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    takingflight415 wrote on Jul 9 2008, 01:12 PM:
    MB&SG_forever wrote on Jul 8 2008, 06:13 PM:
    nasan na ung kasunod?? ano vaahhh.. hehehe akala ko tapos na??

    tenchu sis april..

    nareceive mo ba ung txt ko kaninang umaga??? i greeted u hapee bday thru txt also hahahaha tongue.gif

    yea.. thank you.. hehehe

    sorry i didnt txt back.. tamad ako mag txt eh.. kagaya ni daddy mark
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    Kailangan Kita

    Epi. 4

    Martin: “Turn here.”
    Anna: “What? I thought we were going to your house? This isn't a neiborhood, why are we goin to Beverly Hills Mall? And didn’t we just come from the mall?”
    Martin: “We are, I just need to get something first. They only have it at Beverly Hills Mall. And tonight ko kasi kailangan eh.”
    Anna: “Ah, ganung ba? Ok. But not too long ha? I have to go somewhere tonight. And it’s already 4:30.”
    Martin: “WHAT?! It’s already 4:30?! Sige, this is fast. Well, pagpasok natin sa loob, can you help me find it agad? I need it now kasi eh.. hehe”
    Anna: “Ah, sige… But, what shop exactly are we going to?
    *Martin brings her to the front of the nicest and most expensive jewelry store in the mall*
    Anna: “DITO?!?! Nandito ang bagay na hinahanap mo!?”
    Martin: “Oo, bakit? Nareserve ko na nga kasi yung singing eh, kaya dapat mabilis lang dito.”
    *Martin walks over to the lady behind the jewelry counter*
    The Lady: “Hi sir, how may I help you today?”
    Martin: “Uh, yes ma’am, can I please take a look at that ring right there?”
    The Lady: “Oh, I must say sir, you have exquisite taste. It’s just lovely for your fiancé here. Whom I must say is quite beautiful sir. hehe”
    Martin: “HAHAHA!!! THIS girl right here?! NO! hahaha She’s nowhere NEAR a woman I would marry! This ring is for my brother and HIS hopefully soon to be fiancé. He showed me the ring he was going to propose with the other day so I’m picking it up for him. He’s proposing you know you see, and he’s a little busy. So I’m doing it for him.”

    When Anna heard what Martin said, “She’s nowhere near the woman he’d marry”, she kind of lost her spirit for a second, she kind of became a little discouraged and sad.

    The Lady: “Oh, I see. Ok, well I hope this ring will get your “brother’s” girlfriend to say yes. Hehe
    *She prepared the ring and gave it to Martin*

    *In the parking lot, walking to the bike…*
    Anna: “Martin, may itatanong sana ako sa ‘yo eh… It’s really just out of curiosity. Pwede?”
    Martin: “Oh sige, shoot”
    Anna: “What you said to the lady back there, about me not being a kind of woman you would marry, what did you mean by that?”
    *Natigilan si Martin, pero hindi ito napansin ni Anna*

    While Anna is basically “interrogating” Martin, Raphael and MayAnn are having loads of fun at the park.

    On the way to the park, MayAnn and Raphy stopped by the store to grab some food so they can have a small picnic at the park. They bought some soda, apples, bananas, tomatoes, mayonnaise, and other ingredients for making a sandwich. When they got to the park, there was a little kid's birthday party that used all the tables. But MayAnn was really hungry already so Raphy took the blanket from the trunk of his car and just laid it on the floor so they can eat on it. About 15 or 20 minutes after they start eating, the little kids at the birthday party started playing volleyball. One of the kids accidentally hit the MayAnn's food out of her hand with the ball. Since the kids didn't know her, they got so scared...

    the kids: ohmy.gif alt=':o' ]
    *halatang takot sila na baka magalit si MayAnn*
    MayAnn: "Hahahahaha!!! I remember one time, when I was the one in your position, the lady pulled my hair! hahaha That's why i'm not so mad at you kids right now. I know how it feels.. hahaha And by the way, i won't tell your parents if you let me play volleyball with you guys? hehehe."

    nashock ang mga bata. pati na rin si Raphy, pero ipinag malaki na rin nya si MayAnn because what she did showed how much of a good person she is. Raphael was just sitting at the little picnic they had, and watched with MayAnn played with the little kids. And as he did, he said to himself...

