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First of all, I'm glad Sarah was able to release a new album in time for her 10th anniversary. Knowing that she tried her hand at producing and writing a song of praise made it more special. So since I'm not in the country, I only bought the album in itunes (for now) so I can listen to it immediately.

I love that it was almost all original except for 2 songs. There was a variety on the type of sounds as well which only shows Sarah's versatility and maturity. I can almost hear Norah Jones' voice in 'Eyes on Fire'! Though I don't particularly like this type of songs, I still enjoyed it because it showcases a different sound from Sarah.

Favorite cuts: Again, Maari Ba, Mama, and Make Me Yours (proud of SG as she was able to compose her own song! I hope this continues!)

Maybe this is just me but I noticed that there are some parts on the 2 ballad songs Again and Pati ang Pangarap Ko esp towards the end where the vocals doesn't seem polished. Sarah's vocals would sound too 'controlled''. I'd love to hear her belting those parts out (not too much birit). I think these songs are better performed live as I prefer the one that Viva showed in YT - bts recording of Sarah.

Another thing, though I like Mr Geronimo and I know how special it is for Sarah to do a duet with him, I just wished they gave more effort on making his voice sound good. Sarah's vocals are so perfect on this duet that's why hearing her dad's vocals and diction next to her only magnifies the subpar quality. But I love this version of this song.

All in all, I enjoy the album. I have listened to it many times and the carrier single is very catchy. Still, this will not place on top of my favorite SG album. Probably third 😀

I cn't wait to have the actual album as I saw some of the pictures and it looks great!


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    i haven't been posting on the forums, but after listening to the songs, i just have to say something to congratulate sarah on her latest album! hehehe! [img] Congrats Sarah!!! ;-) i have only listened to the tracks twice so far, and i already have my running faves. i'll definitely be back on this thread for my review... in the meantime, i am enjoying the 3rd run of the entire album, while i work. congratulations on a great album Sarah! you sound so mature on the songs, not just the messages, but your voice too! it's all very refreshing, unconventional... and i can just get lost listening to your amazing voice![/img]smile.png
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