Happy Birthday Ate Beng! (Feb 2)

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Happy birthday Ate Beng, d' bomb! Mayo have a fantabulous celebration of your special day!
Thank you so much for the friendship, and for the wonderful things you do for Sarah and for SG.com.

God bless always! 6.gif alt=':6:' />


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    awww ate outrigger! that's so nice!

    gagawa din sana ako ng thread kaso text lang ilalagay ko. laugh.gif alt=':lol:' ] buti naman di ko ginawa e nailampaso yun ng thread na ito tongue.gif

    Ate Beng
    Thanks for everything - your grown-up advices (hehe), our everyday chit-chat, my green package from Christmas (i wear that all the time [img]https://sarahgeronimo.com/uploads/ipb/style_emoticons/legacy/smile.gif ), your wise insight that you gladly share with all of us here sa sg.com, and most especially your frenship! ahihi[/img]34.jpg alt=':34sgDimple2:' ]

    just simply seeing Harbie or sarah_geronimitis_patient truly brightens up my day!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATE BENG!!! biggrin.gif alt=':D' ]

    I hope you enjoy your day. Sana hindi ka masyado malungkot dahil wala family mo dito. [img]https://sarahgeronimo.com/uploads/ipb/style_emoticons/legacy/smile.gif May God continue to bless you always (especially in your future Sarah-endeavors![/img]tongue.gif)!!

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  • rkorko
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    Happy Birthday Beng!
    Looking forward to seeing and meeting you in December! 48.jpg Have a blessed birthday!
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    Happy birthday ate Beng! 5.jpg
    Hope i meet you soon! Have a good one!
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    happy bday ate beng...,,
    take care always...
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    In This World of Ordinary People,
    You Are Simply "EXTRAORDINARY"


    May ALL the Wishes you can wish for, and
    ALL the Dreams you can dream of,
    Come TRUE on your SPECIAL DAY!

    Looking forward to that 'long-awaited' day of meeting you!! Hopefully soon!

    Thank you for the Special Friendship and all the fabulous things you do for Sarah and sg.com
  • lovejoylovejoy Popster
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    niceee one ate J! galing!

    mas mabuti na po ngayon na ako bumati kaysa malate na naman ako.. hehehe 13.jpg alt=':13bungi1:' ]

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATE BENG!! we're so so grateful that you've been a part of SG.Com Family!! 19.jpg

    God bless you always.
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    haha!nice. hpi bdei po ate sgp!
  • leoleo
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    happy birthday!!!!!!
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    awwww..... 28.jpg alt=':28sgListenMuni:' ]

    thanks for the wonderful bday post outrigger! [img]https://sarahgeronimo.com/uploads/ipb/style_emoticons/legacy/Emmernce Hug.png[/img] alt=':Emmernce Hug:' ] aylabet! spoton.gif alt=':T' ]
    may Heroes insignia pa sa dulo, and ngayon ko lang narealize yung member # ko, "007" sa dulo, parang "agent" din.
    *said in James Bond-ish tone*: "My name is Beng. Ate Beng."

    ang galing! pwede ko bang i-copy to? gagawin kong profile pic, hehe! pati si Mr.Beng natuwa... dinaig nyo daw sya sa bday gift saken. pressured tuloy ngayon... haha! laugh.gif alt=':lol:' ]

    and maraming salamat din po sa mga bumati...kristia, ate rko, bea, brends, tita aries, lovejoy, issah09pink, leo.... nag-roll call daw eh. hehe! thanks again guys! smiley_huggrouphuggle.gif

    your kind words melt my heart... i'm happy to be here, and i'm looking forward to another year of service to the sg.com community... and another year of Sarah adventures. spoton.gif alt=':T' ]

    In Sarah,
    ate beng biggrin.gif
  • ChairCChairC Bungi Fanatic
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    Agent, i'm proud of you - para ka na ring si Palos - haha -

    Ate Beng, happy birthday.. may you have many more to come..

    Thank you for all your support and the valuable insights you share with all the members of the sg.com community -

    Ingat parati and God Bless you and your family 34.jpg
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    Happy Birthday po Ate Beng!!.. 45.jpg

    nax Agent ang galing mo talaga..hehe..
  • JoeJoe
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    uy SgP..... advanced haberday!.... 11:52pm manila time!
  • adenoadeno Guardian
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    Bow ako sa creativity of agent outrigger! Undoubtedly the most unique birthday post I've seen here yet! 5.jpg alt=':52sgThumb:' ]

    And to you, ate Beng, it's your special day na! I wish you all the best on your special day, and many more to come! I have much to thank you for, and I'm sure you know why that is... from the trust, the friendship, the accommodation, basta there are so many things I could possibly thank you for.. kaya THANK YOU!

    For Sarah, for SG.COM, and for all of Sarah's supporters, ate Beng is truly one extraordinary friend (as tita aries said previously)!

    May God bless you always, sarah_geronimitis_patient!

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    habeerday beng! have a great one!
  • cassandracassandra Graphic Artist
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    Happy Birthday Ate Beng!

    thank you for talking to me while im waiting for my classes, hehe.
    and i'll never forget the day i walk into my room
    and my sister's standing there and says,
    "ate who's harbie?
    they were talking to you on that google thing,
    and i got scared and exited it"


    too bad you won't be able to come here for the concert
    but i do hope to meet you one day!

    hope you have a super grand birthday!

    @outrigger, you are so creative. i LOVE it smile.gif
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    laugh.gif alt=':lol:' ] @ cassie! i got that message, nung biglang sis mo na pala kausap ko sa chat. haha! hmmm, i should know blackmail material about you for the next time that happens. tongue.gif alt=':p' ] thanks for the greeting and for all the help! there's gonna be more... laugh.gif alt=':lol:' ] work's just getting in the way of the EB preps. tongue.gif alt=':p' ]

    maraming salamat po sa mga bumati! (di na ko magro-roll call, nahiya na ko, hehe!) i can't resist going back to this thread, ang sarap tignan nung ginawa ni outrigger eh. unang kita ko pa lang, talagang i knew na effort-effort sa preps ah! 6.gif @ outrigger.... i sincerely appreciate the bday gift, gurl. smile.gif
  • msdimagibamsdimagiba Popster
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    Today's Birthdays
    4 members are celebrating their birthday today
    Ingrid289(19), Groovytiger(27), marci(22), sarah_geronimitis_patient

    Happy Birthday to all of you... especially to you sgp!

    God Bless You all...
  • outriggeroutrigger One SG Force
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    aww, glad that it made you glad, ate beng. biggrin.gif alt=':D' ] looks like mission accomplished! 26.jpg alt=':26sgShades:' ]

    (ps. thanks also to everyone for liking it. blush.gif )
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    hapi bday po! yay.gif
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    Happy Birthday Beng! The wise and democratic hehehehe. Para akong nanay na proud na proud saiyo hehehehe. Have a great and happy day!

    Galing mo agent O. Naiiba ! Super galing !
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