It takes John Lloyd & Sarah FUNFARE By Ricky Lo (The Philippine St

It takes John Lloyd & Sarah
FUNFARE By Ricky Lo (The Philippine Star) | Updated March 22, 2013 - 12:00am

John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo show different emotions at the presscon for their third starrer, Star Cinema’s It Takes A Man and A Woman opening nationwide on Black Saturday, March 30

They used to say that when America sneezes, the whole world catches cold.
Put it in showbiz context. When stars like John Lloyd Cruz, 29, and Sarah Geronimo, 25, hold back tears and choke on their emotion, as they did last Sunday (March 17) at the presscon for their latest (third) starrer, Star Cinema’s It Takes A Man and A Woman, the whole showbiz world sits up and wonders what the matter could be, juggling all sorts of speculations — were they, are they, burdened with insurmountable personal problems?
What caused it was an innocent question from a movie writer who wanted to find out how they identified with their roles.
In the movie directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, JLC and Sarah reprise their roles as Miggy and Laida in their first two hit starrers, A Very Special Love and You Changed My Life (shown more than four years ago). They fall in love, girl goes abroad to pursue a dream, boy’s father dies and he finds consolation in the arms of another girl (Isabelle Daza), girl comes home dismayed to find boy with another girl, they get into a cold war and then, as feel-good rom-coms go, they get back together again.
Asked during a one-on-one after the presscon proper what made them (almost!) cry, JLC and Sarah (interviewed separately) shared:
JLC: I thought of what we went through during the shoot of the movie (partly filmed in wintry New York last January). If you asked about learning and being good, you can’t help being emotional, kasi personal mo ‘yan, eh. You associate yourself with your character and about his learning process na totoong-totoo sa’yoand that can make you emotional.
So that was it. He just got carried away by the plight of his character.ent1b200.jpg
Sarah: I was touched kasiby John Lloyd’s statement about being the best person that he can be because he became emotional. I agree with himna hindi fame and popularity ang makapagbibigay sa’yo ng true happiness. Kailangan mo lang hanapin ang totoong makapagbibigay sa’yo ng tunay na kaligayahan.
In the same presscon, JLC said in passing that he’d like to retire and enjoy life with his family but he didn’t specify when that would be, so JLC lovers have nothing to miss meals or lose sleep over.
Meanwhile, here’s what it takes to be John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo:
It’s the first time that you shot scenes abroad. How was the experience?
JLC: We had too much to do in too little time, but we had so much fun. Ganoon naman kami; we work hard but we know how to have fun. I have to commend the US crew na sanay sa 12-hour worksamantalang kami way beyond 12 hours ang work namin.
Sarah: It was so much fun and also tiring kasi they gave us very limited time to shoot the scenes. But we were able to catch the snow, thank you!
Kung naging kayo noon, kayo pa kaya hanggang ngayon?
JLC: Hopefully, hopefully! You know, I’m realistic. You do everything and you do anything to make it work. It’s easy to be in love but the hard part is to keep it alive and to sustain it. Kung naging kami…well, it’s really hard to tell because of the business we are in, that’s why I try not to associate my professional life with my personal life.
Sarah: Honestly? I don’t know!
You seem to be better off as friends, right?ent1c200.jpg
JLC: Sarah and I know that we are very special to each other. I think it will remain that way for the rest of our lives.
Sarah: Opo, opo!
Your characters in It Takes A Man and A Woman are extension of your characters in A Very Special Love and You Changed My Life. Your characters must feel like second skin to you, right? Do you see yourselves in the characters?
JLC: In this movie, there are some changes in the characters. The four-year gap between our last movie (You Changed My Life) was essential in the changes. Miggy is very aggressive, he wants to be always No. 1. I’m not like that. Maybe that’s how people look at me but I’m not aggressive at all. It is a chance that brought me to where I am now. Sinusuwerte lang ako. Miggy is an illegitimate son so his lifelong search is to belong, to be part of something, to prove that, hey, I’m something.
Sarah: I’m like Laida in the way she believes in unconditional love, ‘yung paniniwala na sana kung ano ang ibinibigay mo, sana ganoon din ang isukli sa’yo. That’s Laida’s realization in this movie. (Asked if it has ever happened to her in real life, Sarah spoofed Anne Hathaway, “I think that’s a very personal question, hahahahaha!!!”)
You were memorable in You Changed My Life. How did, if you ever did, change each other’s life?
JLC: All three movies did us good as friends. Ang galing! Masayang-masaya ako!
Sarah: As I have said, kapag nakakausap mo ang taong ‘yon, ang dami mong natututuhan…his views in life. Masyado siyang opinionated, eh. I’m a fan of his. I want to be like him — you know, having my own mind, ano ba talaga ang mga gusto ko, what my convictions are. I must admit naman po na nandoon pa ako sa prosesong ‘yon.
(To Sarah) What do you mean by “he has his own mind?” Aren’t you free to decide for yourself?ent1c350.jpg
Sarah: Uhm, let’s put it this way: I like the way my parents raised me. They love me, they love all of us children. Masyado nila kaming mahal. Once they see us hurt, committing wrong or falling down, I suppose like all parents they are just as hurt when they see their children in that situation. It just happens that nagkaroon kami ng klase ng magulang na hindi nila kinakaya ‘yon.After everything that we’ve been through as a family, I understand my parents better —‘yung daddy ko, ‘yung mommy ko.
(To Sarah) John Lloyd is admittedly more experienced than you where love and loving are concerned. If you were to ask him for any advice, what would it be?
Sarah (Thinks hard and laughs a bit before answering): Ahhhh…Sa ngayon, I think none yet…uhm, as of now, I don’t want to think about love. I’m just waiting for someone to understand me and my situation, ‘yung totoong love ako.
JLC: You know, Sarah is perceived as a girl na parang nalilito, hindi malaman kung ano ang gagawin, hindi alam kung ano ang uunahin. But you know how I see her? She’s very solid, she knows what she wants, sobra siyang God-centered. She wants a man na ganoon din. Sabi ko nga sa kanya, “You know, you just have to rest; take a rest. Take a break, kasi masyado mong ino-overwhelm ang sarili mo ng maraming bagay, eh. Give yourself some time to shake it off. You have to set your priorities in life.” That’s what I told her. She’s not superwoman; she can’t handle everything. Pinagsasabay-sabay niya ang kanyang studies, ang kanyang career with a drama anthology coming up.
As friends, do you confide in each other?
JLC: Yes, we do, especially ngayon na lalong gumanda ang friendship namin. Ito ‘yung pinaka-the-bestnaming relationship. I told her that she could always talk to me anytime. I’m not here for her because of our job, I’m here for her as a friend.
Sarah: I confide in him about some things, but not everything. Ganoon din naman siya sa akin.


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