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ABS-CBN Christmas 2010 Special

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Posted 14 December 2010 - 06:01 PM


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Posted 14 December 2010 - 08:33 PM


we love you Sarah!

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Posted 14 December 2010 - 08:46 PM

Napaiyak ako nung nakita ko si Sarah sa picture parang gusto kong humagulgol.... :42sgCry2:
Keep the faith, Sarah. Wag kang bibitiw dahil kami never ka naming bibitawan.

To everyone, Sarah needs prayer warriors on her side, now more than ever. Let's make it a point to pray for her before we go to sleep and after we wake up at kung pwede pa kung may free time kayo in between pray pa din. Let us pray without ceasing for Sarah hanggang sa malampasan nya ang pagsubok na ito. Mas better kung marami tayong nagdadasal para sa kanya.

Thank you for the pictures...hanggang ngayon napapaiyak pa din ako.

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Posted 14 December 2010 - 09:19 PM

Ang ganda pagkakanta ni Sarah ng 'SABIHIN MONG IKAW AY PILIPINO.'

That's the official inaugural song of Pres. Aquino!

A great honor for Sarah G to be chosen to sing that song!

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Posted 14 December 2010 - 09:22 PM


She is so beautiful. I can't wait to see this on TV

#30 mafiev


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Posted 14 December 2010 - 09:35 PM

what was the finale song?

#31 mafiev


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Posted 14 December 2010 - 09:39 PM

nilapitan daw pala sya ng mga big bosses ng abs?

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Posted 14 December 2010 - 09:59 PM

guyz eto napulot ko sa YT..thanks to the uploader maulng..

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Posted 14 December 2010 - 10:01 PM

hanap ko nga yung finale..gusto ko makita kung pano sya nilapitan ng mga big bosses and artists ng abs...wala pa e

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Posted 15 December 2010 - 01:25 AM

Thanks ng marami sa mga pixs & vids.

hindi ba kumanta ng X'mas song si bebe Sarah? sana, may mga vids & pixs
pang i-share dito.

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Posted 15 December 2010 - 02:36 AM

Christmas time is here again and more reason to celebrate this Season is knowing that there’s a Sarah Geronimo who changed lives, who inspire others to be good and to realize that it always pay to be good and with the recent brouhaha that again dragged Sarah, it was but natural for a fan like me to be at the ABS-CBN’s Christmas Special @ the Araneta Coliseum. As with all previous Sarah related events, it’s either you shorten stay in the office or set aside things you need to do or finish all your work loads early, I feel lucky because I was able to finish all my obligations & responsibilities before I leave my workplace.

As 6pm strike, I hurriedly leave the office, I don’t want to miss the opening of this Grand Event where Sarah will again showcase her talent and share it for everybody to see. It’s not as chaotic as it was the last time we attempted to watch the Christmas Special with Ate Net, the crowd were allowed entry early inside the Coliseum, so there were only few who frolics outside the entrance waiting for their companion to arrive. And viola I got a call from a popster, ikaw ba yon Ate Maedz? We were requested to enter the venue so that we’ll be able to sit on the seats reserved for the popsters, meron na atang nagrereklamo why they aren’t allowed to sit doon sa area na to. So off we go inside and sit and wait and what’s interesting is that the mood inside the Coliseum is festive. Got to meet Tita Darling who came all the way from Canada & Ms. Jeddah, now that’s what you call fanatic. And I guess we all are in our own different ways.

As more and more people fill up the seats, some started to shout/cheer (as if telling those who’ll run the show to let it begin, pronto! Hihihi!). Laughter, conversation, hi & hellos filled the air. And as expected what’s being talked about was the recent rant of Cristine Reyes. I myself was wondering whether she’ll show up in the special and we’re even discussing what would be our reaction the moment we saw her on stage. But that kind of thinking override the feeling of excitement & that driving force to let Sarah know that there are a lot of people who’s rallying beside her, and where to get support but from her Popsters, right?