    Raphael: "Wow, I feel like I'm the luckiest man in the world. She's nice, smart, funny, and my favorite traits, makulit and sexy! hehehe I dont' know what'd I'd do if I lost her."
    MayAnn: "LOVE! COME ON! You wanna play? You were great in High School! Play with us!"
    Raphael: "Oh sige, andyan na! Just let me clean this up!"
    MayAnn: "Hun, wag na... Mamaya na yan. Maglaro ka na lang muna."
    *One of the little Filipino girls tugs on MayAnn's shirt and asked her a question*
    the young girl: "Ate, is he your husband? Because you 2 look really cute together!"
    *MayAnn stares at Raphy from a distance...*
    MayAnn: "Hehe, no, but hopefully someday... I love him so much. And someday, you'll understand this feeling of mine. hehehe..."
    Raphy: "Oh, Love, game na!"

    It's 6:30 pm now, and Raphy and MayAnn are at home now, while Anna's just pulling into the driveway on Martin's bike with him riding behind her.

    Martin: "Did you REALLY need to go that fast?! You're lucky there was no police back there!"
    Anna: "Oh hush up, and chill a second ok! And besides, the police wouldn't even be able to catch us with me driving! Now I'm here SAFELY ok... You can go to that party of yours, or watever it is!"
    Martin: "It's a dinner! ...And I only wanted you to drive to your house on my bike because i didn't want you to walk! I'm only concerned ok!"
    Anna: "Yes, well, that's very sweet of you... Now you can leave now!"
    Martin: "Uh-huh, so THAT'S the thanks i get i see..."
    *Already on his bike, about to turn around, he said this sincerely*
    Martin: "But I'm serious Anna, I care about you... And i just wanted to make sure you'd get home safe..."

    After how Martin said what he said to the lady in the jewelry store, she was surprised about what he said to her just now... And the more she thought about it, the more she smiled. And she watched Martin drive down the street. When she got in the house, she first thing she did was look for Raphy because she needed to go over with him what the plan was again for tonight.

    *She found Raphy*
    Raphy: "Oh ano, So alam mo na ang plan right? I just told MayAnn right now that i need to go there early to confirm the reservation, which there is none of because it's on the beach, but i'm really going early to set it up with my brother. And i told her YOU'RE going to bring her to the "restaurant"... You know what beach it's at though, right?"
    Anna: "Ok, I now know the plan, and what beach was it again?"
    Raphy: "Corona Del Mar. Ok, so we're good? You know all you need to know now right? ...Wait, what's wrong, you look a little flustered, nervous. What's wrong?"
    Anna: "Well, that's just it, I'm NERVOUS!!"
    Raphy: "YOU'RE nervous?! I'm the one who's supposed to be nervous! I'm the one proposing!"
    Anna: "Oh, right... Well, GO NOW!! YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE!"
    Raphy: "Yea. Just make sure YOU'RE not! Remember be there at 8:00!"
    Anna: "Ok, ok! now LEAVE! I still need to change!"
    *Raphy leaves and Anna goes upstairs to check on MayAnn and take a shower herself*

    It is now 7:15 and Anna and MayAnn are on their way to the dinner, while Martin and Raphy are trying to get things ready.

    Raphy: "Oh Kuya, na 'yo na ba ang singsing na kelangan ko?"
    Martin: "Pare, chill ka lang... Handa na ang lahat, at eto ang singsing. All we're waiting for now is MayAnn..."
    Raphy: "SI MAYANN! OH-"
    Martin: "BUNSO!!! CHILL!!! Isn't her sister bringing her?! She's O-KAY! And besides! It's 7:19 pa lang!"
    Raphy: "Right, right, I just need to calm down, and stop sweating before she even gets here!"

    *MayAnn and Anna just pass the restaurant Raphy told MayAnn they were eating at*

    MayAnn: "Ate, that was the restaurant... Bakit tayo pupunta sa beach?"
    Anna: "Easy lang sis, hehe You'll see... sleazy.gif"

    When they got to the beach, it was all deserted, except for a romantic candlelit table, and Raphael standing beside the table, and Martin standing only a small distance away. When MayAnn saw it all, she was in such awe, and started tearing up with tears of joy that Raphael would something like this for her.

