi sa kanya yung pagpopromose mo. So kelan ka na bang magpopropose sa kanya?”
    *MayAnn is coming back into the room*
    Raphy: “Naku, sige na ‘Lo! Bye na po!
    *Hangs up the phone*
    Raphy: “Oh Hun, Ba’t nandito ka? Aren’t you going to cook?”
    MayAnn: “Uh, yea, I will, I was just coming to get my phone, you’re done with it right?”
    Raphy: “Uh, yea, I am. Bakit, sinong tatawagan mo?”
    MayAnn: “Naku ha, ‘tong prinsipe ko, nagseselos na! hahaha but you don’t need to! Si Ate Anna lang ang tatawagan ko! I’m going to tell her we’re eating out tonight remember?”
    Raphy: “haha!!! Di naman sa nagseselos ako eh, curios lang talaga… sleazy.gif

    MayAnn just put hung up the phone and walked down stairs to make the breakfast. The day before, Raphy already told Ate Anna that they were going to have dinner today. He also told her that he needed her to stall MayAnn so he can set up the dinner. He just thought about it, and he realized he might need help setting up the dinner, so he called his Kuya Martin.

    Kuya Martin:
    Raphael: “Kuya! si Bunso ito!”
    Kuya Martin: “Ah, Raphael, ba’t ka napatawag? Musta ka? May problema ka ba? Naku, ano na naman ang ginawa mo?!”
    Raphael: “Kuya, relax! Wala akong ginawa! But I do need your help. Well, tonight, Me and MayAnn, you know, my girlfriend, well, hopefully seen to be fiancé, are having dinner tonight and I need your help setting up our dinner. I already talking to her Ate and asked her to stall Maye while we’re setting up the dinner. So what do you say Kuya? can you help me out?”
    Kuya Martin: “Haha! Naku, ang bunso di na sya bata! Magpapakasal na! haha este, magpopropose! Haha At syempre naman Raph, tutulungan kita. Kapatid kita eh, matatanggihan ba kita? Hahaha”
    Raphael: “Naku, salamat po talaga Kuya ah! I owe you one!”
    Kuya Martin: “Wala yun, as long as Yes ang sagot nya sa ‘yo. :]”
    *They hang up then Raph takes a shower*
    By the time he’s out of the shower, Maye calls him down stairs for Breakfast.
    MayAnn: “Love! Are you done in the shower yet? The breakfast is finished!”
    Raphy: “Yea! I’m coming down!”

    After they ate their breakfast, it was now about 1 pm, and Anna’s shift at work had just finished. So since Raph and MayAnn didn’t have work, and didn’t know what to do, they decided to pick up Anna at the Music Store where she works so they could all go to the mall and just have some fun.

    When they got there, they were already a little bored, and since they haven’t watched a movie in a while, they decided to watch Kung Fu Panda. Afterwards, Raphael knows MayAnn loves carousels, and remembered there was one in the mall, so while Anna was in Charlotte Russe, shopping, he asked her if he could take Maye to the carousel for a while, and she could maybe catch up later. So Raphael took MayAnn to the carousel. Anna just finished paying now, and was leaving the store when a man made her drop her bags by bumping into her. She was about to yell at the man but when she looked up, she saw a tall, handsome man, with a full head of black, wavy hair. She all of a sudden just forgot what she was going to say or do, after she saw him. It was as if the world around, just froze except for her and this mysterious man.

    *Abangan ang susunod sa, Kailangan Kita
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    hehehe.. alam ko na kung ano mangyayari.. wehehehe
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    when are we.. i mean you gonna make the 3rd epi?? hahaha

    omg.. it was funn messing with you man.. you were so apologetic.. i was like cracking up.. ahha
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    i so hate you so much for that! eh malay ko ba naman na binibiro mo lang ako?! hay naku! lam mo i labshu, pero kainis ka ah! rofl2.gif
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    ahahah i know your weakness man.. haha it was so funny.. omg.. you were so apologetic.. i swear.. i was like.. mana ka kay daddy fahfah markie.. ehehe
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    well i find that as a compliment!! bleh.gif alt=':b' ] hehehe and durr.. ganito ako kasi yokong may taong tampo sa akin! hehe i wanna be coo wit everywan!!! hehehe biggrin.gif but i still lahv ya... sleazy.gif alt=';)' ]

    6.gif alt=':6:' ] biggrin.gif
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    okie wheres the 3rd one?! bilisan mo emeng gumawa hahha jk jk...

