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  • Dan wrote: » SG.COM is back! thank you Adeno (Kuya Ton) for maintaining the server and preserving all the content through the years. We managed to restore most of it. Cheers boss! Great work on putting everything back into a workable sta…
  • Kuya Adeno, this topic just might be the first to be revived here. Hehehe!
      Likely so, after several years!
  • Since you have the message, you are obliged to send it to me anyway. Better late than never as they always say. alt=':p' ] I've added ajn to the Moderators list, with Restricted Moderator privileges (aka no Staff II access). I'll let you do the …
  • maybe 2 days then everyone's responses default to "yes"? had a fairly quiet birthday, was at work all day then had a zumba class. basically like any other day. did have a dinner with some people the day before though. nope i didn't get your text…
  • it would be helpful indeed to have more people help out around here... i do wonder how short-staffed we are due to people being busy in real life (myself included). i have no objections to your nomination, so if others have no objections as well, we…
  • thank you for the greetings! [img] it's always my pleasure to support and help those who love Sarah.[/img]