At around 8:30pm the Philharmonic Orchestra & Maestro Ryan Cayabyab went onstage & took their seats. Lights begin to dim, spotlights twirl the area and the orchestra started to get busy. Then Christian, Erik, Rhap, Vina, Zsazsa, Gary V, Arnel and SARAH appear on stage and started singing a medley of Christmas Songs. Right there and then as if on cue, we stand up, waved our banners and started cheering/chanting WE LOVE YOU, SARAH!!!! It was pure delight seeing Sarah in her bright red dress, singing along with the brightest singers of our time. She was regal in her flowing hair & was just charming as she face our side and I feel as if she’s singing for us, just for us that night, hihihi! Assuming ba? Oks lang, that’s what I felt last night e, hehehe! She sang a few lines of that group opening prod. no., and yes the shouts and cheers for Sarah reverberated inside the venue, as we cheered, “WE LOVE YOU, SARAH!” Those in the gallery answered back by cheering their own version of the chant. And there’s a continuing Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! Chant whenever she’s seen on the video wall. I feel like maguguho ata ang Araneta that time nung maraming sumigaw for Sarah. And yes, it’s an affirmation that this lady doesn’t deserve whatever rant Cristine did in her twitter account. Sarah was all business from that very moment she stepped onstage, not letting the distractions and the cheers from the crowd make her do otherwise. And it’s comforting to know that we’re not just her popsters who’s cheering for her as if the whole crowd was for her. There’s the feeling of being united in this battle na hindi naman si Sarah in the first place ang nagsimula. The no. was a powerful blending of voice and it sets the tone of more good prod. nos. to look forward to that night.

Echo, Jake & Anne appeared on stage to introduce the next no. for the teleserye princesses-Andi, Erich, Empress, Maja, Shaina, Kim & Bea, forgot what they sang, they were then joined by Rico Blanco. Then it went from one prod. no. to the other. Hilarious and laughter filled the air when Vice Ganda appeared on-stage to introduce a “sample” prod. nos. and said it’s for the bagets, bagots and bayots, hihihi!!! Kakai, Kitkat, Jayson Gainza, Melason, Pooh & Chokoleit joined the kids with their respective nos. The nos. was a welcome respite and the audience was treated for some comedic banter exchanged by Vice Ganda, Pooh & Chokoleit. Juanita Banana (Bianca Manalo) & Bentong, together with Alakim who transformed Bentong into Matt Evans introduced the prod. no. of the Sessionistas-Aiza, Juris, Sitti, Duncan, Princess, Richard & Nina, was not concentrating at that time, forgot what they sing… sori po tao lang, was focused on when Sarah will appear next, hehehe! Then there’s a breaker for the next no. Pokwang & Chokoleit gave shirts to the audience in the VIP area if they’re able to answer questions they field.

Diether & Karylle then next introduce the loveteams of ABS for their prod. no., patay ito na! Echo and Anne appeared first and then viola, Zanjoe & Cristine appeared next and sang, didn’t bother to understand what they, or she was singing at that time. And then it all began, there were intermittent boos that was heard inside the Coliseum. Personally I was trying to control myself not to boo her myself, but I honestly? Hindi rin ako nakapagpigil, I think I said boo 2 or 3 times, but still it was not a concerted or group effort on the part of the popsters who’s sitting side by side in one area and the general admission to boo her in unison, everyone was given the choice on how they would react to the same person that was standing on the stage. Some weren’t able to contain themselves and continued booing her as she sang her lines, there were even some who were gesturing the thumbs down sign, the scattered boos and jeers subside when Toni & Vhong appeared next and then Bea and John Lloyd. We suddenly laughed because Toni & Vhong, Bea & John Lloyd was doing comedic steps to the song they were all singing on stage, kaya nagpalakpakan ang tao. But as the video wall grabbed Cristine’s face you can see the uneasiness she was feeling that time, she kept on looking and glancing at Zanjoe, She felt uncomfortable, maybe because of the boos & jeers she heard from the audience. I think the audience or us for that matter can’t be blamed with the way we reacted, because in the first place she was the one who started this ka-cheapan, in the end there were clapping and boos at the same time as they exits the stage.