    HAPEE BIRTHDAY ANN!!!!! biggrin.gif
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    nasan na ung kasunod?? ano vaahhh.. hehehe akala ko tapos na??

    tenchu sis april..
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    I'M FINALLY FINISHED! rofl2.gif alt='=))' ]

    Kailangan Kita

    Ep. 3

    Nung huli natin iniwanan ang tatlong binata, nasa mall sila. Sila Raphael at si MayAnn, pumunta sila sa carousel habang nagbabayad at aalis na si Anna ng Charlotte Russe. Susunod na lang daw sya kila Raphael at MayAnn pagtapos na sya sa Charlotte Russe. She’s just walking out the store when she drops her things after bumping into a tall, handsome man, with a full head of black wavy hair. She was just about to yell at him, but when she saw him, it was as if she couldn’t think anymore.

    *Right after Anna drops her bags*
    *The man softly, and a little snobbishly whispers…*

    The man: “Oh, Sorry”

    Although, this man didn’t mean to seem snobbish, he was just in a rush. After he said his quick, snobbish sorry, he hurried his way inside the store to get what he was looking for.

    *Anna didn’t hear him when he said he was sorry. She looked back to look at the man walking away and she thought to herself…*
    Anna: “Oh my gosh! That guy is so rude! I can’t believe I thought he was cute at all! rolleyes.gif alt='8-|' ]”
    *She starts walking out the store, a little frustrated because of the man*
    *The man suddenly stops in his tracks, and turns around to look at Ann. He thought to himself…*
    The man: “Wow, she’s hott. Wait, was that…?”
    *The man follows her, and he says to himself…*
    The man: “She looks just like her! I need to see her again; I need to know for sure!”
    *Anna saw him behind her and she said to herself…*
    Anna: “Isn’t that the man who bumped into me back at Charlotte Russe? Why is he following me?!”
    *She finally gets to the carousel and she sees Raphael and MayAnn just getting off it.*
    *The man is behind Anna and he sees Raphael as well, and he waves to him. What Anna doesn’t know, is Raphael is friends with the man who was supposedly following her.*

    *Raphy waved back to the man and signaled him to come over, and he did.*
    Raphy: “Oh bro! Long time no see! Haha”
    *Anna saw Raph’s signal and thought he was calling her over, but it was the man who was behind her.*
    Ate Anna: “HA?! Bro!? You know him?! You’re FRIENDS?!”
    MayAnn: “Ha? Ate, what are you talking about? And how do you know him anyway? Plus, he’s the reason me and Raph got together in high school! He introduced us!”
    Ate Anna: “What? MayAnn, ibig sabihin, all three of you guys know each other? Oh wait, how do I know him? I, I don’t really…”
    *The Man finally sees her face for sure, and he says to himself…*
    The Man: “Wow, She’s so beautiful. She looks just like the real thing, but it can’t be her! This girl doesn’t even recognize me!”
    MayAnn: “Ano yan ulit? Anong sinabi mo?”
    The Man: “Ahh, wala, ang sabi ko lang… MayAnn?! Ikaw na ba yan?! I didn’t recognize you kasi! Hehe And wow ah… Going strong pa pala kayo nitong mokong na to! Hahaha I’m a great match maker huh? hahaha”
    Raphy: “Eh syiempre naman! Matagal na ngang may crush ako dito in high school eh… hehe and we just kind of clicked after you set us up… hehe Oh what, dude, you don’t know May’s Ate yet! Mart’, this is Anna, ‘Te Anna, this is Martin…”
    Martin: “Hi Anna, I’m Martin.”
    Anna: “Uhh, yea, I, I’m, umm.. A,A-“
    MayAnn: “Anna! Haha Her name’s Anna, Anna Marie.” *whispers* “Ate, are you ok? Haha”
    Anna: “Ahh, ok lang ako! Haha”
    *Raphy quietly talks to Martin away from the girls*
    Raphy: “Oh ano na kuya, nakuha mo ba?”
    *Martin was getting distracted and staring at Anna*
    Raphy: “Kuya!”
    Martin: “ah, ah! Ano ano? Oh, hindi eh.. uhh, nadistract kasi ako eh.. sensya na bunso…”
    Raphy: “Ok lang yan, uhh, anong oras na ba? Ok, it’s 3:00, we have exactly 4 hrs. until tonight. Kuya, I NEED that ring!”
    Martin: “I know, I know, don’t worry, I’ll get it!”

