Filipino artist Sarah Geronimo: Achieving International Stardom (19Mar

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Mitch Layno
March 19, 2012

Multi-platinum album, box office movies, sold out concerts, an in demand endorser and a solid legion of fans from all over the world. Among her admirers is American Idol finalist, Jessica Sanchez, revealed that she likes Sarah Geronimo. In an interview she admitted, “I like her style of singing.” It’s no secret how popular and big of a celebrity Sarah Geronimo is in the Philippines.

Just how favored Sarah Geronimo is right now? A week before her show debuted, she made Twitter history. “Sarah G Day” became the #1 trending topic worldwide on Twitter for that day. To top it off, the Pop Star Princess Sarah Geronimo’s musical variety show, “Sarah G Live!” aired its pilot episode last Feb. 26, showcasing a grand opening production number and getting the highest local TV rating that night.

Off Cam Video Sarah G. Live: Gimme That Bass [Ciara] / Run The World [Beyonce]

It appears as though Geronimo has achieved everything that someone could only dream of, but she still has a few items left on her bucket list. We all know she can effortlessly belt out hits of Celine Dion’s “To Love You More,” Beyonce’s “Best Thing I Never Had,” and Adele’s “Set Fire To the Rain,” just to name a few. But this time, the Philippine’s Pop Star Princess wants to write her own songs and be able to collaborate with other artists. This was stated in her official blog site.

On top of her dream list is to make it in the international music scene. Her aspirations of international stardom counts selflessly, as her main purpose is to give pride and honor to her country.

Jackfroot has been gearing up its media drive, “Help Bring Sarah Geronimo to the United States.” Let us draw out our support by spreading the word and helping her put a check on that bucket list. With an incredible voice like hers, and overflowing talent, Sarah is ready and worthy of a far wider attention.



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