The Pep List: Most Unforgettable celebrity fashion moment of 2011

THE PEP LIST: Most unforgettable celebrity fashion moments of 2011
Demai G. Sunio-Granali
Monday, December 26, 2011
12:18 AM

SARAH GERONIMO: REINVENTION OF A POPSTAR Say goodbye to the timid, dull, old pop star princess because you just might not see her again.

Say hello instead to the new, improved, bolder, and sexier Sarah Geronimo who is ready to take on life and style head on.

Once upon a time, Sarah wouldn't be caught dead in a dress that showed her chest or too much of her legs.

But lately, after the singer-actress opened up about her heartbreak with ex- boyfriend Rayver Cruz, she has become less guarded about her fashion choices.

At the premiere night of her second movie with Gerald Anderson, Won't Last A Day Without You, Sarah sported a black noodle strap mini-dress.

Compared to her white sleeveless knee-length at the Catch Me I'm In Love premiere, it was far more risqué considering her wholesome likeness.

But the pop star princess said in an interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine that her image overhaul will stop there, at least for now.

Her values and overall celebrity package will still remain the same—just with an added flair of confidence.


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