Happy birthday, Cheyanne!

adenoadeno Guardian
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Jan. 27, 2007Hi Cheyanne,

Happy Birthday! Unfortunately I was caught 1 day late with this one tongue.gif alt=':p' />. Wish you all the best and more birthdays to come! Thanks for being one of our staff here at SG.COM. Take care! smile.gif alt=':)' />

(One of our youngest, if not THE youngest staff member on the site biggrin.gif alt=':D' />)


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    happy birthday che more birthday to come

    miss kana namin minsan ka nalang namin makasabay sa site

    thank you din sa mga friendster layouts mo

    happy birthday
  • outriggeroutrigger One SG Force
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    happy birthday cheyanne! yay.gif
    hope you had a great one. best wishes to you!
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    Happy bday Cheyanne
  • CheyanneCheyanne Friendster Network Coordinator
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    AWWW thank you thank youu<3 i barely saw this.. 3 years later HAHA. I'm 18 now (: antagal na po.. I was a staff since 13 pa po ako hehe. I'm gonna be active again. Miss you all!!!
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