Sarah Geronimo Making History on Twitter World

If you’re on Twitter, then you must be in wonderland right now,asking yourself what “Sarah G. Day” was all about. American Idol alumnus, Stefano Langone, couldn’t help but asked on Facebook: “What is Sarah G. Day? Remained no. 1 trending on twitter. don’t have any idea about it??”



“Sarah G. Day”, was a term used on Twitter yesterday by Pinoys worldwide in relevance to Feb. 19 as a day dedicated to support Sarah Geronimo, making 3 local TV appearances, from daytime to primetime for the promotion of her up coming solo musical variety show, Sarah G. Live on February 26.

Question is: Just how much amount of support did Sarah Geronimo get from her fans? Here’s a video of one of the TV appearances she did on that day.

The trend tracking website affirmed that “Sarah G. Day” was trending on Twitter worldwide, an overwhelming 8 hours and 45 minutes on Feb. 19, becoming the over all #1 top trending topic worldwide on Twitter for that day. Beating Justin Bieber’s “Happy 2 Years Anniversary Baby Video” which was trending for 6 and a half hours. Sorry “Beliebers”, we’ve gotta hand it to all Sarah G. fans out there, the “Popsters.” Made no other celebrities or topics from the Philippines to make such achievement, staying on the worldwide trending list for that long. They will continue to keep this up until the pilot episode of her show. This is just Twit-tastic!


To my amazement, despite being inactive on Twitter @SGeronimo25, Sarah still manages to have 800 thousand plus followers and counting. With such incredible talent as a singer and actress, the undeniably popular artist from the Philippines continues to draw more and more fans around the world. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again–she continues to reign as the ‘Popstar Princess’. We just love everything about Sarah G. On behalf of the Jackfroot team, we want to congratulate Sarah Geronimo and will continue to show our support. Hope she gets back on Twitter land–real soon.

Still don’t know what she’s about? Then you’re missing out!
Check out some of her cover videos on Jackfroot:

Authored by MItch Layno of Jackroot


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    im happy for you sarah da best ka talaga i love you sarah
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    Can't wait for her show this Sunday smile.png
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    Wala ba siyang TV guestings today? Ano bang meron itong si SARAH at lagi kung inaabangan??
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    SARAH G> live mamaya na...............superrrrrrrrr xcited..........
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    malamang hangang naun no. 1 parin sa twitter c bebe kho.........
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