After that no. shirts was again given, and the question that was asked was what Kapamilya telerye loveteams starred in a particular teleserye, one answered My Girl by Kim & Gerald. There was one who said Rayver & Shaina for Alyna, but was not given a shirt because it was a wrong answer. And of all teleseryes, one answered Zanjoe & Cristine, I don’t know if it was just a coincidence or sinadya nung sumagot, then the boos started again and this time it was quite louder and mas marami rami na ang sabay na nagsasabi ng boo and when Pokwang said sa mic na telerseryeng Kristine, there were boos again.

And then a slew of prod nos. followed again, KC & Sam with the Star Magic Artists. Then there was an operatic no. wherein the hit songs like Baby & Bad Romance, etc. was sang in a certain classical twist by Nikki, Billy, Carol, Erik, Christian, Isay & Robert Seña. Gary V. then gave a moving and inspirational song number encouraging each and everyone that Christmas is not just a red mark in our calendar. Toni & John Lloyd introduced yong diva number nila Kuh & Zsazsa with Pokwang giving the comedic side of it. Vice Ganda re-appeared on stage to introduce Miss Universe Runner Up Venus Raj then they both introduced Nonito Donaire, giving tribute to the Filipinos who brought honor & pride to our country, masaya din yong spiels na ito kasi Vice again, had his comedic stance in check. Then a dance number followed by Mickey, Jhong, Gab, Vhong, Rayver, Enchong & Gerald who easily was the hands down favorite in that particular no. based on the cheers he got from the audience, specially the bagets.

Kris Aquino then appeared on the video wall, speaking about the resiliency of the Filipinos, the bayanihan that occurred after Ondoy struck our country, the effort to clean the environment & clean the Pasig River & the peaceful & first Electronic National Election that took place. While Kris was saying all these we had the feeling that it was Sarah’s solo no. the UST Choir Singer went onstage & we were right! SARAH appeared in her regal violet gown with a glittering neck piece and she took center-stage, parang dumadagundong ang Araneta Coliseum at that time. WE LOVE YOU, SARAH!!! again reverberated inside the Coliseum, there was stumping of feet and may sagutan ang mga popsters na nasa Upper Box A Area and those who were in the General Admission Area. Banners were waved and chants of SARAH! SARAH! SARAH! engulfed the venue again. Then silence fell and everyone was just in awe as she sang a very heartfelt Sabihin Mong Ikaw Ay Pilipino, inaugural song composed by Ogie Alcasid for PNoy. She was just amazing in this solo number, her demeanor on stage and her stage presence shows that she’s really a professional, she doesn’t let her personal worries affect her performance. After Sarah take a bow, she again received a thunderous applause and cheers from almost all of those present inside the Coliseum. Nakakataba gn puso kasi mararamdaman mo kung kanino ibinibigay ang suporta at pagmamahal ng mga taong nasa loob ng venue kagabi. Hindi lang popsters ang sumisigaw at pumapalakpak, it was overwhelming sabi pa nga and made me more prouder that I made this right choice, to be a Popster. Period.

Didn’t finish watching the Christmas Special because of call of duty andi t was almost midnight. But was informed that Sarah had a spiel with KC Concepcion & with Gerald & Derek wearing a white gown. O, ang nanood at tinapos hanggang closing yong Christmas Special na ito, feel free to continue and finish this one, hihihi!!! I love you Popsters!!!!!

Pasigaw lang ulit ng WE LOVE YOU, SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cheer: :cheer:

#36 ate G

ate G


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Posted 15 December 2010 - 03:20 AM

one thing i can say for sure: it felt really good and vindicating to be cheering for Sarah last night in Araneta. U)

we love you, Sarah! :D

I totally agree! I love cheering for SARAH last night. At nailabas ko din galit ko nung lumabas si CR. I guess everyone who hates what CR did to SARAH made a LOUD statement last night in Araneta.

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