    Habang naman kinikilala ng mas mabuti ang dalawang sila Martin at Anna, nangkukulitan naman ang dalawang sila Raphael at MayAnn. Nahalata ito ni Martin, kaya niyaya nya itong si Anna na iwanan muna ang dalawa for some alone time. Niyaya nya si Anna to the carousels, at pumayag naman si Anna. Ann had so much fun on the carousel with Martin. When they got off, may nakuhang text si Anna sa cell phone nya. It was from MayAnn. It said:

    Ate, wag ka po masyadong magalala dyan ah? Me and Raphy just got a little bored.
    We’re on our way to the park, just in case you want to follow.

    Martin: “Anna? Are you ok? What happened? You look a little tense…”
    Anna: “OMG! They left me! With THIS guy! dry.gif hay naku…"
    Martin: “Ano ulit yon? Anong sinabi mo?”
    Anna: “Ah, wala.. sabi ko lang.. Di talaga sila mapakali! They left us to go to the park… haha”
    Martin: “Ah, ganun ba? Eh gusto mong sundin natin sila? But, I need to go home and change first, as you can see, I’m still in my scrubs and I’m stinky.”
    Anna: “Ah, ganun ba? Sige… tayo na, para maabutan pa natin sila!”

    When they get to the parking lot, Anna was only expecting a car. She passed a motorcycle and Martin said…

    Martin: “Anna! Where are you going? This is our ride… I hope it’s ok with you. Here’s your helmet.”
    Anna: “Wow, you have pretty nice taste. A Ducati 10985 ey? Hehe… my kinda bike.”
    Martin: “You know what kinda bike this is? Wait, you LIKE bikes? Haha”
    Anna: “Well of course I do! Just because I shop at Charlotte Russe doesn’t mean I’m not into bikes ok.”
    *Put’s helmet on and jumps on driver’s seat while saying the rest*
    Anna: “And hasn’t anyone ever told you, ‘never judge a book by its cover’? …So what are you waiting for? Are you getting on or not?”
    Martin: “You’re kidding right? I’m not letting you drive my bike! It’s brand new!”
    Anna: “~sighs~ Typical male behavior… Well, I’m sure you do know that in the Philippines, I rode and won ever bike race I was in since I was 14 right? So let’s go”
    *Martin get’s on the bike, a little impressed.*

    *Abangan ang susunod sa, Kailangan Kita!*
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    keep it coming emeng..... upload mo na ung next hahahaah tongue.gif
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    MB&SG_forever wrote on Jul 8 2008, 06:13 PM:
    nasan na ung kasunod?? ano vaahhh.. hehehe akala ko tapos na??

    tenchu sis april..

    nareceive mo ba ung txt ko kaninang umaga??? i greeted u hapee bday thru txt also hahahaha tongue.gif
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    ^ oo nga pala mga sis ko! anong mga numbahs ninyo? i have a cell na... rofl2.gif well i've had it for a month... rofl2.gif
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    iLuVjeLLy wrote on Jul 8 2008, 09:41 PM:
    ^ oo nga pala mga sis ko! anong mga numbahs ninyo? i have a cell na... rofl2.gif well i've had it for a month... rofl2.gif

    emeng number ko ay... (702)768-5379..... uve had a cell for a month... di mo sinabi sa amin?! hahaahah jk jk
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    ate naman! kala ko ipPM mo ako... ba't sa forum mo pinost?! hahaha iedit mo ah? haha la lang... kasi kung sino sino pa kasing makikita nyan eh... haha :]
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    ^ hahahaaha okie lng yan...... wla naman tatawag sa akin eh..... di ko na e.edit hahahahaahah tongue.gif
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