    *ABANGAN! Ang susunod sa, Kailangan Kita!*

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    wahahaha.. your so.. omg sister dear emeng dear.. whahaha wla lng..

    alam ko na mangyayari.. haha duhhrr kasi ako ang co writer mo
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    ya no durr... tongue.gif hahaha

    and i am so what? xP
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    thank u s mga gawa nio can't wait sa kasunod!!!
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    *~Kailangan Kita~*

    Episode 5

    MayAnn: “Wha-, what’s going on ate? Raphy? THIS, is where we’re eating?! And, Kuya Martin?! You’re in on this too?!”
    *Anna didn’t know Martin would be there*
    Anna: “IKAW?! IKAW ANG KUYA NI RAPH?! I knew his kuya would be coming.. but I don’t’ know it was YOU!”
    Martin: “Uhh, yes, I am. Is there a problem with that?”
    *Raphy steps in*
    Raphy: “Yes, MayAnn. I planned this night weeks ago. And nagagree sila Ate Anna at si Kuya Martin na tulungan ako… hehe”
    Martin: “Yes, we did. And for the rest of the night, we will be your waiters.”
    *Anna quietly slapped Martin in the stomach while the 2 are talking*
    Martin: “Aray ko! What the heck was that for!?”
    Anna: “Di mo pa sinasagot ang tanong ko! Am I a kind of girl na magugustohan ng isang lalaki?”
    Martin: “Anna, this is not the place to talk about this, now can we just PLEASE get a long for just a few more hours?! At least until AFTER their dinner, so we don’t ruin anything for them!”
    Anna: “NO! I am NOT letting this go until YOU tell me what you meant!”
    *Now feeling a little insecure and sad that she might not be his type*
    Martin said to himself:
    Martin: “Anna, if you only knew…”
    *And they went on like this all through the night*
    In the middle of the dinner…
    MayAnn: “Umm, Love, not that I don’t appreciate all this, but what’s it all of this for? It’s not even our anniversary for another 5 months!”

    *Back to Martin and MayAnn who are eating in the car, but are near enough to still see MayAnn and Raph*
    Anna: “So… di mo talaga sasabihin sa akin?”
    Martin: “Sa tingin ko, hindi eh.”
    Anna: “Ah, ganun ah? Ganun?”
    Martin: “Ganun nga… bakit? Haha”
    Anna: “Eh, kasi kung ganun…”
    *Starts using the “tickling” method to get it out of him*
    Martin: “Ok! Ok! WAIT!!! Check out Raphy and May first!! I think it’s time for Raph’s little surprise… hehe”
    Without saying a word, Raphy cues the music, takes MayAnn’s hand, and starts to sing to her. He started singing “The Way You Look Tonight”, and soon after he started singing, be began slow dancing with her as well. When he started dancing with her, MayAnn knew what his answer was, because she knows he doesn’t dance unless it’s something important, something special. And the song he sang, “The Way You Look Tonight”, that was the last thing, the song that won her over. The song that made her his. After the song, Martin and Anna came in together carrying a wine bottle, and a small bag. On the wine bottle, was engraved…
    “Live. Laugh. Love”
    Raphael Soriano and MayAnn Reyes
    July 10, 2008
    Remembered as a magical moment in time…

    When MayAnn read the inscription, she started crying tears of joy. When Raphael noticed MayAnn finished reading it, he took the ring out from the small bag Martin was carrying, got down on one knee, held it up to MayAnn, and at a distance behind him, fireworks went off. In red, it read “MayAnn, Will You Marry Me?” and in green and blue, fireworks went off around it.

