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Good Day po sa lahat!

I am Marie and currently working abroad. Today i was going through the site and exploring the layout as well as some of the topics. Honestly when I joined several days ago I never read the rules and regulations only today. I came across the instruction that if you are new here you may introduce yourself. Bwwwwwwwwwwwaaala now I am introducing. hehehehehee. Only now.

Even before, I always like Sarah nung sumali pa sya sa Star for a Night me and my aunt always waiting for her performances and we even predicted na mananalo sya and indeed she won. I was a college student that time. I admire her so much because of her talent, her simplicity, her humbleness and being grounded. My turning point na hook na hook talaga ako kay Sarah is when i came across to a blog (early this year) that compiles SARAH's best performances in 2011. I never imagine that i will get so addicted to an artist or singer the way i have right now with SARAH. Yes i admire artist but never would I browse or look for any related information about him/her. Kaya siguro nagjoin ako sa site na to, what I am doing right now is outside of my box (not my usual thing (Being a super fan)). Never done this to any artist.

Grabeh yung effect ni Sarah. Most of her performances tatak na tatak talaga sa puso mo. I never meet her in person but definitely in time i will. I hope my job here and my time permits.

I do hope i can watch her Birthday concert this year. I am planning to visit the country by June or July depends if my company approve it. I am crossing my fingers that what will be approved falls near Sarah's concert. Help me pray na I would have this chance to see her in person and to see her perform. So that I could feel the way POPSTERS are feeling every time they are with SARAH, I could scream the way POPSTERS are screaming "I LOVE YOU SARAH". I am not an official POPSTERS but in my heart I am right now. Hmmmm...so help me pray talaga.

Lastly, I am really glad to had sign-up and be a member here.


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    hi SGSuperb.welcome sa SG.com
    sna mag enjoy k dn tulad ko.newbie lng dn aq dto at 2lad mo d rn aq mahlg dti s ganito.silent die hard fan nga dw aq.bsta pavisit2 s SG.com nuod nuod ng vids nd shows at kinig2 ng s0ngs ni sarah e masaya nq.kealang lately narealize q n gusto q xa makita ng personal kht s malayo lng.haha..anyways d2 s SG.com parang ang lapit2 muna dn ky sarah pg nand2 k at ngb2sa basa.ska mbabaet cla lhat d2 sleazy.gif kea enjoy k dn sleazy.gif
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    Thank you po Ms. kknavarro. Nakakawala talaga ng stress sa work pag nagvisit ako dito sa site. Yun nga eh sana tlaga makita ko si Sarah. Iba talaga impact nya as in no words can explain.
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    Hello Marie, welcome to SGcom, the home of Sarah G lovers.....this is the best Sarah G home for me....
    btw, taga TOS ka pala (The Other Side) meaning nasa labas ng Pinas, you can visit Popsters International thread and join the fun....enjoy and keep posting. God bless!
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    Thank you po. I will definitely visit the thread. :-)...
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    Welcome to SG.com Ms . Marie smile.png
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    Welcome to SG.com Ms . Marie smile.png

    Thank you so much. smile.png
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    [font=comic sans ms,cursive]Thank you for sharing..more power to sarah..bring back all the glory to GOD..GODBLESS... 5.jpg 5.jpg [/font]
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