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  • outriggeroutrigger One SG Force
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    msindependent wrote on Sep 2 2009, 03:46 AM:
    pasensya co-mods, naiinis na talaga ako. Kasi alam nyo, nababalitaan ko na sa iba eh. Bale parang pinalalabas na taung masama na mga staff...I can't take it! lol...pero hinga muna..hahaha...masyado akong high blood lately no? hehehe...

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    ola pipols! [img] musta na kayo? medyo matagal ko rin hinanap itong thread na to ah, nakalimutan ko na kung nasaan eh. hehe! anyways, recently i've been exchanging emails with one of our members. i've known her ever since nagsimula ako. halos kasabayan ko rin sya naging active dito, naging mas active nga lang sya sa pex. sort of like a "mother hen", or a "voice of reason", or "acting mod" there. recently, she's been "going back home", ikanga.[/img][img] she's one of the vigilant members, who alerts the mods and admins pag may mga nangyayaring kakaiba dito sa threads. madami na syang narereport, from the site being down, to the malware threats, to bad posters and/or downright "dirty posts". recently may mga nireport ulet sya. i trust her judgement, and i know she would be a great asset to the staff. i formally nominate[/img]ajn (jean) for the position of a moderator. [img] uhmmm, what's the next step po?[/img]biggrin.gif
  • adenoadeno Guardian
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    it would be helpful indeed to have more people help out around here... i do wonder how short-staffed we are due to people being busy in real life (myself included). i have no objections to your nomination, so if others have no objections as well, we can allow her to be added in.
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    should we consider silence as "Yes"? hehehe! until when should we wait kuya ton the zumba mastah? biggrin.gif alt=':D' ]

    how was your bday btw? [img] did you get my text? hehehe![/img]sleazy.gif
  • adenoadeno Guardian
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    maybe 2 days then everyone's responses default to "yes"? tongue.gif

    had a fairly quiet birthday, was at work all day then had a zumba class. basically like any other day. did have a dinner with some people the day before though. nope i didn't get your text. did you get my number wrong? tongue.gif
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    hmmm, i just checked my phone and the message was on my Sent folder, and i still have your correct number. anyway, it would've defeated the purpose kung late, so i guess i will wait until your next bday before i send it again. laugh.gif alt=':lol:' ] bet you're curious now. hehehe! tongue.gif alt=':p' ]

    i'm ready to inform ate ajn na she's a mod, if you guys are cool with it? happy friday, btw. wave).gif just catching up on news about CMIIL, mukhang box office hit na naman itech. hehe!
  • adenoadeno Guardian
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    Since you have the message, you are obliged to send it to me anyway. Better late than never as they always say. tongue.gif alt=':p' ]

    I've added ajn to the Moderators list, with Restricted Moderator privileges (aka no Staff II access). I'll let you do the fun of orienting her to her new abilities as mod. tongue.gif alt=':p' ] If you need help with anything let me know. I'll wait for that text message sleazy.gif
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    thanks kuya ton! spoton.gif alt=':T' ]

    teka, wait until your next bday na lang. i know you have the patience to wait. sleazy.gif

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