    Raphael: “Love, I know you wanted me to get your parents blessing first, and I did just that. I talked to them on the phone last week, and they were ok with it, they were amused by the set up I told them I was going to do. But the only I opinion I really care about is yours. So, from these lips, I ask you, MayAnn Michelle Tabilla Reyes, for your hand in marriage. Will you marry me?”
    *Still a little in shock from everything Raphy just said and set up for her, she couldn’t answer right away*
    Anna: “Sis, sagot mo… SAGUTIN MO NA SYA!”
    MayAnn: “Oh! Right! …YES!!! Hehe Raphael John Ferrer Soriano, I will marry you!! Hehe”
    *Raphael, so excited and happy, takes her up into his arms and lifts her in the air*
    Raphy: “And don’t worry love, the plane tickets are ready. I know you wanted to get married in the Philippines, where your family is, so I already payed for our tickets, and we’re leaving FIRST THING TOMORROW!”
    Anna: “HA? BUKAS!? Pe-, pero… pano kami?”
    Martin: “OO NGA!!! PANO KAMI?!”
    Raphy: “Hahaha!!! Ate Anna, Kuya Martin, after all you 2 did to help me make this happen, how is it possible you can’t come?! Hehehehe”
    Martin: “Aww, hehehe Anna o, tingnan mo sila, ang cute nila together! Hehehe Sana, mawala na lang ang tampo mo sa akin, para makabalik na tayo dyan…”
    Anna: “Who said ganyan tayo dati?! Haha… At di ka naman nanliligaw eh, sabi mo, hindi daw ako yung tipong babae na gusto mong pakasalan!”
    Martin: “Anna, I’m sorry, it’s complicated! I just can’t tell you ok! But please, always remember this, I said those things to protect you…”
    *narinig sila ni Raphy*
    Raphy: “Love o, tingnan mo sila, LQ!! Hahaha”
    Anna: “Anong LQ ka dyan!? There can’t be an Q kung walang L!! hay naku!”
    MayAnn: “Sige na ‘Te o, patawarin mo na tong mokong na to! Paminsan minsan lang dumarating ang ganung klaseng lalaki sa buhay natin!”
    *Anna’s starting to think again…*
    ABANGAN ang susunod sa, KAILANGAN KITA!
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    cge continue mo na.. wahahaha.
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    hahahaha YOU'RE WELCOME hay naku sis.. hahahaha sige... kung ayaw mo talaga... di, ako na lang... rofl2.gif alt='=))' ] jk jk jk xD :]

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    The show will be continued on Monday na po! hehe para parang totoong show.. rofl2.gif
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    real show?? whatever.. hahaha taglish na show tongue.gif .. heheh

    so .. are we gonna be in this story ahh??
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    hahaha!!! parang flip show na on paper pa rin.. rofl2.gif And there's a reason taglish ang usap nila no! nasa Amerika sila! hahaha kelangan may english na rin! haha... we'll get to pure tagalog pag-nasa Pinas na sila! haha

    and BAKA... if ever, sa huli ng show... hehehe
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    haha face it.. ginawa mong taglish kasi namemental block ka pag straight tagalog.. wahahaha

    you cant translate it in tagalog kaya taglish.. wahahaha dnt deny it kc i do that too.. wahahaha
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    oh shut up ka nga dyan! rofl2.gif taglish for now kasi nga nasa cali pa rin sila! hahaha pagdating sila sa philippines, then tagalog na talaga... hehehe
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    ayan me gwa nmn pla kau eh yan muna... sobrang di ko mharap ngayun yan eh.. nkkpgod na mg-aral ahahahhaha
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    hahha... nanyerbos ako ah.. hahaha di kasi ako sigurado kung papayag ka eh.. haha pero nagustohan nyo po ba? hehe :]
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    *~Kailangan Kita~*

    Episode 6

    Nung huli nating nakita yung apat, nasa beach sila, at nagtatampo pa rin si Anna kay Martin dahil sinabi nya na hindi nya raw type pakasalan si Anna.

    MayAnn: “Sige na ‘Te o, patawrin mo na tong mokong na to! Pamingan minsan lang dumarating ang ganung klaseng lalaki sa buhay natin!”
    Anna: “…Ayoko nga!” inis nya itong sinabi
    MayAnn: “Teka nga, parang ngayon ko lang kasi nakitang ganitong ka-tampo ang ate ko ah. Kuya Martin, ‘lam mo namang mahal kita, pero ANO BANG GINAWA MO SA ATE KO!?”
    Martin: “Whoa!... May, teka lang… Wala akong ginawa! May sinabi lang kasi ako eh…”
    MayAnn: “May SINABI!? Ate, since when do you get affected by wat people think of you?!”

    Raphael steps in, noticing there’s something a little “the same” about Anna and Martin’s situation as Raphael and MayAnn’s was 5 years ago. And at this point, Anna was just so upset, she just kept quiet, and left her arms crossed while staring at the floor. Martin was upset himself, because he said what he said.

