Anak TV Seal’s 2007 Most Admired Female TV lady

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Philstar- 10Dec07 - by Ricky LoAnak TV Seal’s 2007 Most Admired Female TV lady
FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo
Monday, December 10, 2007

Congratulations to Korina Sanchez, said to be a “First Lady material” (do you wonder why?), for having been voted the most admired female TV personality in the 2007 Anak TV Seal awards. Personally, I admire Korina for her guts in discussing/dissecting current issues without fear or favor, a no-holds-barred style that often gets her in hot water.

The nine others on the list of The Country’s 10 Most Admired Female Personalities are (according to number of votes):

2. Mel Tiangco

3. Sharon Cuneta

4. Christine Bersola

5. Angel Locsin

6. Jessica Soho

7. Karen Davila

8. Bernadette Sembrano

9. Sarah Geronimo

10. Toni Gonzaga.

The awarding will be done tomorrow, Dec. 11, starting at 9:30 a.m. at the Soka Gakkai Building on Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

Congratulations to the other winners. Keep up the good work!


hanep!!! congrats SARah!!! 20.jpg alt=':20sgClap:' />


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    thanks ash - 45.jpg alt=':45sgWohoo:' ] peacecirclesmaller.gif in a row

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    ayown!!!..hehehe..ang galing tlga ni ate Sarah... 20.jpg alt=':20sgClap:' ]

    tnx 4 sharing ate ash.. [img] Uulitin.png ][/img]
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    thanks for sharing ate ashhhhhh

    congrats sarah! 20.jpg
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    thanks for sharing..

    wow, naks galing talaga ni sarah.... Congratssssss... 20.jpg
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    dapat lang no...she's truly deserving naman. 20.jpg
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    woohoo congrats Sarah 20.jpg
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    another award from Anak TV Seal.....


    congrats sarah! role model ka talaga.....
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    thanks ate ash!

    makes us all the more proud to be sarah g fans! biggrin.gif
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    isang malaking!!!! anggaling.gif alt=':astig:' ] [img] Uulitin.png ][/img]
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    congrats 20.jpg
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    20.jpg alt=':20sgClap:' ] Ibang kLAse kah taLAga SARAh..!! graBeh We're so pRoud of You... You reaLLy deserve thAt aWArd... RoLe moDeL ka taLAga kasi eH..
    29.jpg alt=':29sgGoRosa:' ] Go SArah..!! keep uP the Good wOrK..!!! CONGRATZ Again..
    worship.gif th_GoSG.jpg alt=':th_GoSG:' ] worship.gif
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    Wohoo!.. congrats Sarah!... 20.jpg
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    congrats for sarah! yahoo.gif alt=':yahoo:' ]

    sa sobrang dami mong achievements..kung nabebenta lang ang "congratulations" siguro lalo kapang yayaman...hihihihi.. specool.gif alt=':cool:' ]

    excl.gif pero! wag mo na lang ibenta yung "congratulations" na natatanggap mo..hehehe...
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    gaLinG tAlaGA Ni AtE "SaRAH"...

    wHOOOOh..... 45.jpg
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    20.jpg alt=':20sgClap:' ] wohOOOO!!!
    VRABO!!! hehhe
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    congrats sarah!!!! 20.jpg
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    Wow! That's ONE VERY CREDIBLE AWARDING to speak. 34.jpg alt=':34sgDimple2:' ]

    Kung nandyan lang talaga ako...nahalikan ko na si Sarah... 48.jpg alt=':48sgBungi4:' ] 6.gif
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    Thanks AshY for sharing.

    Congrats Bebe Sarah!!!

    Kanino galing ang mga votes?
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    thanks for sharing..

    She truly deserve all recognition given her..after all she's working doubly hard for all of these.

    Bravo...Sarah!!! worship.gif
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    huwaw nman....

    galing galing talaga...
    mas lalo ko tuloy nagiging idol... 13.jpg

    thanks for sharing....
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