Bamboo on Sarah: We have a great chemistry on stage’

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Bamboo Manalac on Sarah Geronimo: ‘We have a great chemistry on stage’

A lot of fans are saying that Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo and rock star Francisco “Bamboo” Manalac make a good pair as they performed a lot of amazing duets, including their own version of “Just Give Me A Reason” and “Iris.” The two first performed together during Sarah’s concert at the Big Dome last year followed by Bamboo’s guest appearance on Sarah G Live and later on a number on ASAP.

When asked how he feels about being romantically linked to Sarah, the former lead vocalist of the bands Bamboo and Rivermaya was quick to shy away from such showbiz queries. “I don’t even know how to answer that. I’m not ‘showbiz’ guys. I don’t know how to answer that thing. But I can say that we have great chemistry on stage, we perform well. That’s a special thing,” he said in an exclusive interview with Push.

As a musician, he’s equally amazed with their similar passions for their craft. Bamboo previously mentioned that he’s a perfectionist during rehearsals, but would just rock it out once he’s on stage. In the same way that the usually shy Sarah has always wowed her audience every time she transforms on stage. “She gives such energy to her performances and we sort of just mash it up. In fact, ‘Iris,’ that last song we did, we have never done it the same. Every single time it's different. That’s the testament to [how spontaneous we work as a team]. Kapaan lang kami wherever she takes the song, wherever I take the song, we sort of find each other in the end.”

Asked if he’s willing to do a collaboration with Sarah, Bamboo said that it’s all up to ABS-CBN. “Yeah, why not? We can make an original song or something. ABS-CBN holds the key. They can just give me a call and tell me if Sarah and I can do a song or whatever.”

Although he’s mainly known as a rock star, Bamboo added that he has no problem performing pop songs as well. “I don’t really overthink things. I just want to try to be myself. I’m still a badass. But you know, I just play from the heart, sing from the heart. Sarah mirrors that. It’s a great pairing on stage.”


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