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  • I like Aly too. She's pretty cool. I like that one episode on Phil of the Future where Keely and Phil need to put something in a time capsule. That's a kilig moment. haha.
    in Aly and AJ Comment by AtlasRoad May 2006
  • Joe wrote on Dec 18 2005, 11:51 PM: ate G wrote on Dec 19 2005, 12:05 AM: Ang ganda talaga ng theme song ng Exodus....ibang klase...Sana manalo sa MMFF as Best in Theme song category. Yeah! agree.. international ang dating, similar siy…
  • Scully wrote on Oct 16 2005, 08:50 AM: i only have camile's. here ya go: low quality, sorry dl! credit to Thanks sooo much! I was hardly expecting a response at all. Th…
  • Hi. I was just wondering if anyone has clips of the World Musikahan thing with Camile Velasco, Zhar G., and Harlem Lee? I didn't get to see it, but it looked like a great acoustic set.
  • YEs! I heard he won today! Congratulations!!! . I'm glad he won, so that this will wipe away all the bad comments people threw his way when he lost quickly on the last big fight. (I heard the last one was rigged anyways. Something about him getting…
  • WOW! That's impressive. Congrats to them. (and can I say congrats to us also? heh heh. I don't want to sound cheeky, but the PI does have some marvelous talent..)
  • Wow. You're good Boni! Try the Canadian Idol thing again. You never know . Maybe you'll got to the finals and represent.
  • I don't want to sound all creepy or anything, but can I hear Ate Boni's number again? She's the one that made it to the Canadian Idol thing right?
  • ChairC wrote on Aug 30 2005, 12:11 AM: jeep36 wrote on Aug 29 2005, 06:02 AM: thanks guys...meron po bang video yung each performance ng mga champs sa novelty medley portion? pls upload naman po...thanx ASAP Champions Novelty - 28Aug05- C…
  • sarah_ever wrote on Aug 26 2005, 09:31 AM: bka mpunta ako s jayl. Lol. It's okay. I'm sure we understand. I heard that abs-cbn now has computer account info on the vids you download, so it's better to be safe right? I like your phrasing thoug…
  • Welcome everyone alt='^ ^' ] . Glad you'all liked it. Btw, sorry I spelled her last name wrong..ahaha. I always get her last name wrong. Thanks for the link too.
  • "Impossible & Beautiful" [65.38mB] American Music Awards 2003 Christina Aguilara
  • Here's a few more videos... "Behind These Hazel Eyes" [12mB] VH1 Live Kelly Clarkson I just think it's funny how she still sings the part where it goes "Aah Aah" in the beginnin…
  • Hi everyone. You're all welcome guys. I have more videos of hers to upload, but I broke my glasses while I was at my Church camp last week, so i'm using a set of temporary contacts. Using the computer is drying them out, so I can't really go on this…
  • Aeolus wrote on Aug 13 2005, 06:08 AM: still uploading AH! Thanks so much. I love watching this show, especially the ones about our champions. My favorite one, though, was the last one with Juday and Ryan. They were good. Thanks!!
  • Here's the videos reuploaded. I hope you enjoy them . I have more, but i'll have to upload them another time. "Mr. Brightside" [40.4mB] The Killers VH1 Acoustic "Smile Lik…
  • Hi Mel and Phil. This forum is the best! By the way, my name is Vincent.
  • Any Lani Misalucha fans? Here's a few of her medleys. I think it definitely shows that she is a great singer. The song choices are great and definitely show that the PI has some great songs. "Whitney Houston Medley Live" [7.73mB] Lani Misalucha …
  • Thanks so much for the song Shouran/Kuya Philip (how does everyone know each other's names? I don't know anyone's ). I've never seen the movie, but I heard it was good. This song is nice. Thanks