PEP: Is Sarah Geronimo having a quarterlife crisis?

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Sarah Geronimo: "Pagpapatuloy ko ba ito o meron ba kong isa pang pangarap na sa tingin ko doon ako talaga magiging mas masaya?”
by Jennifer Dugena posted on July 16, 2013

[font=Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif]Is Sarah Geronimo having a quarterlife crisis? [/font]

[font=Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif]In an interview aired last July 13 on [/font]Showbiz Inside Report[font=Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif],[/font]The Voice of the Philippines[font=Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif] coach is openly asking questions about where life will take her and reconsidering the choices she has made in her career.[/font]

[font=Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif]“Iniisip ko, ano na ba talaga mangyayari? Ano ba talagang gusto ko? Pagpapatuloy ko ba ito o meron ba kong isa pang pangarap na sa tingin ko doon ako talaga magiging mas masaya?” [/font]

[font=Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif]The Popstar Princess will be celebrating her 25th birthday this July 25. During her career spanning a decade, Sarah is an accomplished singer whose albums have earned Gold and Platinum Record Awards and she has performed in soldout concerts aside from receiving accolades from international and local award-giving bodies. As an actress, she has received the title of Box-Office Queen and was more recently named as Princess of Philippine Movies.[/font]

[font=Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif]According to, a quarterlife crisis refers to a “crisis that may be experienced in one's twenties, involving anxiety over the direction and quality of one's life.” [/font]

[font=Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif]Her fervent wish for her upcoming birthday is to grow in all aspects of her life, career and love.[/font]

[font=Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif]“Mag-grow lang talaga yung totality ng pagkatao ko,” said Sarah about her birthday wish this year. “Kasi, eto talaga passion ko: music talaga. Mag-grow ako [sa] lahat. Yung relationship ko with my family, with the Lord, yung relationship ko with yung mga kasama ko sa trabaho...[/font]

[font=Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif]The singer-actress admits that this growth also covers her love life, which has been been colorful, to say the least. [/font]

[font=Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif]“Love life siyempre parte yun. The next time I fall in love, yun pa rin—totoo—sana totoo na talaga.”[/font]

[font=Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif]She was also asked about the so-called “feud” between her and fellow [/font]The Voice PH[font=Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif] coach, Lea Salonga. While doing the blind auditions for ABS-CBN’s reality singing competition, there have been instances when contenders would pick Lea over Sarah. [/font]

[font=Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif]Sarah said with a smile: “Wala naman yun, ano yun, e, part yun ng pagiging sport ng show. Yung fun, ganun talaga iyong reality ng [/font]The Voice of the Philippines.[font=Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif]”[/font]

[font=Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif]Sarah clarifies, “Meron talagang ‘di pinipili na coach. ‘Di naman pwedeng sumama yung loob.”[/font]

[font=Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif]When asked about her experience on choosing and acquiring singing talents to be part of her group, Sarah admits: “Siyempre mahirap. Kelangan pabulaklakan talaga ng words, labasan ng credentials. Gagawin mo lahat, sasabihin mo na lahat para lang makuha siya.”[/font]

[font=Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif]Source: [/font]


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