    Raphy: “Actually... Love, I think we need to let THEM work this out on their own… I think I know what they’re all broken up about. It’s something any girl in love would get upset for. I’m just happy I didn't think that about you…”
    MayAnn: “Wha-, but what…?”
    Raphy gives MayAnn a look that told her enough about the situation
    MayAnn: “O-, Ohhh… Alright, I get it... But wait, Love, don't you recognize that? It's us 5 years ago... hehehe It's how we started… I mean, how we started strong. Hehehe The problem’s a little different, the place is too, but what we did go through was just as painful and just as hard... And yet, I'm glad it happened, or we wouldn't have become as strong and happy a couple as we are now..."
    Raphy: “Oh yea, hehe… That’s right. hehehe But we needed to fix our problem on our own, and now so do you two. And Hey! This could be the beginning of a wonderful relationship! Hahahaha!”
    *Makulit sya nung sinabi nya yung last line… Just to ease the tension a little…*
    MayAnn: “Since I know Martin wouldn’t just leave you behind, [Ate Anna] it’s ok if we (Raphy and MayAnn) take both the cars and just leave his bike here. This is all just to make sure you guys work this out… hehe ok? Ok… Hun, let’s go and leave these 2 love birds to talk.. hehe”
    Ate Anna: “Oh so WE’RE the love birds now?! Dati-rati, kayo yung love birds na sinasabi ng mga tao!” hahaha
    *Raphy says this very seriously and sternly*
    Raphy: “And Kuya, you know we love you… But if she doesn’t come home safe and sound, or at all… Ako ang masasagot mo… Ate sya ng girl-… fiancé, ko!”
    *kinilig si May nung sinabi ito ni Raphy*
    MayAnn: “O sige… Love, let’s go already…”

    At umalis na sila, at pumunta sa cars nila. At habang pumupunta sila sa cars, nagplan sila na they won’t actually leave the 2, they’re just going to drive about a block away, but at a place where they can see Anna and Martin, but they can’t see them.

    *Raphy went over to MayAnn’s car*
    Raphy: “Ano kaya… naguusap kaya sila?”
    MayAnn: “Ewan ko… wala namang nagsasampalan… Ay, sorry nga pala about that 5 years ago ha? Hehe…”
    Raphy: “Hehe… Wala yun.. I deserved that then anyway. Ang importante lang ngayon, ay ang together pa rin tayo, at magkakasal na in, 3 months… hehe”
    MayAnn: “Wow…”
    Raphy: “What?”
    MayAnn: “Wala, it… It just seems so much like a dream… I never imagined getting married yet… And never to someone I don’t even deserve… hehe”
    Raphy: “Ako n gang maswerte sa ‘yo eh! You’re everything a man can ever want in a girl… hehe”
    MayAnn: “And you’re the same a girl would want in a man… hehe”
    Raphy: “Umm, Love, can I ask you a question? And, please be truthful…”
    MayAnn: “Sure, Ano yun?”
    Raphy: “Were you ever engaged close to getting engaged to another man other than me?”
    *Natigilan ng saglit si MayAnn*
    MayAnn: “Huh? Uh, Uhhh… Hi-, Hindi! Hehe… Hun naman… kung ano ano ang iniisip!! Hehehe” *nervous laugh*
    Raphy: “Love, I know you already… You’re not telling the truth… You just had one of your nervous laughs! And what’s so wrong with telling me? It’s not like I’d through a fit and never talk to you again! Hehe …Right?”
    MayAnn: “Um… Yea, right, of course not… hehe”
    Raphy: “So, you really don’t want to tell me? Ok, I understand… It’s ok… You don’t want to get into it… I won’t ask about it again, alright? Are you ok now?”
    MayAnn: “Hehe, I really am lucky with you… Thank you so much. I love you…”
    *Hinalikan nya si Raphael sa labi sabay segue kila Anna at Martin*
    Martin: “PLEASE Anna! Just please, forget what I said! At least let’s just start over… Because as I recall, you weren’t too fond of me when we even just met!
    *A small, silent pause*
    *Martin reaches his hand out*
    Martin: “Hi, I’m Martin”
    *Anna’s a little hesitant, and just looks at his hand for a few seconds…*
    Anna: Anna…
    *sabay ngiti, at hinawakan nya rin ang kamay ni Martin*

    *And two scenes ease out to show a frozen shot of MayAnn and Raphael kissing one side, and Anna and Martin shaking hands in the other*

    *Abangan ang susunod sa, Kailangan Kita!*

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    Sorry po... nalate ako... kasi late ko sinimula... tapos di nagwork ang internet ko after i finished.. so 2 epis na po today... mamaya na po yung 2nd...

