IN Motion DVD or VCD



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    oo nga po...
    sana magrelease para mapanood namin...
    im pretty sure maglalabas ng viva ng dvd and cd.....
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    I hope VIVA will release a DVD memorabilia for SGIM concert in Araneta with spiels and everything. Like ng TOS. Surely marami ang gustong bumili nito.

    DVD! DVD! DVD! girlpower.gif alt=':gp:' ] popsters bouncesmile.gif
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    I wish too... lets start sending emails to Viva en masse... maybe if there will be tons of request they will change their mind...
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    I really hope ate Sarah's concert goes on DVD. 'Cause I can't even see it live! So I really hope na mapunta sa DVD.
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    sana nga mag release
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    sana nga mag labas sila ng dvd...

    para pede mong ulit ulitin 17.jpg
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    meron yan for sure biggrin.gif
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    sarah_geronimitis_patient wrote on Jun 2 2007, 10:53 AM:
    honga eh, hopefully they will still change their minds and release a dvd in the future.

    and sana kasama mga spiels. spoton.gif alt=':T' ]

    para sa aming wala sa pinas at walang way para mapanood ang SGIM sa araneta, i won't mind paying for a 2 or 3-DVD set. [img] better yet, kung icocompile din nila yung US tour vids, i won't mind getting 2 sets then, isang from araneta, isang from US tour legs![/img]bouncesmile.gif alt=':bs:' ]

    agree din ako.. Pagdadasal ko talga na magrelease sila ng dvd. I also wouldn't mind spending money on her concert dvds, collection din un ah.. saka lagi naman worth it basta si sarah. th_GoSG.jpg
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    sana meron
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    sana talaga magrelease cla ng dvd or vcd nito, paging VIVA!!!hehe
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    i saw the conert live... but i'm hoping na may dvd copy. I'll buy one collection ko kasi yang cd and dvd ni sarah an gusto ko kasi ulit ulitin... iintayin ko yan 11.jpg
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    calling viva pls po pagplanohan na ninyo ang dvd
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    sana nga mag release ng dvd

    congrats baby sarah th_GoSG.jpg alt=':th_GoSG:' ] anggaling.gif
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    On the other forum, they said that they will have a DVD of ate Sarah's IN MOTION DVD!!!!!! Yay!!!!
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    Rachel_aviado#1 wrote on Jul 16 2007, 02:38 PM:
    netskie_sg4life wrote on Jul 16 2007, 10:07 AM:
    ate G wrote on Jul 16 2007, 07:24 PM:

    Abangan ang SGIM DVD ......pero after pa ng SGIM US TOUR.....medyo matatagalan pa but its worth the wait ...
    Yeahhhhhhh! Magkakaroon ng SGIM DVD!!!!! Kahit matagal pa, basta meron! 45.jpg
    Thanks ate G.

    Yay!!!! Thank you rin! Ah, salamat!!! I can finally watch ate Sarah's concert!
    Well, after the US TOUR. Then we have to wait. Well, OK lang 'yon! Basta may DVD.

    YAY!!!!! 14.jpg alt=':142sgThumb2:' ] 45.jpg
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    postive ak0 nah mer0n yan kasi mer0n the other side imposible wala in motion..

    mer0n yan!! mag hintay lng tay0 malay ny0 ma release din kasabay ng 4th album nya!!!!
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    Me din... I am fervetnly hoping na may dvd or cd ng sgim...
    ... Viva folks, plsssss!
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    i watched the concert.. pero gusto mko ng dvd ..

    viva,.. pls,,, sana magrelease po kayo ng dvd.. kasi dapat po my copy kami nun eh...

    unforgetable event po un eh kaya dapat documented..
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    sana nga mag-release sila, para lahat makapanuod..
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    I really hope that they do release a DVD copy of the concert.

    I wasn't able to watch the concert because of some problems...

    The DVD will also be a part of my collection so I hope this will really be pushed through.
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