Sarah performs at the ABS-CBN Trade Launch

hi mods, not sure where to share this eh. palipat nalang po. biggrin.png alt=':D' /> credits to the voice of the philippines website. smile.png alt=':)' />

Sarah - Try

[font=tahoma, geneva, sans-serif]VID - http://www.mediafire...cuffri89md36s8b[/font]
MP3 - http://www.mediafire...oza2g62qobd93u8

Sarah and Bamboo - Iris

VID - http://www.mediafire...s6po6z8g3b7zhpj
MP3 - http://www.mediafire...60or47ojxoko4of

Sarah and Bamboo - Just Give Me A Reason

VID - http://www.mediafire...i0d3fn6ixzr5hpy
MP3 - http://www.mediafire...u4xa1aab5mk6rvx


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    thank you for sharing sakurachan
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    Thanks for sharing sakurachan heart.gif alt=':heart:' ]
    Thanks to ppl like you I can watch those vids of SarahG 5.jpg
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