    *~Kailangan Kita~*

    Episode 7

    Martin: “So, Ok na tayo?”
    Anna: “Umm… Yea, for the most part… hehe Let’s go now… Baka hinihintay tayo nila May at Raphy sa likod ng bush dun o! hehe”
    Martin: “O sige, I’ll drive you over there. …Unless of course, YOU’D, like to drive?”
    Anna: “Actually… hehe, No thank you… I almost killed us the last time I drove… hahaha! Oh yea, ummm, sorry about that… hehe I was just a little upset…”
    Martin: “And you had reason to… And again, I’m sorry.”
    *Anna just smiled*

    Anna and Martin parked the bike a little behind the other side of the bush so MayAnn and Raphael can’t see them. And when Anna and Martin walked over to the car, the saw MayAnn and Raphael kissing…

    Martin: “Hahaha!!! Anna o! Tingnan mo sila! Ang cute nilang dalawa!!! hahaha”
    Anna: “Haha!! Oo nga eh! hahaha Pero kaya pala nila tayo iniwan eh! Para lang mapagisa sila sa isa’t isa! Hahahaha!”
    *Narinig sila nila Raphael at MayAnn*
    MayAnn: “Ay!! Hahaha Love, di tayo nakalusot! Hahaha Nabuking tayo! Haha”
    Raphael: “Eh ano na ngayon!? Pwede naman ngayon! Newly engaged tayo eh! hahaha”
    Anna: “Haha!!! Ay, oo nga no? hehe”
    MayAnn: “Pero ate, nagpark lang kami dito para tingnan kayo, kung magkakasampalan kayo, o sigawan… pero hindi eh! haha mas civilized kayo sa amin! Haha”
    Anna: “Sa inyo?”
    MayAnn: “Hindi… Uhh… Ang ibig kong sabihin, we parked here to watch what was happening with you to, tapos may napagusapan kami… and…”
    *She looks at Raphael with a look that tells him she doesn’t want to think about it again… And sabay hawak sa kamay nya*
    Raphael: “Uhh… Sige na guys! Umm, 6 AM ang flight natin bukas, at di pa kami nakapack! *He hurriedly and nervously said this part* Kaya, Kuya, wala naman kayong mga pasa, o red marks, hindi naman kayo nagsigawan, and you guys rode over here on a bike together, kaya ok lang yata kung sa ‘yo na lang bahala si Ate Anna right? Right. Ok! Bye!”

    And he hurriedly drove off to make sure they can’t refuse or ask any more questions about what MayAnn said.

    Raphael: “Hun, are you alright?”
    MayAnn: “I love you so much, thank you. [img]”[/img]Raphael: “But you do need to answer this 1 question… Was whatever happened 5 years ago, or however long ago that was, really so bad that you don’t even want to think about it?”
    MayAnn: “Love, hindi naman sa ayokong pagisipan, pero let’s just say, there’s some questions that are better left unanswered…”
    Raphael: “Are you afraid I’ll get hurt, and leave you?”

    MayAnn just kept quiet and let go of his hand a minute and looked to the other side. Raphael held her chin and made her face him…

    Raphael: “Hun, you should know by now, I don’t care about your past, or what you did. We all make mistakes right? And I am sure as hell, I’m not perfect, so who am I to judge?”
    MayAnn: “Yea, I know, but i-“
    Raphael: “-But I love you and, NOTHING, can ever change that!”
    *Sabay peck sa lips ni MayAnn*


    Anna: “They left ME, with YOU, AGAIN!?”
    Martin: “Hey, wait! I thought ok na tayo!? And is it really that bad being with me?”
    Anna: “Hay naku!”
    *Grabs Martin’s keys from his hands, jumps on the bike, and drives*
    *Anna turns around and sharply stops at Martin’s feet*
    *As he gets on the bike…*
    Martin: “That wasn’t funny… dry.gif alt='<_<' ]”
    Anna: “HAHAHA!!! Naku, ‘to naman, di naman mabiro! HAHA”
    Martin:dry.gif alt='<_<' ]”
    Anna: “Sorry na o! hahaha patawarin mo na… haha uyy…. Ngingiti na yan o! ngingiti na!”
    *Martin gives an upset smile*
    Anna: “AYAN!!! Hahaha At nagsmile nga naman!! [img] That was just a small taste of my payback ah? Hehe… …And yes, it was funny![/img]bleh.gif
    *and they drive off*

    Abangan ang Susunod sa Kailangan Kita!*
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    thank u sa lhat ng gumagawa nito enjoiy basahin tlga can't wait para sa susunod.
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