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a box office hit in the statesguys have you seen it???

well all of you should go and see DREAMGIRLS.....

DREAMGIRLS is one of the best Broadway show that they have turned into movie next to CHICAGO!!!!

the cinematography was sssooooo sssooooo amazing!!!! and the music!!!! oh my god!!!! its a one of a kind movie experience!!!!! do you guys remember Jennifer Hudson??? from the American Idol Season 3?? Jasmine's batch... the fat black lady..... she is one of the main characters..... and man she brought the house down when she sang AND I AM TELLING YOU..... the show stopper of the show......

everyone of you should see the movie.... but if you really understand how a Broadway Musical capture the audience you will really love the movie.....



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    i just watched that lastnight... yeah maganda cya i like it 2... pero dpat black xmas ppanoorin namin kaso sold out na eh..
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    i've heard a lot of good reviews for this movie. mapanood nga... i love jamie foxx, so talented! napanood nyo ba sya sa Ray Charles biopic? wagi! [img]https://sarahgeronimo.com/uploads/ipb/style_emoticons/legacy/smile.gif Chicago is my all-time fave movie musical... i wonder kung pareho ng approach ang ginamit nila.[/img]smile.gif
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    oh yea si jennifer hudson nga nandito sa movie...gusto makita sya magact...imma try to watch it kasi we're planning to watch black xmas..hehe
    oh and ateh all time fave ko din ung chicago..hindi ako nagsasawa...sa phil ko pa nga po un napanood eh..hehe
  • Yup. This movie is really great.

    I bought the soundtrack mainly bcuz of When I First Saw You by Beyonce and Jamie Foxx. But it's really a Power CD. Every single track is magnificient. You can't have a single favourite. But most of the power songs are sung by Jennifer Hudson... On And I'm telling You, she sounds like Frenchie Dy.
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    yeah.. that I am telling you reminded me of sarah when she sang it sa Reining Still ni regine. Both renditions were good. I LOVED THE MOVIE. galing.. after i watched it.. i rushed to starbucks to buy the soundtrack.. i even called ahead to reserve it for me kahit na 2 miles lang ang layo from the movie.. lol...
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    not yet...but i will definitely watch dreamgirls!
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    di ko pa ito napanuod..
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