8 Things I Like About The Miggy & Laida Movie By Rica on 4-24-2013

8 Things I Like About The Miggy & Laida Movie
By Rica on 4-24-2013 in Body, Pilipinas: Ang Tahanan Ng Aking Lahi, Style

[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]According to examiner.com, Viva Films says that “It Takes A Man and A Woman” earned P31M in just three days of its theatrical running.” Moreover the movie was also featured on ireport.cnn.com due to its popularity and is now being considered as the top grossing Filipino film of all time.[/font]

[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]It-Takes-A-Man-And-A-Woman_4.jpg[/font]

[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]I must say that the film really hit the right kind of magic. Perhaps it is the movie’s superb presentation of old school Pinoy kilig? And the depth of Pinoy romantic, as well as family, together with socioeconomic-class, drama-tawa-drama? Dagdagan mo pa ng mainstay news sa ating current affairs like one or two from the overseas Filipino working class who make/s it big in America.[/font]

[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]Personally, I liked the film because it is just unapologetically so Pinoy. Hindi kailangang sobrang gaganda at gagwapo ng mga artista in every scene (as in never mind na ang scarf na hindi maayos ni Lloydie at wig ni Sarah, pati days of mega eye bags ni Lloydie…), as well as hindi OA na exposure at moneyshots ng NYC, because the star of the show is yung kilig at reality ng drama surrounding and mismong nila Miggy and Laida.[/font]

[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]man-and-woman.jpg[/font]
[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]Saw it on a Wednesday with the girls who are my regular dates on that day. Iyak-tawa-iyak kami sa sinehan![/font]

[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]So anyway, without further ado, ito na ang 8 things I like about “It Takes A Man and A Woman”![/font]

[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]1. Ownership[/font]

[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]I liked the trajectory of Miggy’s character, which is from entitlement to ownership. Instead of insisting on his rights, Miggy finally owned up to his mistakes, even if it meant losing everything. Ibang-iba din ang sorrow nya years after siya unang mag-sorry kay Laida, saying that the kiss was just “nothing.” His first sorry was more like “I’m sorry, I got caught!” but when Laida was already about to leave until the time they meet again, his apologies have become different. They have become real and sorrowful and truly never wanting to hurt her again. In connection to ownership, gusto ko din ang sinabi ng tatay ni Miggy in the video that “Sometimes, being the best means being the least…”[/font]

[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]2. Forgiveness/Repentance[/font]

[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]The first one is in connection with the bigger theme of the movie about forgiveness and repentance. I liked the fact that the movie showed a true kind of sorrow and regret- one which chooses to actively turn away from his old ways and turns to the new, while facing all the fact that it may cost him quite a lot on his end.[/font]
[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]Gusto ko din na na-verbalize ni Laida ang reality na wala naman tayo lahat idea kung paano magpatawad.[/font]

[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]Miggy: Hindi mo na ba ako mapapatawad?[/font]
[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]Laida: Hindi ko alam kung papano.[/font]

[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]Sa totoo lang, kung totoong tao lang talaga si Laida, I would bring her to Jesus. Because the reality is, we never know how to forgive until we meet Jesus. But then again, movie lang ito. It just made me think though that this is why a lot of people don’t know how to forgive. It is because they haven’t experienced being forgiven themselves. Laida, perhaps, like most people do, feel as if wala siyang ginawang mali…which is true naman in light of her relationship with Miggy. But as a human being, imposible yun. Lahat tayo, ay born sinful. And practically speaking, a person who is always right and sees him/herself as perfect, will always be unhappy in a relationship as he/she doesn’t know how to forgive. Ang alam lang niya is perfection and how one must work for it.[/font]

[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]3. Zoila and Friends[/font]
[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]Need I say more???[/font]
  • [font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]Great wall of Laida![/font]
  • [font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]Taguan tayo? Taguan ng feelings???[/font]
[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]4. The OFW Touch[/font]

[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]Contrast Belle and Laida. Hindi ba dapat na mas parang the likes of Belle ang magsu-succeed sa America? But the truth is, a lot of Pinoys abroad are extremely successful but they are nowhere near an Isabelle Daza or the typical model-like, sosyal looking, English speaking Pinay girl. The preference for the likes of Belle is actually such a Manila flavor, where people who speak good English and fill the society pages are deemed desirable. But the Laida type is one who, kahit hindi pa nga okay ang accent, yet becomes so prosperous abroad precisely because of being so Pinoy. That is, matyaga, hardworking, resilient, eager to serve.[/font]

[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]5. The Electric Fan Scene[/font]

[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]Laida’s dad setting up an electric fan and turns it on asks Laida, “Okay na ba?” Laida looks up and shakes her says, “Hindi…hindi ako okay…” and cries to her father.[/font]
[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]Napaka-Pinoy lang ng scene. Mainit, kailangan ng electric fan, at higit sa lahat, kahit gaano ka-tanda at ka-successful, kailangan ni Laida ng tatay at kailangan niyang magpatawad.[/font]

[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]6. Reality of Marriage[/font]

[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]Laida, in her vows said, “Pinipili ko ang reality ng forever with you.” I think this is why I liked the movie so much. Realistic kasi at punong-puno ng proseso. Maraming kilig moments, pero hindi basta-basta nagiging happy ending. Hindi bulag na nagpapatawad, kung hindi pinaghihirapan at ipinaglalaban. (At again, kung totoong buhay ito, I would advice Laida and Miggy to put God in the center of their relationship at hindi pwedeng realistic ka lang at hardworking sa totoong buhay. Masyadong makulay ang buhay magasawa na kailangan mo ng supernatural/divine help to survive it, hehehe!)[/font]

[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]tumblr_mkxneyafsQ1snozapo1_500.jpg[/font]

[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]7. No Kissing Scene[/font]

[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]Pwede naman pala, no? Na pwede naman tayo kiligin kahit walang sexual/sensual scenes na clearly nagbebenta nalang ng sensation or katawan. icon_smile.gif Good job, Sarah![/font]

[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]8. Si Laida Two-Point-O![/font]

[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]Ang hilarious na give na give na acting ni Sarah na nagsabing “KINECT, KINECT, KINECT!” (As in connect, connect, connect yun dapat, hahahaha!!) and more eksenas like “Baby?” sa restaurant habang nag-ring ang cell na gamit, pati narin ang paghubad ng jacket para lang mapahiya when it was Belle’s turn! (Aminin natatawa ka habang naalala mo sila lahat!) At ang theme ng CHANGE. Because lahat sila nagbago, and I like it because it is true. Dahil walang magwowork sa buhay kung lahat tayo ay resitant sa change![/font]
[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]686b4903-75ac-4049-aaec-7efc4516c8eb_John-Lloyd-Direk-Cathy-and-Sarah_.jpg[/font]

[font=Nobile, Arial, sans-serif]So anyway, this is to say that I just liked a lot of the things in the movie so much and I congratulate Sarah, John Lloyd, and Direk Cathy for bringing to us such a wonderful film. Sana may susunod pa para kay Miggy and Laida![/font]



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